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This article is about the mobile app. For the mobile game, see South Park: Phone Destroyer

South Park was an app published by Viacom Intl. Media Networks Northern Europe. In the app, users could watch full episodes of South Park. All episodes and seasons are available in the English original, and many episodes are also available in German, Dutch, French, and Polish. The language of the episodes and videos can be changed in the app's settings. The app layout and GUI are just like the official South Park website. It shares the same "Watch episodes" function. The Google Play store page of the app can be found here.

Quotes Soundboard

The app has a soundboard where users can select quotes and share them, as well as seeing from which episode they are from. The soundboard also has a few songs from the show. Quotes on the soundboard are from the following characters:

South Park The Show

South Park: The Fractured But Whole


Mood Character Quote Episode Audio
FunnyAppCartman Eric Cartman Go home you little dildo! Cartman Gets an Anal Probe
AppCartmanPissed Eric Cartman Okay, that's does it! Now listen! Why is it that everything today has involved things either going in or coming out of my ass?! Cartman Gets an Anal Probe
AppCartmanPissed Eric Cartman RESPECT MY AUTHORITAH!! Chickenlover
0203 Cartman RespectMyAuthoritah


  • The app won a W3 Silver Award as best Mobile Entertainment App
  • The app can be used in the following countries: Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Sweden, Denmark, and Poland.
  • Depending on the country, new episodes and videos will be available immediately after being broadcast on TV.
  • The app is optimized for Android 4.4+.
  • The app is rated T for teen.
  • The earliest known date of the app existing was January 25, 2017.
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