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South Park was a pinball machine made by SEGA Pinball in 1999.


The amount of profanity depends on the machine's language rating. If the language switch is on PG-13, the game will use mild language (and, like on the show, all strong expletives are bleeped out). When the machine has the language rating is on G, the language will be watered down, so it is acceptable for family-friendly places (i.e. When the "Kill Kenny" Hurry Up mode is successfully completed, Kyle will say "rats" instead of shouting "you bastards!"). The family mode will also alter the match sequence which features Terrance and Phillip belching instead of farting. The prototype ROM set for the game had all expletives uncensored.


All lanes light up and can start Super Fart Bumpers. Outlines can be lit for special. There are three standard bumpers, the left lane is a shot through the bumpers. Targets are located on each left lane entrance side. There are also eight townsfolk targets. Minor characters include Mr. Hankey – who is located in front of the toilet. Major characters include Chef, Eric Cartman, Kyle Broflovski, Stan Marsh, and a large rubber figure of Kenny McCormick. There is also a Cartman hole. The scoreboard includes various character graphics and sounds.

Character Modes

In total, there are five character-related missions which the individual player must complete. The main goal in South Park is to complete the Stan, Kyle, Cartman, Kenny, and Chef modes so as to unlock the secret wizard modes. To activate a character mode, the player must hit each individual character's slot (or shot) a certain number of times. After successful completion, the number of shots it takes to activate the next character mode will increase. Character modes can be replayed regardless of completion. The objective of each character mode is as follows:

Stan Shot: The main objective in Stan's mode is to kiss his girlfriend Wendy Testaburger three times. To activate the mode, shoot the left lane four times until Stan's face begins to flash on the table. Like all characters, his face will continue to flash until the mission is successfully completed. In this mode, there is a four- ball multiball that is situated near both the bumpers and the lane. When playing, a certain number of bumper hits or a shot to the lane will indicate a kiss. Bonuses are achieved from lane shots and can be worth up to 100,000 points per hit. Once the player completes Stan's mission the table display will read “You Win”. Corresponding graphics will appear after each kiss.

Kyle Shot: To begin Kyle's mode, the player must shoot the ramp four times. When Kyle's face begins to flash, you have 20 seconds to complete the mission. If the objective is met, Mr. Hankey will be revived. When revived, Mr. Hankey appears on the screen. Shots in Kyle's mode vary from 5-20 million points.

Cartman Shot: The main objective is to shoot the hole three times in under 20 seconds. To activate Cartman's mode, shoot the hole four times. There are also three targets above the hole. If a target is hit, the player is awarded 5 million points. Once Cartman's face stops flashing and remains lit, there is an Anal Probe bonus.

Kenny Shot: The main objective is to kill Kenny. Hit the Kenny figure four times to activate the mode. Hit Kenny again once the mode activates to kill him. You will receive 10 million points. There are several graphic deaths related to the South Park television series; one of them will appear on the screen upon completion. The death will cause Kyle to yell, “Oh my god, they’ve killed Kenny! You Bastards.”

Chef Shot: The main objective is to shoot all five character shots within 30 seconds. Each shot is worth 5 million points, in addition to 1 million points every time after. Whenever a character is hit, they will appear on the screen in a football lineup. After shooting each character, it will add an additional 5 seconds to the timer.

Wizard Modes

To unlock the two wizard modes, the player must first complete all character modes. Players can unlock the Spooky Vision wizard mode if all character modes are started. In the Chef's lane, lights will appear signaling the Spooky Vision mode. Spooky Vision mode cannot be unlocked if all character modes are completed on the first attempt. Volcano mode is only unlocked after all other modes are completed.

Spooky Vision: This mode contains a five ball multiball. The objective is to hit character slots repeatedly to raise the jackpot values. Once all modes are completed, the flippers will light up and players can begin the Volcano wizard mode.

Volcano: This mode is a five-ball multiball mission where the player must save South Park from the erupting volcano. The objective is to shoot 15 lit characters. 10 million points will be awarded for each character that is hit. Once completed, an extra pinball will be awarded and the flippers will stop. Players will need 210 million points to complete the mission. Volcano mode will end when there is one player ball left.


To achieve Multiball, the player must hit the Mr. Hankey target five times, which illuminates the multiball ramps. A ramp must be shot in order to start Multiball. However, if the player continues to shoot the Mr. Hankey target instead of hitting a ramp, 100,000 points will be added to the jackpot value, this bonus is tallied each time Mr. Hankey is hit. Once the multiball ramp is hit, the toilet opens and the player is given five balls. Mr. Hankey's target awards the player the base jackpot amount and also lights a character for a double jackpot. If five jackpots are achieved, a ramp is lit for a super jackpot. This is able to be repeated, with each successive super jackpot adding an extra 5 million points. Multiball ends when the player is left with only one ball.[2]


Mr. Mackey shot: This mode makes all switches worth 500,000 for 30 seconds.

A bonus multiplier when the three targets above Cartman's light in the Chef lane + 7 million points.

A bonus ball can be obtained if the player's total score is below 10 million on the last ball.

Skill Shot is awarded when players hit the lit target under Mr. Hankey.