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Current List

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South Park: Bigger, Longer, and Uncut

Season One

Season Two

"The Mexican Staring Frog of Southern Sri Lanka"

"Summer Sucks"


  • Indian Burial Ground Pet Store Clerk

"Merry Christmas Charlie Manson!"

  • Mall of Nebraska
  • Nebraska State Penitentiary

"Prehistoric Ice Man"

Season Three

"Rainforest Shmainforest"


  • Department of the Interior Agents

"Tweek vs. Craig"

  • Nishimura Instructor

"Korn's Groovy Pirate Ghost Mystery"

  • Santa Claus Is Coming to Town
  • Mt. Peaceful Cemetery
  • Mt. Peaceful Watchmen


"Starvin' Marvin in Space"

"Worldwide Recorder Concert"

  • Garrison & Son Gas Station

Season Four

"Quintuplets 2000"

"Cherokee Hair Tampons"

  • All Natural Cherokee Hair Tampons (commercial)

"Trapper Keeper"

"Helen Keller! The Musical"

"Fat Camp"

  • Hopeful Hills Fat Camp

"The Wacky Molestation Adventure"

Season Five

"It Hits the Fan"

  • Excalibur Casino
  • Bubonic Plague

"Cripple Fight"

  • Mountain Scouts (Organization)

"Scott Tenorman Must Die"

"Terrance and Phillip: Behind the Blow"

  • Philip Stand-in
  • Canadian Shakespeare Company
  • Denver Coliseum
  • Terrance and Phillip Fan Club
  • Jack Farliss
  • Behind the Blow (Show)


  • Resistance Group
  • GS-401 (Towelie Clone)
  • Zytar

"Osama bin Laden Has Farty Pants"

  • Goat aka Stevie Nicks

"How to Eat With Your Butt"

  • South Park Milk Company

"Kenny Dies"

  • Ms. Sanders (appears briefly in "Woodland Critters Christmas")

"Butters' Very Own Episode"

  • Studcat Theater
  • Busy Beaver Moving Company Truck Driver

Season Six

"Jared Has Aides"


"The New Terrance and Philip Movie Trailer"

  • Chef's HDTV TV Robot

"Child Abduction is Not Funny"

  • Great Wall of South Park

"A Ladder to Heaven"

  • Marietta Kitchin
  • Carrie Ayers and Steve Stegman
  • Alan Jackson

Season Seven


  • Earth (TV Show)

"Krazy Kripples"

  • Bloods

"Toilet Paper"

"Red Man's Greed"

Season Eight

"The Passion of the Jew"

"You Got F'd in the A"

  • The coach of the Orange County Crew


  • Aging Hippie Liberal Douche
  • Mrs. Landis, snow shoveling customer
  • Wendells (restaurant)
  • Goobacks (Group)
  • Mrs. Gwark, Gooback housekeeper
  • Anti-Immigrant Protesters
  • Busy Beaver Moving Company
  • CNN news beat on the "Immigrants from the Future". Add to the list of News stories.
    • Christina Naylon, reporter
    • Brad Morgan, reporter
    • Harrison Moore, reporter
    • Chris Hall

"Cartman's Incredible Gift"

Season Nine

"Die Hippie, Die"

  • Cartman's Hippie Extermination Company
  • Hippie Jam Fest 2005


  • Don Heisman (CAA Agent)
  • The Tong Gang (Group)

"Best Friends Forever"

"The Losing Edge"

  • Mr. Varcas (Conifer Dad)
  • Allen Varcas (Conifer team)
  • Mr. Pratt (Fort Collins Dad)
  • Morgan Pratt (Fort Collins team)
  • Tom "Batdad" Nelson

"The Death of Eric Cartman"

"Erection Day"

  • Colfax Pointe
  • Roma, Buca De Faggoncini waiter.
  • Ho-tel

"Two Days Before the Day After Tomorrow"

  • Jefferson Lake Recreational Area


  • CIA (Group)

"Follow That Egg"

  • Colorado Governor
  • The Akbar

"Ginger Kids"

  • The Foley family

"Trapped in the Closet"

  • Scientology Montage
  • Scientology Members

"Free Willzyx"

  • Brian and Mike

"Bloody Mary"

Season Ten

"The Return of Chef"

  • Dr. Robert J. Neeland, Psychiatrist

"Cartoon Wars Part II"

"Smug Alert!"

  • Paul McDonahue, Paulie Beaumont-McCallahan, and Mindy McDonahue-Beaumont-McCallahan
  • Peter Thompson, Nancy Jarvis, and Brian Thompson-Jarvis
  • Wake Up America Rally

"Mystery of the Urinal Deuce"

  • CIA (Group)

"Miss Teacher Bangs a Boy"

  • "Afternoon Delight" Starlight Vocal Band song.
  • Dawg:The Bounty Hunter's Crew (Group)

"Go God Go XII"

  • KIT-9, A cat robot
  • COCKA-3, A bird robot

Season Eleven

"With Apologies to Jesse Jackson"

  • Coyote Brown - Comedian
  • 24 Daytime Nighttime
  • The Laugh Factory.

"Cartman Sucks"

  • Pastor Philips

"The Snuke"

  • CIA (Group)

"Lice Capades"

  • Hope Mayfield - louse
  • Lice (Group)

"Night of the Living Homeless"

  • Homeless Advisor
  • The Homeless (Group)

"More Crap"

  • Belvis the butler

"Imaginationland:Episode II"

  • Terrorist's (Group)

"Guitar Queer-O"

Season Twelve

"Tonsil Trouble"

"Britney's New Look"

"Over Logging"

  • Red Cross Internet Camp


  • Paul Harris (the news reporter, now the anchorman of Channel 4 News)

Season Thirteen

"Butters' Bottom Bitch"

  • Pimps (Group)
    • Pimp Bishop
  • Playa's Ball 2009
  • Charise


"Pinewood Derby"

  • CERN

"Dead Celebrities"


  • John Cena

"Whale Whores"

  • Sea Shepherd Crew
  • Whales and Dolphins

"The F-Word"

"Dances with Smurfs"

  • Dances with Smurfs (Movie)

Season Fourteen

"Medicinal Fried Chicken"

  • Marijuana

"It's a Jersey Thing"

  • New Jerseyites (Group)

"Coon 2:Hindsight"

  • DP Executives (Group)

Season Fifteen


  • Out of Work Comedians (Group)

"Crack Baby Athletic Association"

  • Betsy MacIntosh
  • Sarah McLachlan (Commercial)

"Bass to Mouth"

  • D. Schrempf shoes (Object)

"Broadway Bro Down"


"A History Channel Thanksgiving"

  • Pilgrim King + Pilgrim People
  • Indian Chief + Indian People
  • The History Channel Group/Agents
  • Cape Cod, Massachusetts + Plymouth Rock

Season Sixteen

"Cartman Finds Love"

  • Nichole's Parents
  • Soft-Serve Chewable Laxatives (commercial)
  • D. Schrempf React Tech (shoes seen a second time)


  • NFL Players (Group Page)
    • Lamar Woodley
    • Peyton Manning
    • Tom Brady
    • Martin Greggers
    • Jim Harris
    • Mike Taftill
    • Oakland Raiders
  • Sarcastic Doctor

"Going Native"

  • Native Hawaiian Tribe (Group)
  • Chief David
  • Bill and Donna

"A Scause for Applause"

  • French-Swedish Scientists (Group)
  • WWJD Bracelet (Object)
  • Scause Montage
  • "Gonna Fly Now" (song)

"A Nightmare on Face Time"

  • Emily
  • Emily's husband
  • Ben
  • Ben's girlfriend

"Obama Wins"

Season Seventeen

"Goth Kids 3: Dawn of the Posers"

  • Black Vampire Kid

Season Eighteen

"Gluten Free Ebola"

  • Food and Drug Administration
  • Jeff White
  • Gluten

Season Nineteen

Season Twenty

Season Twenty-One

Season Twenty-Two

"The Problem with a Poo"

  • "Christmas Time" (song by Mr. Hankey)
  • "Deck the halls and trim the trees..." (song by Mr. Hankey, not sure of the name)


  • British Amazon Worker

Season Twenty-Three

"Mexican Joker"

  • ICE Detention Center
  • Diego's Family
  • Tegridy Farms Scientists
  • Tegridy Farms Workers
  • Jack and Wife

"Christmas Snow"

  • Santa's Workshop
  • Ice Skating Rink
  • Village Liquor

South Park: Phone Destroyer

  • Castle Defender
  • Crusader
  • Cyborg Titan
  • Cyborg Tower
  • Healing Fountain
  • Holy Defender
  • Little Choirboy
  • Mormon Missionary
  • Native Hunter
  • Space Grunt
  • Space Gunner
  • Squire
  • Subzero Titan
  • Toxic Pylon
  • Turbo Space Grunt
  • Zionist Ranger
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