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South Park (Not Suitable For Children) is the sixth short-form movie released on streaming service Paramount Plus. It was released on December 20, 2023.[1]


After it's discovered that a teacher at South Park Elementary has an OnlyFans page, Randy is compelled to take a closer look at the seedy underbelly of the world of on-line influencers.[1]


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Eric Cartman wakes up in the morning and packs three bottles of Cred energy drink into his backpack, based on the advice of a TikTok influencer who advises viewers it has more electrolytes than competitors. His mother, Liane Cartman questions if it's necessary to bring so many bottles to South Park Elementary and he claims every kid is "defined" by their hydration drink and declares his intent to have more than anyone else. After noticing Spencer Hollis is also drinking it, he complains to his friends at lunch that Spencer is a "poser" who is only drinking it because influencers have made it cool. Clyde Donovan, meanwhile, pretends he has been drinking cred to remain friendly with the other kids, which Cartman believes without question. PC Principal and Strong Woman are alarmed by the trend and discuss it in their office, when Mr. Mackey interrupts to warn them the art teacher, Mrs. Streibel is doing pornographic videos on the website OnlyFans, and that a meeting tonight will be held among parents about the situation. At the meeting, parents question why the school has not done anything about it, how to explain the situation to their children and whether or not their children will be exposed to the video. Strong Woman defends Mrs. Streibel and points out she makes over ten thousand dollars a week, which surprises Randy Marsh, before it is announced Mrs. Streibel will be suspended from teaching duties.

That afternoon at the Donovan Residence, Clyde arrives home and is pulled aside by his father, Roger Donovan, and his new girlfriend Janice to discuss Mrs. Streibel, but Clyde instead complains the more serious problem which is that they would not let him drink Cred and it is affecting his popularity, dismissing Janice's concerns about the drink, before turning against her for not being his real mother. While upset in his room, he watches a video by LoganLeDouche, an influencer, who discusses how boomers and older people do not understand kids, encouraging his viewers to be themselves, and then transitioning directly to a Cred commercial, promoting it heavily as potentially healthy and cool, saying anyone not drinking it is a piece of shit, and a brief but quick disclaimer insists it is not suitable for children. The same evening at Tegridy Farms, Randy tries to film a video for his OnlyFans page without wearing pants, only for his wife Sharon to stumble upon him and express disgust and disbelief. He claims he is just trying to supplement his income and take back control of his sexuality and it is not a big deal, to which Sharon suggests his penis is not a big deal and complains if their children discover this, they will leave home, to which Randy reassures her no children will see it.

The next morning at South Park Elementary, Cartman takes Butters Stotch and Tweek Tweak aside to discuss Cred, suggesting they start an "affinity group" where they single out all of the non-drinkers to make them feel bad, comparing to the little clubs separated by "skin color or religious beliefs" where people "talk about how much better there they are than everyone else", saying as white children they are only allowed to do so because their group is for a drink. They agree to let in Clyde, who claims he has Cred in his backpack, but he then disbelieves Kyle's claim he has Cred in his own backpack. Stan and Kyle elect to stay out of the group and believe it is asking for trouble. Cartman then pulls Clyde aside and encourages him to get a backpack with a water bottle pouch so people can see his Cred from the outside, suggesting he would not want anyone to doubt he has any, not realizing Clyde has been lying. Randy, meanwhile, approaches Sharon while she is working on the bills and interrupts her, while naked, to discuss how confusing the world is but how movements can start with only one person, which Sharon realizes is an attempt to convince her to subscribe to his OnlyFans page, which she dismisses. Back at school, Cartman, Butters and Tweek put up a sign about their affinity group, making Clyde more nervous about his lack of Cred; while peeing in the bathroom, Clyde sees graffiti about someone offering Cred for sale and meets Nathan behind one of the school temp buildings, who is selling Cred at a major markup, including $80 for Bubblegum Grape. Clyde explains he does not have enough money for expensive flavors, and for $3 buys an empty bottle instead.

Randy is filming another video back at home, recipe-themed with his testicles counting as the "nuts" the recipe calls for, only for Sharon to arrive with groceries and demand he remove them from the kitchen table. He complains she ruined the video. Sharon informs that the men at the deli saw Randy's videos but will not subscribe. Randy complains that it takes time to get followers by supporting with other social media, declaring himself an influencer, to which Sharon points out she could go and do her own OnlyFans videos and make more money than him. Randy laughs off the idea but Sharon declares she will do it and leaves. At Clyde's house, he prepares for school the next day by filling an empty Moonrise Mellow Cred bottle with apple juice and watches Logan's latest video where he encourages viewers to stay strong so he can keep making videos. The next day at school, Cartman and Butters are telling various students about their group meeting while telling them they are not invited, when Clyde joins them with his new backpack and refilled bottle of Cred. They are immediately impressed with Cartman pointing out the flavor, Moonrise Mellow, is hard to get, and he soon begins drawing attention to it, particularly to Stan and Kyle, suggesting that if they were in the affinity group they would be able to get Moonrise Mellow. Stan points out the flavor was discontinued and Kyle claims it must be fake, causing Cartman to open the bottle and begin drinking it to prove its authenticity, only to spit it out and realize what it really contains. Stan and Kyle try the bottle and tells everyone that the affinity group is using fake Cred. In the washroom, Cartman, Butters and Tweek angrily question Clyde, with Tweek suggesting that if Clyde does not have Cred, then "everyone around [him] loses all their Cred" and express humiliation.

At Tegridy Farms, Randy is stunned to find out Sharon has more subscribers than him on OnlyFans, criticizing her lighting and sound, insisting her videos are unprofessional. He calls up OnlyFans customer support who admit female content creators to succeed and Randy admits he has tried all of their pointers about advertising on TikTok and Instagram, so the support worker suggests he optimize his algorithm by talking about trending hashtags, explaining that when influencers discuss trending topics, search engines begin to think their content is trending as well. Clyde, meanwhile, arrives home and continues to yell at Janice before hiding in his room and watching more of Logan's videos. After discussing positivity and fighting tough, Logan begins promoting the all-new Mega Cred flavor, a super limited edition bottle only available in a giveaway at a CVS pharmacy in Pueblo. Cartman, lying on his bed with a candlelit setting, complains to his mother he is discredited and has resigned from his affinity group, when Clyde, Butters and Tweek arrive and suggest if they ditch school and head over to CVS, they could come back with a Cred nobody else has and be cool again. Though Cartman has major reservations following with Clyde again, he agrees to the plan. Randy, meanwhile, meets with Nathan, hoping to buy Cred to get them to sponsor his adult content. Nathan offers him Peppa Pig Peppermint and Big Boy Blueberry, claiming they are adults-only flavors, which Randy questions, but Randy agrees to buy the entire bag, and soon films a video trying six flavors of Cred on his penis. He then brags to Sharon, who has been shopping for designer clothing, that he is finally gaining subscribers, pointing out he has over a thousand views on TikTok and two thousand with Meta, which will drive traffic back to his OnlyFans. Sharon points out Cred is mostly drank by children and tries to encourage him to stop, but he only cares about beating her.

Cartman, Butters, Tweek and Clyde get off the bus in Pueblo where thousands of children are preparing to storm the CVS, including Spencer Hollis. A man seems to report from the scene about the chaos, but turns out to be a naked OnlyFans content creator promoting his custom videos. As soon as the delivery truck arrives, the children begin to swarm the vehicle and the building, pushing away employees and making it in the building, tearing apart cardboard and fighting over the bottles. Many of the actual drinks are damaged or spilled while the children fight and kill each other. Spencer manages to escape into his mom's car and makes a getaway with much of the Cred, much to Cartman's disappointment. Randy, meanwhile, takes advantage of his new views to try to promote himself at a talent agency, expressing his eagerness to "beat his wife" on OnlyFans, TikTok and Instagram. The agent briefly suggests his content needs to reach kids but when Randy points out his content is not for children, the agent changes the subject, discussing that companies and sponsors will compete for his audience so that their message can be heard through him, and that if he succeeds, he can beat his wife as often as he wants. Back at the CVS, Cartman and the guys have nothing but cans of spaghetti-O's and broken bottles. Clyde points out the situation and that they were sent there by an influencer and believing it is intentional false scarcity, suggesting they go to the influencer to expose the sham directly so Cred is no longer cool.

Randy and other influencers are taken to a reception room and placed out for bid, with the Chinese government, Soil Vodka company, Build-A-Bear, the National Rifle Association, Voices for Ukraine, the Russian government, Big Pharmaceuticals, Kellogg's Cereal, Ravenclaw Casinos, the Canadian government, Mattel Toys and more bidding for their influence. Before Randy can be auctioned off, the FBI bursts in and arrest him. Elsewhere, Clyde, Butters, Tweek and Cartman arrive at the motel where Logan is staying. Logan admits he is in hiding and apologizes for starting a riot but refuses to see them. Butters breaks down the door and searches for Cred inside the motel while Clyde begins asking questions. Logan admits he does not drink Cred himself, and that he is being manipulated and the Cred is just to get views, admitting Cred is not his real sponsor. At the FBI office, Randy is under arrest for exposing children to pornography, soliciting nude images to minors, child endangerment and more crimes, but he claims everyone is doing it and that networks pretend internet platforms are not made for children. Though he tries to deny to admit these things on record, the head of the FBI explains that children are creating similar erotic content, playing a slideshow of erotic images of coal miners. Randy is sickened and agrees to tell them everything he knows. Back at the motel, Logan begins creating another video and that he is not sure what to do, admitting he was also sponsored and auctioned off, though he denies he is working for the Chinese government. Clyde and Tweek promise to keep him safe if he exposes his sponsor. Just as he is about to reveal so, Logan is shot and the assassin continues firing into the room. The FBI confronts the sniper and after a brief debate about whether social media companies are truly liable, he is exposed as the auctioneer and dies.

The kids return home, where Butters suggests they just make a group being proud of who we are, and Cartman says white people being in groups talking about how proud they are "doesn't fly". They stumble upon Randy throwing away all of his Cred and talking about quitting social media, pointing out kids should wonder who is trying to influence them most. Clyde then returns home and begins screaming at Janice, accusing her of trying to cause the whole mess. She admits how hard it is to be a stepmom and that she just wants to be a good influence on him, but admits the Cred was necessary to get his views since he would not talk to her, pointing out now they are finally talking. Clyde asks if he can call her "mom" and she agrees, to which he then says "fuck you, mom", much to Janice's own relief. At school the next day, Spencer is showing off his Mega Cred to Stan and Kyle when Cartman shows up and lets everyone know he and his affinity group have Jelly Roll Midnight Waffle House. Cartman hands the fourth bottle to Clyde, claiming he forgot it at the previous night's meeting, and Clyde drinks it as everyone around them cheers.



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