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South Park: The Streaming Wars Part 2 is the fourth short-form movie released on streaming service Paramount Plus. It was released on July 13, 2022.


In South Park: The Streaming Wars Part 2, a drought has brought the town of South Park to the brink of disaster.


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Plot details follow.

In Park County Courthouse, Stan Marsh, Tolkien Black, Butters Stotch, and Kyle Broflovski give testimonies about the role they played in the streaming wars. It is revealed that Cartman is attempting to sue his mother for not getting fake breasts, leading to the court case getting thrown out. Liane and Cartman then have a tense drive home; Cartman asks his mother again to get breast implants, to which she furiously says no.

Randy wakes up on a park bench, unsettling the others there, who refer to him as "Karen". The police attempt to arrest him, though he does not remember anything that had happened before waking up. They tranquilize him, and he later wakes up in the hospital, handcuffed to the bed. Harrison Yates questions Randy on what he remembered, and asks where Steve Black is. Randy is then showed a video of himself going "full nuclear Karen", leading to a twenty-car pileup with five injured. Afterwards, he is driven home by Detective Yates.

Outside the Coney Island Hotdog, Cartman finds Tolkien poking around Talnua Cussler's now abandoned house. When confronted, Tolkien explains that Cussler had been killed and that he is looking for his father. Cartman resolves to find out who killed Cussler. Cartman sneaks into Butters' room to recruit him for the mission, believing that Tolkien was "fucking his mom".

Stan enters Randy's room, who is watching a commercial of Matt Damon promoting Pi-Pi's streaming service. He sadly reminisces about when he was a geologist, believing that the old him would have been able to find a way to end the drought. A montage of him returning to his old self plays over "We Miss You Randy", changing his outfit and returning to his old profession.

Cartman and Butters stalk Tolkien from outside his house. Tolkien sees them and goes outside to confront them, and Cartman explains his suspicions of someone manipulating things to cause the streaming wars. He shows Tolkien a document, which back up his claims.

While Pi-Pi is announcing to a crowd that the city of Denver will be investing in his streaming service, Randy interrupts him, instead showing the audience a proposal deck for a desalinization plant to end the drought. The crowd, relieved that they would not need to replace the city's water with urine. Pi-Pi, infuriated by this, later berates his crew for not finding out about Randy's plans sooner. He orders them and ManBearPig to kill Randy.

Cartman, Tolkien, and Butters attempt to go to Harrison Yates with their findings. Yates, convinced that Steve Black had killed Cussler, dismisses the boys' evidence. He accuses Tolkien's father of being in control of ManBearPig, revealing that he has a wife and child whose safety he feared for. He uses a surveillance photo of Steve sliding down a waterslide as evidence of his guilt, and the boys realize that it was taken at Pi Pi's Urineworld.

Steve Black is revealed to be alive, surviving his injuries at the hand of ManBearPig. He wakes up in a cave where he finds Chuck Chuck, ManBearPig's son. Pi-Pi can be heard from above them, convinced that someone was sabotaging his operation. Meanwhile, the desalinization plant is already being constructed.

Yates shows up at Credigree Weed to question Linda Black about her husband's business plans. Linda claims he is innocent, though her insistence is ignored by Yates. Outside the house, Steve Black listens to their conversation, overhearing Yates declare that he would shoot Steve on sight.

The boys arrive at Pi-Pi's Urineworld, searching for the slide they saw in the surveillance picture. Butters finds the slide, which is located right next to a bunker. Inside the bunker they discover a waterfall of urine and start investigating. As they look for any kind of evidence, they discover Chuck Chuck, who Tolkien manages to talk to. However, they are interrupted by Pi-Pi's security guards, who traps them inside the cave.

At his office, Randy is brainstorming a way to get the saltwater to the plant, having no luck. He worries about not being able to find a solution in time, as construction is almost finished. Randy gets a call from Peter Nelson who informs him that the desalinization plant had been destroyed by "climate change" and that he suspected it was looking for Randy. Paranoid, Randy cautiously exits his home with a baseball bat before being approached by Steve. He is informed that Pi-Pi had been working with the water commissioner to gain control over the city. Disheartened by this, Randy decides to give up trying to end the drought.

Inside Pi-Pi's bunker, the boys try to escape as Tolkien attempts to communicate with Chuck Chuck again. Pi-Pi then enters, accusing them of being the ones sabotaging the operation. They deny this, explaining that they were just looking for Tolkien's father. Pi-Pi reveals that he had been commissioning celebrities to make commercials for his streaming service, convincing the public to invest in it, and that the boys would soon be killed.

Randy sulks in his kitchen when he is approached by Sharon, Stan, and Shelley. He laments about not being able to help the city, to which his family replies that they know who can. He is encouraged by them to return to his "Karen" self, which he resists, stating that it would be impossible since his weed was all gone. Sharon then reveals that she had preserved a stash and gives it to Randy. He goes to the barn, smoking the weed once again becoming Karen.

At Pi-Pi's Urineworld, Pi-Pi is filming his final commercial. The front gates are blocked, and customers are not being allowed in. Randy shows up as Karen, forcing his way in and demanding to speak to the manager. He interrupts Pi-Pi's commercial to yell at him, telling him to go back to his country. After Pi-Pi's attempts to get Randy to leave, Randy tells the crowd the truth of who had caused the streaming wars. Pi-Pi tries to deny this, summoning ManBearPig. However, Tolkien, Cartman, and Butters reveal Chuck Chuck and PigBearGirl to him, causing him to turn on Pi-Pi.

After Pi-Pi is killed by ManBearPig, the town is gathered at the desalinization plant to celebrate its opening. Yates calls Cartman forth, testing Randy's plan to use the saline from his breast implants to get the salt water to the plant. The plan works, and they bring in more women with fake breasts to help. Butters then points out ManBearPig, who is returning to the wild with his wife and child. Linda wonders if they should kill Chuck Chuck, since he would one day become climate change, but Stan instead argues that they should try to help him so that he would not end up like his father. This is shut down by Randy, who instead encourages the city folk to party and smoke weed.



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