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The following is a compiled list of every chapter in South Park: Snow Day!.

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Story Chapters[]

Image Name Description
Stark's Pond The Druid Elves, led by High Druid Kyle, are planning an attack on the Humans. The Grand Wizard has ordered a pre-emptive attack on their forces.
Near Main Street The High Druid revealed that the Barbarian King Stan of the Marshwalkers cast a banned Endless Winter spell. He must be stopped!
The Test of Strength The magic axe of the Barbarian King can fell even the mightest warriors with only one blow. Those who hope to oppose the Marshwalker leader must pass the Test of Strength if they hope to challenge the Barbarian to combat.
South Park Backyards Now that the true enemy of South Park has been revealed, Humans and Elves must join forces to stop Mr. Hankey. Snow days are great but they can't last forever. It's time to stop this endless winter together!
Hell's Pass With the Grand Wizard returned from his temporary madness, the assault on Mr. Hankey's fortress can begin. What horrors await in the ruined bowels of Hell's Pass?