South Park: The Complete Sixth Season is a 2005 DVD release of Season Six, including all seventeen episodes from the season and featuring audio mini-commentaries by Trey Parker and Matt Stone. The Blu-ray boxset containing the re-rendered episodes was released on December 19, 2017.


This front cover's primary color is blue. It depicts Kyle, Stan and Cartman looking at Butters, whose face is dimmed in shadow as he looks upwards and appears to be plotting something evil. This is referencing the episodes "Professor Chaos" and "The Simpsons Already Did It".

This is the first main DVD cover that did not include Kenny, making it the first of three main DVD covers to not simultaneously feature all four main characters. It was also the first of two covers to feature Butters.

The back cover features Stan, Kyle, Cartman and Tweek with Child Tracker helmets on their heads, referencing the episode "Child Abduction is Not Funny".



Disc 1

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Disc 3

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