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  • This is the second South Park movie since South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut, and the first of 14 made-for-tv movies.
  • The movie takes place in the series 40 years after the events of "South ParQ Vaccination Special".
  • Victor Chaos' (pronounced "Chows" by the characters) cell number is 41002-66, a reference to the Season Six episode "Professor Chaos". "41002" comes from the release date, April 10, 2002, and "66" from the production code, 606.
  • Some of Cartman's stuffed toys are featured:
    • Hackelm Cartman has a Clyde Frog doll attached to his pacifier.
    • Cartman is seen packing a Polly Prissypants ragdoll into his bag as he is leaving the lab with his family.
  • Cartman is the only of the boys who still wears his hat. Along with him being a Rabbi, his small hat is worn in the form of a yarmulke.
    • He is also one of the main characters who is married and has his own family.
  • Kenny's sister Karen is seen wearing a necklace with the question mark symbol of Mysterion as a charm on it.
    • A similar question mark can also be seen in Kenny's lab notes.
    • This implies that Karen may have eventually found out Kenny was Mysterion/her guarding angel as she got older.
  • In a news report of Kenny's death, Kenny appears to have won a Nobel Prize in Science. In reality, there is no such category as "Science" in general, instead of having three distinct fields (Physics, Chemistry, or Economic Sciences). From the diploma, Kenny is awarded in the field of Physics.
    • The medal is engraved with "MMXI" and "MDCCC", representing the Roman numerals for 2011 and 1800 respectively. This is contrary to the actual medal where it is engraved with the birth and death years of Alfred Nobel (1833-1896).
  • Craig and Tweek are the second married LGBT+ couple in the series, the first being Big Gay Al and Mr. Slave.
    • Tweek is also seen with his green coat fully buttoned.
  • Strong Woman is not visibly aged compared to many other characters.
  • There are a few differences in promo videos for this special compared to the final special:
    • When Kyle calls Stan for the first time in the promo, he is seen in a counselor's office, but in the final special, he is shown calling from Gerald's old study.
    • In another promo video, an elderly Randy tells Stan that his next strain of marijuana is an exclusive event rather than a special, and he says this at the retirement home. In the final special, this scene occurred in Tegridy Farms.
  • The "Oh my God, they killed Kenny!" catchphrase has been referenced throughout the movie. However "You bastards!" was never said at all.
  • The sound effects used for Kyle's doorbells are available in the South Park Studios SoundCloud.
  • This one of the rare times where Kenny's death is taken seriously.

References to Popular Culture

  • Clyde shows vaccine hesitancy as the only person not vaccinated against COVID-19.
  • The new covid outbreak sparks panic buying of toilet paper referencing to the real-life mass hysteria.
  • Teleconferencing software Zoom is referenced a couple of times, firstly where its headquarters are destroyed and secondarily when there is another outbreak of Covid. Zoom is known for a sudden increase in usage due to the pandemic.
  • The song that was playing while Stan is returning to South Park is "Stir It Up" by Patti LaBelle.
  • The electric piano seen in Kenny's memorial service is labeled "Yaomaha", parodying piano manufacturing company Yamaha.
  • Cryptocurrency Bitcoin is shown to have completely overtaken traditional currency and digital banking.
  • Cartman's wife's name Yentl appears to be in reference to the film of the same name.
  • As Cartman is making love to his wife for a second time, he makes references to the biblical story of the Binding of Isaac.
  • Randy blames Space Jam 2 for turning events for the worse.
    • During a conference with Trey Parker and Matt Stone for the 24th anniversary of South Park, they insist that if they plan to make a returning episode, it would be about how awful Space Jam 2 was.[1]
  • Jimmy is now a futuristic spoof of late-night talk show hosts such as Jimmy Kimmel and Jimmy Fallon, poking fun at the perception most comedy has become "woke" and inoffensive.
  • The Stark's Pond is now called "Stark's Puddle", which may point to evaporation in rising temperatures.
  • The "Geisha Candy ad" from Blade Runner appears three times during the special, adding to the "dystopian" feel of this future.
  • Moisha Cartman references Kyle kicking out his family as how Jews were driven out from the Holy Lands.
  • Hell's Pass has been renamed to Kenosha Pass, possibly after Kenosha, Wisconsin which was host to unrest and protest after the shooting of Jacob Blake, including the instances of violence.
  • Randy makes reference to "race wars" which may be a reference to the widespread protests and unrest over police shootings and the Black Lives Matter movement in 2020 during the COVID-19 Pandemic.
  • Stan owns an Alexa from Amazon, who is now a hologram, gives interactions like a home device, and has the personality of a stereotypical "nagging wife".
  • Every store and restaurant now has either "plus" or "max" in its name, mocking how some streaming services are following this trend.
  • The Park County Police Station shut down and the legalization of theft and crime at the beginning of the film is an obvious joke on the Defund the Police movement, having a man kill another man for his groceries with no police in sight and everyone acting like it was normal.
  • Moishe says תודה רבה to Kyle (toda raba, meaning "thank you" in Hebrew).


  • The entire movie is the continuation of "The Pandemic Special" and "South ParQ Vaccination Special".
    • While in the destroyed Tegridy Farms, Randy reveals to Stan the events of "The Pandemic Special", where he makes love to a pangolin that started the pandemic.
    • With the movie taking place 40 years later, Kenny's discovery for the cure of the COVID-19 virus was to bring back his "broships" with the boys.
  • In response to the Cartman's making love in Kyle's house, Kyle admits to Yentl that Cartman had given him AIDS in "Tonsil Trouble".
  • With Kyle praying for help, Christmas music was heard and believed that Mr. Hankey would appear from his toilet. With the fact that he was already fired in "The Problem with a Poo", he is driven away to Springfield with The Simpsons.
  • Kenny's Rats, whom are designed and animated differently, are seen invading Kenny's body in the morgue. They last appeared in "A Very Crappy Christmas".
  • Sharon had divorced Randy twice in "Clubhouses" and in "You're Getting Old" and had a failed attempt prior to the events of the movie.
  • Clyde seems to be heavier than most of the other kids as an adult, other than Cartman. Clyde was previously stated by the other students to be the "second fattest kid next to Cartman" in the Season Four episode "Cartman's Silly Hate Crime 2000".
  • When criticized for wanting to "pound beers", Stan insists what he is doing is called a Smorgasvein, repeating Randy's line about it from "Freemium Isn't Free".
  • Kyle and Cartman arguing about who could insert their finger onto Kenny's arse is a reference to "Cancelled", where Kyle is forced to insert his finger inside Cartman's but fails.


  • The USA flag that appeared at the beginning is partially cropped at the top side, missing one stripe and a row of stars.
  • When Stan, Kyle and Cartman are about to go in the morgue, Token offers to stay out in the waiting room with Cartman's family. But in the very next scene, he was back at the school in Kenny's laboratory with Wendy, Craig, Tweek, Clyde, Jimmy, and Darwin.
  • As Stan is being tested for the virus, a short moment is seen where the swab went through his nose.
  • While the boys are in the morgue examining Kenny's corpse, Cartman is too disgusted to reach into Kenny's ass for his research and even vomits on Kenny's corpse when Stan retrieves the hard drive from his ass, covered in shit. However back in the Season Six episode "The Simpsons Already Did It", Cartman showed no signs of disgust when he dug around in Ms. Choksondik's corpse for his sea-people and even hid in it from the medical examiners.
  • A poster in the school cafeteria says "MEAT", even though it has been established that meat is not eaten any more.
  • Cartman's arm could be seen through Minora Cartman's nightgown, although she is behind him.
  • Cartman is seen packing his Polly Prissypants doll even though he "killed" her in "1%". Though this may be another doll purchased for his kids.
  • Although it was already confirmed how Kenny died, his body was still being kept at the morgue even after his funeral.
  • Continuity error: Kyle states that he and Stan were 9 years old when they last saw each other even though Stan turned 10 years old in the Season Fifteen episode "You're Getting Old".

Kenny's Death

  • Kenny is said to have been killed by the "Covid Delta plus rewards program" variant referencing the multiple reports of new variants that came out after the "South ParQ Vaccination Special". His death serves as a major plotline.


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