South Park: Phone Destroyer


South Park: Phone Destroyer is a free-to-play collectible card game developed by RedLynx and published by Ubisoft. It was released for the iOS and Android platforms on November 9, 2017.



The boys are unable to decide on what LARP game they should play. Cartman, dressed up as Sheriff Cartman interrupts the agitated kids to suggest that they play "Cowboy vs Indians" and invite the New Kid to help the Cowboys finally defeat the Indians. He facetimes New Kid and urges him/her to come meet them and to wear cowboy clothes and bring their phone. Cartman briefly guides the New Kid on the first few stages of story mode. As the New Kid progresses through the Adventure theme to defeat the Indian kids led by Stan of Many Moons, the latter runs away and seeks help from the pirates. New Kid manages to overpower all of Stan's cards and eventually defeat him.


The New Kid is then contacted by Cartman dressed as A.W.E.S.O.M.-O 4000, claiming that there is a war between robots and aliens, which eventually leads to the New Kid defeating Cyborg Kenny, who claims to be the "True" Phone Destroyer. Shortly in between stages The New Kid is introduced to PVP, by "Don King" Butters. Kyle contacts the New Kid and tries to warn then that they are being used by Butters and Cartman. Kyle immediately ends the call before Cartman can see him calling the New Kid.


The boys find out that the New Kid has severely beaten up Kenny to the point that they have killed him, to which Sheriff Cartman shows no regard and wants the New Kid to play with the cowboys again. Kyle gets frustrated at Cartman's eagerness to trick the New Kid into phone addiction, and leaves to go back to his "Spiritual roots". Cartman feels threatened and later dresses up as Zen Cartman, tricking the New Kid to fight against the Master Ninjew and his army of gods and religious warriors.

New Kid sides with Zen Cartman and manages to defeat the Master Ninjew, resulting in beating up Kyle so severely that he agrees to shut up and join Cartman again.


Butters suddenly contacts New Kid and gets them to play PVP. Sheriff Cartman interrupts Butters and tells him to change his costume, to which Butters responds by changing into Paladin Butters, and rejoices in using New Kid to kill the Wizard King and take over the throne for himself.

After all of his army is defeated, Grand Wizard Cartman, hiding in Kupa Keep, challenges the New Kid to a battle. The kids cheer as Grand Wizard Cartman is defeated by New Kid. They gather and either congratulate or act dejected over The New Kid on how much money that has been spent on the game.


The New Kid is contacted by Cartman, dressed up as the Coon. He tells them about his new Legendary card and tells them to try to obtain it, as other superheores and villains are also trying to obtain it. In order to accomplish this, Wendy, as Call Girl, gives out quests to the New Kid in order to identify the opponents that are trying to obtain the card as well.



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Card overview
South Park: Phone Destroyer is a card-based RPG game. The New Kid has the ability to summon units from the cards in their hand and the goal is to defend their tower and conserve their HP bars. Matches heavily rely on the player's deck, strategic placement and timing of cards and level of cards. The New Kid's level gives a slight advantage/disadvantage in combat.

Each deck can carry 12 cards and is restricted to a maximum of two themes. However, the Neutral theme is the exception to this rule. Adding a card that does not belong to that deck will cause the game to ask the player if they would like to replace one of the current themes with the one they are trying to add.

The player should avoid a deck that has two or more cards from the same character (e.g. Program Stan and Toolshed. When a character is in the battlefield, regardless spawned from the player or AI in campaign, the player will not be allowed to play another card from the same character.

Each card costs energy, and can be played when the player has sufficient energy. During a game, the player starts off with 8 energy and will gain energy constantly. They can accumulate up to 10 energy, after which no more will be gained.

5 cards will be made available on hand, and will replenish as the player plays their cards. Once a character is played, they will target the nearest enemy unit that is within their range, and will not change target until the unit is defeated, or when an ability (such as Taunting from Zen Cartman is activated). While the characters themselves cannot be controlled on the battlefield, some may have abilities which can be used when available.

The player's health and attack is dependent on their current level. The player's health is also divided into three equal bars. Each time a health bar is depleted, the player will send a shockwave which inflicts damage and knockback on all nearby units.

Upon victory, the player will be taken to a loot locker interface, where they can open 3 lockers to receive various rewards such as coins, PVP tickets, materials, and cards. The player may also choose to spend premium currency (in the form of "Cartman Cash") or watch a video to open additional lockers.


There are three types of currencies used in the game.

  • Coin.png Coins - Basic currency of the game.
  • Cash.png Cash - Premium currency of the game. May be purchased with real money.
  • Ticket.png PVP Tickets - Earned through lockers, PVP packs, or PVP rank rewards. Used to purchase items from Butters' PVP Shop.

Card upgrades

Each card starts off at level 1 and may be upgraded to a maximum level of 7. Each upgrade costs coins, cards, and materials of 3 types (bronze, silver, and gold). Excluding spell and trap cards, each level has a fixed number of upgrades required.

  • Level 1: 5 upgrades
  • Level 2 to 3: 10 upgrades each
  • Level 4 to 6: 15 upgrades each

All materials are restricted to one theme. They can only be used to upgrade cards from their respective themes and are not interchangeable.

Card upgrades award experience, which in turn can upgrade the New Kid's health and attack.


SPPD Butters' Shop.png
There are currently two shops, namely Cartman's Daily Shop and Butters' PVP Shop, that sell various items using coins or PVP tickets. Each shop offers 4 different items which last for 24 hours. No legendary cards will be available for sale.

Each time an item is bought, the price will increase by the item's base price. For example, a bronze upgrade material at a base price of 5 coins will cost 5 coins for the first item, 10 coins for the second item, 15 coins for the third item and so on.

The daily shop also includes a card pack and cash shop which uses Cartman Cash and real money for shop purchases respectively.

Item Quantity Base price Total cost
Bronze material 25 5 Coin.png 1625 Coin.png
Silver material 15 25 Coin.png 3000 Coin.png
Common character card 15 25 Coin.png 3000 Coin.png
Rare character card 10 250 Coin.png 13750 Coin.png
Common spell card 15 35 Coin.png 4200 Coin.png
Rare spell card 10 350 Coin.png 19250 Coin.png

Item Quantity Base price Total cost
Coins Coin.png 15 15 Ticket.png 1800 Ticket.png
Silver material 15 5 Ticket.png 600 Ticket.png
Gold material 10 15 Ticket.png 825 Ticket.png
Rare character card 10 50 Ticket.png 2750 Ticket.png
Epic character card 5 700 Ticket.png 10500 Ticket.png
Rare spell card 10 70 Ticket.png 3850 Ticket.png
Epic spell card 5 1000 Ticket.png 15000 Ticket.png
Cosmetic item 1 700 - 2500 Ticket.png

Item Receive Price
Silver pack 25 cards (7 rare and 1 epic guaranteed), 15 upgrade materials (4 silver and 2 gold guaranteed), 1000 Coin.png 500 Cash.png
Gold pack 50 cards (15 rare and 3 epic guaranteed), 25 upgrade materials (8 silver and 3 gold guaranteed), 2000 Coin.png 1000 Cash.png
Rainbow pack 80 cards (26 rare and 6 epic guaranteed), 40 upgrade materials (13 silver and 6 gold guaranteed), 4000 Coin.png 2000 Cash.png
Themed card pack 50 cards (15 rare and 3 epic guaranteed), 25 upgrade materials (8 silver and 3 gold guaranteed), 2000 Coin.png from a given theme 1200 Cash.png
Themed material pack 100 upgrade materials (33 silver and 15 gold guaranteed), 1000 Coin.png from a given theme 325 Cash.png
Material pack 100 upgrade materials (33 silver and 15 gold guaranteed), 1000 Coin.png 275 Cash.png

Item Receive Price
Pile of cash 500 Cash.png 4.99 USD
Wallet of cash 1100 Cash.png 9.99 USD
Stash of cash 2300 Cash.png 19.99 USD
Chest of cash 6000 Cash.png 49.99 USD
Pile of gold 1000 Coin.png 50 Cash.png
Bear of gold 4500 Coin.png 200 Cash.png
Pig of gold 12000 Coin.png 500 Cash.png
Elephant of gold 25000 Coin.png 1000 Cash.png

Card packs

Card packs can earned through the daily shop, PVP, or purchased with cash. They contains various items such as in-game currencies, cards, and upgrade materials.

Some packs that are purchasable with real money are made available for a limited time, and can be accessed through a "Big Offer" button on the top-right corner of the interface. These offers reset at 12:00 UTC (summer) or 13:00 UTC (winter).

  • Free pack - Awarded every 4 hours at the daily shop, capped at a maximum of two packs.
  • PVP pack - Awarded after destroying 5 phones in PVP. Can be earned again after a 4-hour cooldown, or by spending 45 cash to reset the cooldown. Contents are dependent on the arena level that the player is currently in.
  • Silver premium pack - Costs 500 cash.
  • Gold premium pack - Costs 1000 cash.
  • Rainbow premium pack - Costs 2000 cash.
  • Epic Battle Pass pack
  • Legendary Battle Pass pack
  • Battle Pass special offer - Directly purchased with real money.
  • Event bundle - Directly purchased with real money.
  • Daily Epic/Legendary - Directly purchased with real money.
  • Team Wars bundle - Directly purchased with real money.
  • Gift pack - Free packs that are awarded, usually during celebrations, following major bug fixes, or as a welcome-back gift.


Players with at least 1000 skill rating may organize or join a group known as Teams, as a means of discussing game strategies and socializing with other players.

Players may engage in friendly PvP battles with members of their own Team, albeit with modifications to the New Kid's levels (therefore, health and attack) and card levels (depending on rarity). These do not affect skill rating.

Players may also use this feature to exchange cards with others. Donating cards award experience at a rate of 2 exp and 5 coins per common card, and 6 exp and 15 coins per rare card.

Each Team may carry a maximum of 50 players. Leaders may adjust the joining requirements (level or skill rating), open/close status, and their Team's focus as required.


SPPD Wardrobe.png
Players may customize the New Kid's appearance to their preferences. Most cosmetic items are unlocked through completing the game campaign, or bought from Butters' PvP shop.


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