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South Park: The Complete Thirteenth Season is a 2010 Blu-ray/DVD release of Season Thirteen, including all fourteen episodes from the season and featuring audio mini-commentaries by Trey Parker and Matt Stone, seven deleted scenes, and an Xbox video showing a behind-the-scenes tour of South Park Studios. Some releases of the DVD and Blu-ray also include a code to unlock Professor Chaos in South Park Let's Go Tower Defense Play!.

Special Features


This front cover's primary color is a faded-brown, to look like a pirate treasure map. It features Stan, Kenny, Kyle, Ike, and Butters looking at Cartman, who is smiling and holding a treasure map, referencing "Fatbeard". The back cover features the boys, Butters, and Jimmy as wrestlers while Kenny is launched with a rocket, a reference to "W.T.F.".

The inner case shows Cartman and his pirate crew and Kyle tied in the background, also referencing "Fatbeard". The back shows an image of Mysterion, depicting his appearance in "The Coon".

Opening the inner case reveals a naked Terrance and Phillip, referencing "Eat, Pray, Queef", and a scene of the boys in their clothing from "Margaritaville".

The three discs depicts Kanye West attempting to understand the Fishsticks Joke, Butters meeting pimps and prostitutes, and Cartman as a Smurf. Each disc references "Fishsticks", "Butters' Bottom Bitch", and "Dances with Smurfs", respectively.


Disc 1

Disc 2

Disc 3

Deleted Scenes

  • "The Coon" Extended Ending: The jailed Mysterion is revealed to be Kyle and the real Mysterion appears and asks him why he made the sacrifice for him and after a brief discussion, agrees to show his face and produces the same effect as the original ending.
  • "Fishsticks" Extended Ending: A pair of U. S. coast guards find a body floating in the ocean and pick it up. They turn it over to reveal the bloated, happy face of Kanye West and close his eyes.
  • "Pinewood Derby" Car Scene: Randy calls up and brags to Hollis about how fast Stan 's car is, even putting Stan to the phone and forcing him to say "You're our bitch" before going into an intense rage upon discover the rival car clocked at 1.2 seconds, yelling and screaming numerous obscenities while telling a calm Stan to relax.
  • "Pinewood Derby" Line-Up Scene: A man protests Baby Fark McGee-zax but he reminds the man he has the gun. Randy suggests they rush him, but nobody wants to go first.
  • "Fatbeard" Library Scene: Cartman is in the school library reading about Somalia, reading about clan problems and then spotting Kyle. Kyle is doing research as well and tells Cartman he wouldn't have any fun there, but Cartman deduces Kyle wants to go and is trying to trick him.
  • "Dead Celebrities" Cemetery Scene: The kids visit a cemetery in Los Angeles to show Michael Jackson, who is in Ike's body his grave. Jackson still refuses to believe it, claiming his family has purchased a mausoleum, and an angry Kyle grabs a shovel to dig up the body. Stan stops him, saying "people could really get upset about this" (causing all four boys to look directly at the screen) before digging. This is the only scene mentioned in the commentaries - it was removed due to Matt and Trey feeling it was too far and that they found it unbelievable for the boys to go from Colorado to L. A. to the Beauty Pageant in a single night.
  • "Dances with Smurfs" Slap Clip: Cartman accuses Mr. Mackey of being a lackey and punches Casey Miller.