South Park Archives

Discord is a chatting service that allows for discussions in multiple channels, avatars, and emoticons. It is the primary chat service used by wiki admins, editors, fans and other members to discuss South Park, general topics and the wiki.


  • 1. Install Discord, you can choose your preferred platform on the download page. You also will need a valid e-mail account to sign up for Discord.
  • 2. Join the SPA Discord. You can see below to join or click the "Connect" widget on the right hand side Discord widget on the wiki. You can also find invite links at the end of a episode announcement or reaction blog post. You can share this link for your friends to easily join
  • 3. When you join the server, you will land in the #welcome channel. Please be sure at this time to read the rules, which you can find below and in the #rules channel. The #rules channel will always have the latest rules which change periodically.

Join the South Park Archives Discord!

Rules and Policies

General Rules

  • 1A NO sexual content allowed.
  • 2A Users must be 13 years or older, no warnings will be given and it is considered a coppa violation.
  • 3A Please do not repeatedly ask to be in a specific role.
  • 4A Please do not repeatedly ask for a channel topic to be changed.
  • 5A Please do not flame or otherwise insult other users, especially in privileged channels.
  • 6A Do not repeatedly write or speak in other language other than English.
  • 7A Do not share or ask for personal information.
  • 8A Do not share any NSFW content of any kind (eg porn). This will result in a ban without hesitation.
  • 9A We all come from different places, backgrounds and have different ideas. Therefore you should know that discriminating against a user on the grounds of their race or ethnicity, religious beliefs, sexual orientation, gender, etc. is strictly forbidden.
  • 10A Political discussions are NOT allowed in the discord minus two exceptions:
      • 10.2A Political discussions related to an episode of South Park or South Park.
  • 11A Ghost pinging is not allowed. We have resources in place to see who deletes messages and you could get banned for such actions.
  • 12A If you have a dispute with another member please contact an administrator or a moderator or try to put an end to it in a civilized manner. Don’t add more fuel to the fire.
  • 13A Please do not impersonate others.
  • 14A Don't post links to suspicious websites. Piracy links are not allowed. URL Shorteners are not allowed.
  • 15A Images must have a purpose. Use common sense.
  • 16A Bot commands are turned off on all channels except #awesom-o-4000.
  • 1B. Mod & Admin discretion may be used for user conduct and you may be kicked or banned even if you did not break any rules above. Maintain yourself professionally and use good grammar.
  • 2B. DO NOT ping admin and mods repeatedly, pinging admins and mods may also fall under the previous rule and discretion will be used. This also applies to DMs for server mods and admins. If you spam message or call an admin or moderator's DM you will get banned from the server
  • 3B. ALWAYS follow admin direction for posting in specific channels. Or you may be kicked or banned.
  • 4B. NO USERS should attempt to mini mod if they are not an admin or a discord moderator. This includes telling users to drop conversations, informing them of breaking the rules, moving conversations to other channels, etc. Please contact an administrator or moderator if you spot any disruptions.

Wiki And Discord Block Policy

Voice Channel Rules

  • Please do not insult, put down, or otherwise say anything remotely rude about another user.
  • Please do not make weird noises or force others to listen to your rad tunes.
  • Please do not say obscene things.


Roles are groups of users who have privileges to do certain things or access certain channels. Roles are tiered, so each role has access to all the same permissions as the roles before it. Some roles are purely for title and "inside joke" purposes and may not gain any additional rights or channels. Roles may change frequently and may not be updated here.

  • Wiki Administrators - These users are wiki administrators and bureaucrats. They have Admin powers on the Discord.
  • Discord Administrators - These users have full power on the Discord. They manage the Chat Mod team and may create channels, roles, QOTW, Server Emojis etc.
  • Chat Moderators - These users have special privileges (kick, ban, etc), with the responsibility to keep the server running smoothly.
  • Content Team Mods (CTMs) - This role is for our Wiki Content Moderators.
  • Nitro Boosters - These nice and awesome users are SPA Discord Nitro Boosters and gain access to some additional channels to thank them for their contribution.
  • Cool Kids - These users are pretty damn cool.
  • Editors - Edit a lot here? Then this role is for you! With this role, you get special access to a channel dedicated to coordinating edits and other fun things. For this role, you need 70+ mainspace edits.
  • Regulars - Don't edit a lot, but still hang out and chat with us a lot? Then this role is for you. This role gets access to exclusive channels.
  • Former Staff - For retired staff members, mostly reserved for retired Wiki Administrators.
  • Fandom Staff / Wiki Manager - This role is for our Fandom Wiki Manager and other staff members from Fandom to assist the SPA Admin team and community at large.
  • Princess - You're a pretty princess, yes you are!
  • Bots - This role is for the various bots on the SPA Discord. Some bots used include: Tatsumaki, UB3R-BOT, Wiki Bot, Logger, Pro Bot, Dyno and StreamCord.
  • New Kids - Everybody needs a starting point, and this is where you begin. You're automatically put in this role after entering on the server.
  • Banished From Space and Time - I don't know what you did, but you're in trouble! Even less access for you!
  • Other roles include: Muted , Stream, and Choice of gaming platform (Xbox, PS4/5, PC).
  • New Kid users can qualify for Regulars after 3 months of activity.
  • Users can request Xbox, PC, PS4 IN THE #roles channel.



  • #sodosopa - This is the first channel you'll be in. Everyone has access to this channel.
  • #the-park - Let's Talk About: South Park!
  • #awesome-o_4000 - Feel like spamming fun bot commands? Do that in here!
  • #music - Share your favorite songs or listen to others' shared songs.
  • #dank-memes - A channel filled with memes.
  • #sp-memes - South Park Meme Central
  • #question-of-the-week - A new question for community discussion every week or whenever we feel like. Wide range of topics.
  • #sports - Discuss sports. NFL, The RedZone Channel, Soccer, NHL, you get it. All sports.
  • #movies-tv - Like any other cool shows? Tell us about em here and we can discuss
  • #city-wok - Went to Jean George? Cooked something cool? Just got Chipotle? Got a recipe for dank wings? Share all food material here.
  • #sp-games - Stick of Truth, Fractured But Whole, Phone Destroyer and all SP Game chat here.
  • #gaming - Discussion for all other games

Wiki Related

  • #wiki-general - General Conversations about South Park Archives. All users have access.
  • #featured-quizzes - Made a great quiz on Wiki Discussions? Share here!
  • #editing_help - Need some quick tips on an edit? This is the channel for you. Everyone has access to this channel.
  • #new-pages - Made a new page on the wiki? We all would love to see it! Put them there!
  • #to-do-list - List of tasks and projects across the wiki we could use help with.
  • #wiki-activity - This channel shows the newest Recent Changes on the wiki. Powered by Bot Magic.
  • #editor-verifiction - Users with 70+ mainspace edits can request the Editors role in this channel.
  • #wiki-discord-suggestions - Suggestions for new roles, channels or ideas on how we can make the SPA Discord better? Or new pages, features and other changes to the wiki? Let us know here!
  • #content-mod-editor-chat - For users and Editors to get in touch with our Content Mod Team.

Episode Chat (Seasonal)

  • #episode-chat-info - Details on our Live Chat Channel schedule and how to legally watch new South Park Episodes.
  • #pre-episode-chat - During a new season, this channel opens Sundays after new episode details are announced until Wednesday.
  • #episode-live-chat - Live chatting during the new episodes. Opens on Wednesday during the season.
  • #after-episode-chat - Chatting after the episode. Opens Wednesday night following the new episode.
  • Gen-Stram (Voice) - Voice Chatting after new episodes

SPA Editors

  • #editor-chat - A private chat for our Editors

Super Badass Club

  • #the_club - A channel exclusive to our Nitro Boosters.
  • #the_gang - An exclusive channel to talk in for Content Team Mods and Chat Moderators / Administrators
  • #the_lounge - An exclusive channel for our Editors, Regulars, Chat Moderators, and Content Team Mods.

Voice Channels

  • #voice-text - Users with no mic can chime into a voice convo, also share pictures links etc related to a voice call.
  • General - 27 person limit
  • music - For use of the music bot which you can active in the #music channel.
  • episode - For Live Streams