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South Park: Post Covid is the first short-form movie released on streaming service Paramount Plus. It debuted on November 25, 2021.


In SOUTH PARK: POST COVID, we’ll find out the answer to the question: what happened to the children who lived through the pandemic? Stan, Kyle, Cartman and Kenny survived, but will never be the same post COVID.


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Plot details follow.

Forty years in the future, the COVID-19 Pandemic seems close to an end. Stan Marsh has moved away from South Park to the city and now works as an online whiskey consultant. His Alexa hologram informs him that he is receiving a call from Kyle Broflovski, who he has not spoken with since their "broship" ended. He invites Stan back to town, who insists there is nothing left for him there until Kyle informs him that Kenny McCormick has died. In New York's Moderna Center, Jimmy Valmer is taping his show, Late Night With Jimmy, when he is told that famous, eccentric scientist and millionaire philanthropist Dr. Kenny McCormick has died and immediately insists on booking a flight back to South Park for the funeral.

As Stan drives back to town, he passes by Kenosha Pass, telling his Alexa that he feels shitty, before passing palm trees, the nearly dried up Stark's Puddle, an expanded South Park Elementary Plus, a closed-down Park County Police Station, as well as a variety of new businesses such as a dog optometry, and children on hoverboards and using virtual reality, before arriving at Denny's Applebee's Max to meet up with Kyle. A waiter explains how they serve no meat in the future, except for dishes made from sustainable insect protein. Kyle explains that he was in contact with Kenny who was on to who was responsible for recent events. Tolkien Black joins them, flashing a badge from his law enforcement career. Kenny informed both of them he was making a breakthrough when he died. Stan mocks them both by suggesting they ask Jesus and Santa for help, that they need to grow up and that he is only here for the funeral. When returning to his motel, Stan views a news report on Kenny's research, and a letter Kenny left behind: "I am about to expose the truth. In the event of my death, I have hidden away all relevant information. My closest friends will know where to find him." Stan decides to help Kyle but only for Kenny's sake.

At Kenny's wake, hosted by Jimmy, most of the boys' former fourth-grade class are in attendance, including Wendy Testaburger with her husband Darwin, Tweek Tweak and Craig Tucker who are still a couple, and Clyde Donovan, all of whom are here from out of town. They express suspicion about Kenny's death and express having been changed by the pandemic. They also meet Eric Cartman, who has converted to Judaism and become a rabbi in Colorado Springs, citing the pandemic as having changed him, and is married to a Jewish woman named Yentl, and explains he and Kenny remained in contact, and Kenny's mission was trying to find the origin of the coronavirus. Kyle continues to insist this is all an act purely to upset him, even over forty years, but he and Stan see Cartman hugging his two children as he leaves. Back at the motel, Stan sees another clip of Kenny, where one of his math equations contains a reference to Tegridy Weed which unsettles him, as he does not want to face his father.

Stan arrives at the funeral in South Park Church to find it is being led by Scott Malkinson, who has become a Priest, though nobody seems to want to acknowledge him. Scott delivers an eulogy urging churchgoers to reflect and to cherish friends and family, and out of guilt Stan lashes out and asks Kyle if he wrote the speech, and admits that he knows something about Kenny he cannot admit since it relates to his father, whom he does not want to face. The three boys argue in church before Stan storms out and promises to leave town, mocking Scott like they did when they were kids. Rabbi Cartman takes over the eulogy but is interrupted by a doctor who announces that the cause of Kenny's death was the COVID Delta Plus Rewards program variant, causing chaos as the townspeople to flee for supplies and "chin diapers", running out of supplies in moments. The military arrives and closes the roads to contain the outbreak, preventing Stan, Cartman, or anyone from leaving, as there is an individual in the town who is not vaccinated, whom they refuse to name. They are heavily armed and shoot an individual who tries to leave.

South Park Elementary Plus is set up as an emergency shelter for out-of-town visitors, presided over by an aged PC Principal, who orders lights out at nine o'clock. Tolkien, Clyde, Jimmy, Craig, Tweek, and Wendy discuss these events and suspect that Kenny's Covid diagnosis is a coverup to hide Kenny's research, pointing out they are all vaccinated. Clyde remarks that it is a "personal choice" and they mock him for not being vaccinated, pointing out there is now forty years of research. Alexa, meanwhile, urges Stan to visit his father if there is a chance he could help his friends, mocking him for his repeated refusal to do so. The shelter fills up, however, forcing Cartman, his wife, and three children to turn to Kyle, hoping to stay at the Broflovski Residence, as it is a "nice Jewish home", asking his kids to refer to him as "Uncle Kyle". When Kyle overhears Cartman having sex with his wife and mentioning stories from the Torah, he interrupts them in the middle of the night and believes this is part of the ruse to upset him, informing Yentil that Cartman had previously snuck into his room and gave him AIDS. Cartman promises his family will leave in the morning, despite the protest of his children.

The next morning, Jimmy, Craig, Tweek, Wendy, and Darwin try to ask Clyde to take the vaccine so they may return home, but he says he has an allergy to shellfish and the vaccine is sometimes cross-contaminated with 'shellfishness' and that his refusal is based on a general sense of "shellfishness". Tolkien then draws their attention to the McCormick Science Wing of the school, where they discover a massive secret laboratory splattered in blood and much of his research. They discover that a man named Victor Chaos (pronounced 'Chowce') is mentioned throughout Kenny's research as a right-hand man, is now being kept at the South Park Mental Asylum Plus, but he cannot take phone calls and they can only see him if the entire party is vaccinated, which Clyde still is not. Wendy approaches Clyde suggesting they "party" and pretending to do cocaine, but when Clyde realizes the cocaine is the vaccine, he refuses to inject it into his body. Back at the Broflovski Residence, the Cartman family are leaving and Kyle apologizes and asks them to stay, though he is clearly uncomfortable. Tolkien arrives with Kenny's research, and he and Kyle realize that Kenny compiled years of research into time travel, intending to prevent the pandemic entirely. When Kyle is distracted by Cartman and Yentil kissing and whispering to each other, however, their children begin to insult "Uncle Kyle" and admit he drives them crazy, behaving similarly to their father when he was a child. Tolkien mentions that Kenny said they would have to "think like kids" and realizes that the secret is in Kenny's ass.

Meanwhile, Stan arrives at Shady Acres, where the childrens' parents and other adults from their childhood are now being kept, not allowed to leave, and asks to see his father. Randy denies he has a son and blames him for murdering his sister Shelly and denies any fault for his wife committing suicide. Stan denies responsibility and blames Randy. When Stan mentions Kenny, however, Randy is astonished to realize Kenny was aware of the Pandemic Special and that it was the key to saving everyone. At share time with the other adults, Randy blames Stan for his mother and sister's death in front of everyone again. Stan explains to the other old people that Sharon wanted a divorce after the pandemic but Randy refused to cede half of the farm to her, and in his anger over the disagreement, Stan decided to burn the entire farm down. Shelly was in the barn, locked up by Randy for not doing chores, and burned to death, which drove Sharon to kill herself. Intending to visit the farm and recover something Randy left behind at the farm, the two break out of the old folks' home when their request is denied.

Arriving at the burned down remains of Tegridy Farms, Randy traces the blame back to Herbert Garrison's election as president, the pandemic, unspecified race wars, and the release of the film Space Jam 2, claiming that the world "lost tegridy" due the influence of China, who wanted to weaken America by losing its optimism and becoming a superpower, admitting he started the pandemic by having sex with a pangolin and claiming China used him. He reveals he created a special weed to save everyone, and a Tegridy Weed Special Event strain that he has hidden away for years that is the key to saving everyone. When they open the cabinet, it is missing and fresh footprints indicate it was recently taken. Mentioning the only tegridy left was what was stolen and some seeds long kept in his ass, Stan realizes how he can help his friends. Randy, meanwhile, discovers a lone surviving weed sprout and becomes protective of it, while seeing hallucinations or spirits of Sharon and Shelly blaming Stan for the fire.

At Hell's Pass Hospital, Cartman's family, Tolkien, and Kyle are denied from seeing Kenny's remains until Stan arrives and uses his whiskey inspection badge, qualifying as a doctor, to enter the morgue to inspect Kenny. Only Stan, Cartman, and Kyle are allowed in, and discover Kenny's corpse naked and infested with rats. None of them can agree at first whose hand to put inside Kenny's ass, but Stan agrees to do it when Kyle and Cartman bicker, declaring he would fix it like he had to "fix" everything else. They recover a hard drive and take it back to the school, where everyone is excited to find out who Kenny was after all along. The video reveals Kenny's attempt at time travel to stop the pandemic, and blames the bad future on "my three dickhead friends Stan, Kyle and Cartman" and claimed after letting their friendship end, they became combative and pessimistic, and that he has spent his whole life trying to "fix their broship". As Kenny seems to travel back in time, all of the lab assistants are killed by the machine, and he returns at the video's end and quietly leaves. The boys are stunned that the bad guys they were trying to fight are themselves.

Stan, Kyle, and Cartman reflect, remembering how optimistic they were as kids, and how awful the future has turned out, before realizing they would never have given up as kids, and promise to work together and believe no matter what it takes to save Kenny and fix their future, even if they know nothing about quantum physics. Cartman excuses himself and urges his kids to pack up so they can leave, upset that Kyle is trying to change the future and agreeing with the kids they like the way things are, as they all declare together "fuck Uncle Kyle". Back the mental facility, meanwhile, the warden brings food to the cell belonging to Victor Chaos (spelled Chaos) remarking he has received another call and wondering what the fuss is about.



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