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South Park: The End of Obesity is the seventh short-form movie on the streaming service Paramount Plus. It was released on May 24, 2024.[1]


The advent of new weight loss drugs has a huge impact on everyone in South Park. When Cartman is denied access to the life-changing medicine, the kids jump into action.[1]


Cartman and his mother are visiting Dr. Gauche for a check-up when Gauche expresses concern about Cartman's weight; when Liane expresses that eating healthy has not worked to control his weight before, Gauche suggests they try "semaglutides", the active ingredient in diabetes drugs such as Ozempic, asking Cartman if he would like to no longer be fat. Cartman has a fantasy sequence of showing up to school, looking the same size as the other fourth graders, teasing Wendy as a "dumb bitch" and Kyle as an "ugly Ginger" with a "bullshit" religion, and then a visit to Pakistan where he insults the entire country, and everyone fails to retaliate as they can no longer call him "fat" or insult him for his weight. Hopeful and excited about the possibility of losing weight, Cartman is devastated when Dr. Gauche reveals the drugs are $1200 a month. Cartman begs him for help, and he prescribes Lizzo, suggesting he watch videos and listen to her "body positive" music for the rest of his life.

At Tegridy Farms, Shelley is about to head out to South Park Elementary in an outfit that shows her stomach, but Randy insists she should not be "showing off her body". Shelley insists that Sharon said it was okay and claims that other girls are dressing that way. Randy and Shelley continue to argue until Randy threatens to wear a similar outfit when he picks her up from school. Randy insists to Sharon that wearing a shirt that exposes your belly leads to ending up in a bad group of people doing a bunch of drugs. At Tweek Bros. Coffeehouse, Sharon gets coffee with Alexis Testaburger and discusses how upset Randy is and Alexis mentions that her daughter sometimes wears crop tops but she cannot stand middle-aged women wearing them, mentioning Linda Stotch and Laura Tucker as women using Ozempic and wearing crop tops to show off. Linda, Laura and another woman appear and after Sharon and Alexis leave, discuss which drugs they are using. Mrs. Tweak also joins to discuss a party, inviting Linda, explaining how the girls all share drugs.

During recess at South Park Elementary, Butters Stotch asks Kyle for help talking to Cartman, who has been crying and sitting on the merry-go-round. Kyle approaches Cartman, who then explains about the drug, showing Kyle his prescription for Lizzo. Kyle insists his health insurance should pay for it, promising to help Cartman talk to his insurer to obtain it. When classes end, Randy drives up in a crop top to pick up Shelley, trying to embarrass her, when Mrs. Tweak shows up to pick up her son, who assumes from his crop top that he is using weight loss drugs as well, pointing out those who can afford it have nothing to be ashamed of. She asks if he is into drugs and he agrees "more into drugs than anyone else in this town", misunderstanding that she means drugs generally. She invites him to Laura's party to share drugs as well.

Kyle, Cartman and Butters arrive at a massive Insurance building with cutting-edge technology looking for help, but when they explain they already have insurance and want to file a claim, they are ushered into a small, dusty, cramped room with a Fax machine, old file cabinets, a typewriter, a rotary phone, and a CRT computer monitor manned by a pale, soft-spoken man who types slowly. He responds to almost every question slowly, including by calling his director. Kyle, Butters and Cartman go through a maze of different clinics, medical centers, specialists, and insurance companies but fail to produce any results for Cartman, with Butters particularly intimidated. Kyle then turns to Stan and Kenny with an ambitious plan to buy raw semaglutides from India and work on drugs for Cartman themselves in order to bypass the greed of the insurance companies, proclaiming they do not need hospitals or insurance when they can use videos on YouTube and TikTok.

Randy arrives at Laura's party and brings some marijuana with him, but is overshadowed when Alexis Testaburger, who has only just started taking the drugs despite her comments to Sharon, brings in weight loss drugs she managed to get through customs from Mexico. All the women start to inject the drugs and Randy realizes they are not the same drugs he thought, but he is convinced to try them, gaining a high and appreciating the attention. The next morning, he declines bacon and eggs that Sharon has cooked, and claims he arrived home late due to a hike, but excitedly tells Towelie about the peptides, bragging he was partying with "nine hot MILFs" and that despite partying all night, he felt no repercussions and is excited for another "rager". After several more parties and continuing to decline food, Sharon asks if he is using weight loss drugs and Randy denies it strongly, insisting he has been doing "pilates" and stuff and just not eating as much as Sharon does, accusing her of drinking and making her feel insecure about her own weight.

Amid crackdowns on the drugs, the girls' group are unable to acquire more and decide to rob a local pharmacy, but do so in disguises that expose their stomachs, making their identities obvious to the pharmacist. When the boys succeed with their first batch of raw semaglutides and manage to give Cartman his first dosage, he immediately requests Cocoa Puffs, Captain Crunch and Kentucky Fried Chicken to make a "cereal bomb", mixing all three foods with milk and then going into the bathroom for thirty minutes, before coming out and declaring he is unable to finish it, leaving two chicken thighs at the bottom and "chocolatey chicken milk". Cartman proclaims the drugs were successfully diminishing his appetite, claiming he has never felt "full" before in his life. Kyle then produces a video announcing a Compounding Pharmacy and promising to offer their new drugs to anyone for a low price to undercut the health care industry, only to attract the attention of the Sugar Business cartel, lead by Sonny the Cuckoo Bird, Tony the Tiger, Sugar Bear, Little Debbie, Trix Rabbit and other sugary cereal mascots, who plan to kill the boys and every compounding pharmacy they can.

After having another dream about making fun of his classmates and Pakistan, Cartman goes in for a check-up with Stan and Kyle at the Compounding Pharmacy, confirming a loss of 1.3 pounds in the week since his injection. As Kenny starts to prepare the second dose, Cartman shares that he had not even finished half a cereal bomb that morning. Just as he is about to inject the dose, the mothers show up disguised and drawing guns, stealing the obesity drugs and leaving in a getaway car with Randy, immediately injecting themselves with the semaglutides. Shortly later, Randy visits Towelie in the barn and admits he did not enjoy the last party he attended, pointing out that even though he was out raging with "hot women", he was starting to feel satisfied instead of feeling a sense of cravings he does with other drugs, pointing out he is not experiencing erectile dysfunction side effects. Towelie suggests he has fallen in with a bad group of people, urging him a way from the MILFs.

Sharon goes on a walk in the park with Sheila discussing how amazing the new drugs are and admitting how ashamed she felt that Randy lost weight without them, but admits she could not afford the weight loss drugs and that she is instead taking Lizzo. At the Compounding Pharmacy, Kyle takes a call from a customer who is considering switching away to Lizzo due to the drug delays when Butters appears and tells them Cartman is giving up and is making another cereal bomb, this time with Twinkies and gravy, calling it an "Oppenheimer". Cartman expresses that knowing there is a cure available depresses him, but Kyle promises him if he fights for his dream, they can make it a reality. Kyle promises to keep making obesity drugs for the needy as long as they can source them from India. The factory in India, however, is targeted by the Sugar Cartel, who open fire on the employees and burn the factory to the ground. Cartman expresses concern what will happen if he does not get his next dosage soon, but Kyle continues to reassure him. After returning to Dr. Gauche's office, Sharon is diagnosed with diabeartes due to her exposure to Lizzo, but the doctor proudly declares she is now eligible for Ozempic as a result.

Later at Cartman's House, Kyle finds Stan, Butters and Kenny waiting outside of the bathroom for Cartman, warning Kyle he has a cereal bomb "ten times bigger than an Oppenheimer", which he is now referring to as a "Stormy Daniels." Kyle urges Cartman to stop, promising he has a solution and has found more semaglutides to be delivered via a truck from a supplier in North Carolina in the next forty minutes, and then they can give him a dosage, and Cartman has Kenny put the cereal bomb away. Unknown to them, the women try to hijack the truck containing semaglutides by posing as construction workers to confront the driver, allowing Randy to sneak in; fed up with them, he hijacks the truck and declares them bad people. The moms chase him as he drives towards South Park, creating confusion for Kyle as he tries to track the truck. The boys find Randy and get in the truck with him to try to get away, only for the Sugar Cartel to join the chase intending to destroy the shipment, using automatic weapons to shoot at the others. Tony the Tiger reaches the truck and manages to kill Kenny in the chaos, and Kyle uses a pistol to try to protect himself and the boys. After a long chase, violent shoot-out and massive collision, the truck eventually reaches Kyle's House, only to find there are no semaglutides in the truck, only the same pale insurance man as earlier, declaring the pharmaceutical company insured with them.

At the farm, Sharon is about to take Ozempic for the first time when Randy arrives, still covered in blood and bruises, and stops her, admitting he lied about hiking and doing Pilates, and that he thought she would be pissed if he admitted it, confessing he was going to womens' homes to get the drugs. Sharon quietly asks if he has seen improvement and he realizes she is not pissed, and he realizes how cool she is and that he does not want her to change, admitting he sees semaglutides as "bad drugs", suggesting he and Sharon go to a Holiday Inn and do some molly, like they did in college. At South Park Elementary, meanwhile, the boys are resigned that their Compounding Pharmacy is over. Kyle admits he was wrong about fat people and cannot rely on willpower, and that delivers a speech about how the manipulation of sugar and pharmaceutical companies means it is not fair to blame people for their weight, getting the school to agree not to make fun of obesity anymore or be critical of anyone for their weight. Cartman, realizing this is what he really wanted all along and happy things worked out, tells Kyle he is a "dipshit ginger" with freckles, and that his religion is a "goddamn lie". Kyle prepares to fire back but hesitates, realizing he cannot make fun of him for his weight. Cartman then tells Wendy she has "little tiny saggy tits" and her breath stinks, and she fumes unable to say anything back. Realizing he can fulfill his dreams from earlier, he goes through town insulting people and then heads to the Airport and jubilantly buys a plane ticket to Pakistan.


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