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Achievements are optional challenges in South Park: The Fractured But Whole. There are 21 regular achievements, and 14 hidden achievements.

Regular Achievements

Achievement Description Gamerscore Notes
Stop, Drop and Roll
Stop, Drop and Roll Win a combat by using TimeFart Pause to kill all remaining enemies at once before time resumes. 15
The Token Experience
The Token Experience Create a Black character and complete the game on Mastermind Difficulty. 85 Missable if the player changes or starts the game with any other race than black.
Fully Bloated
Fully Bloated Unlock all combat TimeFarts. 30 Must also get the TimeFart Summon.
Fashionista Find 10 costume pieces. 15
Junksmith Craft 10 distinct recipes. 30
Death Dodger
Death Dodger Keep an Ally alive for an entire combat while they take twice their max Health in damage. 30
Deep Seated Power
Deep Seated Power Obtain and equip Artifacts to reach 600 Might. 90
Class Warfare
Class Warfare Equip powers from 2 different classes. 15
Toxic Environment
Toxic Environment Loot 100 Biohazard items. 15
Corporate Wolf
Corporate Wolf Reach the highest economic value on your Character Sheet. 15
#followbacks Become mutual followers with 10 people in South Park. 30
Last Kid Standing
Last Kid Standing Win while 3 Allies are downed at the end of combat. 30 This can be easily obtained in the battle with Doctor Timothy as The New Kid Doesn’t have any Allies for this fight.
Titleist Reach the highest rank on 1 title in your Character Sheet. 15
Cosplay Curious
Cosplay Curious Wear costume pieces from 3 different sets at once. 30
Master Classed
Master Classed Equip powers from 4 different classes. 15
Epic Artificer
Epic Artificer Craft an Artifact with a Might value of 75 or more. 15
Glitch of Death
Glitch of Death Use TimeFart Glitch to cause a status-effected enemy to lose their turn and die at turn's end. 30
Big Knocker
Big Knocker Kill an enemy by knocking another enemy into them. 30
Character Sheet Elite
Character Sheet Elite Reach the highest rank on 5 titles in your Character Sheet. 90 Complete any Master challenges.
Master Manipulator
Master Manipulator Confuse or charm an enemy into defeating another enemy. 30 This can be easily obtained during the Psychic backstory.
Friend Finder
Friend Finder Acquire and unlock all Summons. 30

Hidden Achievements

Achievement Description Points Notes
Crappin' Forte
Crappin' Forte Use every available toilet in South Park and achieve the highest mastery level for each. 15
Boy Love Aficionado
Boy Love Aficionado Find all Yaoi art pieces. 90
An End to Racism
An End to Racism Stop racism in South Park. 15 Defeat the Shub-Niggurath
Orgy of Power
Orgy of Power Use all Allies' Ultimate powers once during the game, except the Coon's. 15 Coon’s doesn’t count because of the Mitch Conner incident.
Farts over Freckles
Farts over Freckles Pick a fight with Morgan Freeman and defeat him. Note: Morgan Freeman cannot be fought if The New Kid’s race is black. (Unless if he/she

changed his/her skin if he/she talks to PC Principal.)

Pasta of Prophets
Pasta of Prophets Craft a macaroni picture for Moses. 15
Divine Wind
Divine Wind Successfully Fartkour to the Lofts at SoDoSoPa rooftop and back down again. 15
Chaos Controlled
Chaos Controlled Foil the plans of Professor Chaos. 15 Defeat Mecha Minion Chaos Supreme.
Call in a Favor
Call in a Favor Use a Summon. 15
Invasive Tumor Removal
Invasive Tumor Removal Defeat Mutant Cousin Kyle. 15
Through the Bowels of Time
Through the Bowels of Time Survive the farts of future past. 30 Complete all the 3 final bosses.
Diabetes Defender
Diabetes Defender Defend a helpless child from a drunk lunatic. 15 Defeat Red Wine Drunk Randy.
Potty Trained
Potty Trained Use a toilet and achieve the highest mastery level. 15 Easily obtained in the beginning of the game.
Pick Yourself up by Your Bootstraps
Pick Yourself up by Your Bootstraps Collect all loot in the Homeless Camp at SoDoSoPa. 15 Collect all the coins on the ground, the loot in the sofa, and all the other stuff found in the Homless Camp.