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DLC (downloadable content), also called add-ons, expansions, or patches, are additional content created for games and released separately from their main release.

Ten DLCs have been released so far for South Park: Snow Day! - more are currently in development.

DLC list[]

Image Name Release date Description
SPSD SeasonPassBanner
South Park: Snow Day! - Season Pass March 26, 2024 Continue your Snow Day adventure with a Season Pass for SOUTH PARK: SNOW DAY! which includes and all-new Game Mode, New Weapons, a Weapon Variation, and Cosmetic Packs.
SPSD HenriettaBanner
To Danse with Ravenous Shadows March 26, 2024 School is cancelled and Henrietta is bored. Join her efforts to pierce the veil and she will allow you to “Danse with the Ravenous Shadows” of South Park.
SPSD GnomesBanner
Underpants Gnome Cosmetics Pack March 26, 2024 Including the Underpants Gnome hat, a stylish beard, and a green tunic.[1]
CRED Pack[1] March 26, 2024 The CRED Cosmetics pack gives you plenty of CRED with a fresh hairstyle, a CRED hoodie, and a cape.[1]
SPSD 420Banner
420 Pack[2] April 18, 2024 Celebrate 420 with new cosmetic items for SOUTH PARK: SNOW DAY! - Featuring fresh outfit items for your New Kid.[2]
SPSD SnowballBanner
Snowball (DLC)[3] May 2nd, 2024 The all-new snowball is perfect tool for all those who mastered the other weapons in the game. Unleash devastating new effects on enemies and grant powerful supporting effects on your allies too.[3]
SPSD BearBanner
Bear-serker Pack[4] May 10th, 2024 Intimidate your enemies with this grizzly warrior costume. Look ripped and sweet with a kid-drawn six pack, facial tattoos, and vicious bear helmet.[4]
SPSD AsspenBanner
Asspen Pack[5] May 23rd, 2024 Get ready to hit the slopes with the Asspen Cosmetics Pack featuring iconic outfits from the season 6 episode, “Asspen”.[5]
Bigger, Longer & Uncut Anniversary Pack[6] June 27th, 2024 Celebrate 25 years of South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut with these all-new cosmetics.[6]
SPSD SicklesBanner
Nonconformist Weapon Variation Pack[7] June 27th, 2024 Abandon the normy daggers and seize these malevolent Sickles. Drain the lifeblood of the unworthy and repurpose their essence to power the darkness within you. This reskin of the daggers comes with upgrade cards and macabre new cosmetics.[7]
SPSD Henrietta2Banner
To Danse with the Veiled Horde[8] June 27th, 2024 New Kid! Are you prepared to pierce deeper into the eternal night? Download "To Danse with the Veiled Horde" and banish more waves of malevolent adversaries, enhance your weapons, and grow your dark powers alongside Henrietta.[8]

Game editions[]

Image Name Price Content
Standard Edition $29.99
SPSD DigitalDeluxe
Digital Deluxe Edition $49.99
SPSD CollectorsEdition
Collector's Edition[9] $219.99
  • South Park: Snow Day!
  • Underpants Gnome Cosmetics Pack (Pre-Order Bonus)
  • Grand Wizard Cartman - Snow Globe
  • Grand Wizard Cartman - Talking Toilet Paper Holder
  • Grand Wizard Cartman - Knit Beanie
  • 6 Tarot Cards
  • Original Soundtrack
  • Season Pass


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