Achievements are optional challenges in South Park: Phone Destroyer.

Episode Master

Achievement Description Reward Notes
Indian Summer Complete Episode 1 - "Indian Summer".
Many Moon's Stronghold Complete Episode 2 - "Many Moon's Stronghold".
The Cyber-Ghetto Complete Episode 3 - "The Cyber-Ghetto".
Alien Junkyard Complete Episode 4 - "Alien Junkyard". 20 Cash
Cyborg Command Center Complete Episode 5 - "Cyborg Command Center".
Mystical Awakening Complete Episode 6 - "Mystical Awakening".
The Holy Road Complete Episode 7 - "The Holy Road".
Ninjew Hideout Complete Episode 8 - "Ninjew Hideout".
Dragon Pass Complete Episode 9 - "Dragon Pass".
The Orc Pit Complete Episode 10 - "The Orc Pit".
Elven Sanctuary Complete Episode 11 - "Elven Sanctuary".
Grand Wizard's Castle Complete Episode 12 - "Grand Wizard's Castle".

Level Master

Achievement Description Reward Notes
Beat'em Up Badass Defeat 10 Single Player Levels.
Avenues of Rage Defeat 100 Single Player Levels. 10 Cash
X2 Dragon Defeat 500 Single Player Levels. 15 Cash
Simpsons Did It First Defeat 1,000 Single Player Levels. 20 Cash

Card Collector

Achievement Description Reward Notes
Card Collector Collect 15 different cards.
Card Connoisseur Collect 50 different cards. 10 Cash
Card Hoarder Collect 100 different cards. 15 Cash

Pulling Your Own Weight

Achievement Description Reward Notes
Featherweight Reach Rank 3 in PvP.
Lightweight Reach Rank 10 in PvP.
Welterweight Reach Rank 25 in PvP. 10 Cash
Heavyweight Reach Rank 40 in PvP.
Legend Reach the Legendary Rank in PvP. 30 Cash

Battle Born

Achievement Description Reward Notes
Battle Born Win 1 PvP Battle.
Battle Hardened Win 10 PvP Battles.
Battle Veteran Win 50 PvP Battles. 10 Cash
Battle Master Win 150 PvP Battles. 15 Cash
Battle Legend Win 500 PvP Battles. 20 Cash
Battle Addict Win 2000 PvP Battles. 30 Cash

All Star

Achievement Description Reward Notes
Trainer Level up your cards 50 times. 5 Cash
Sensei Level up your cards 100 times. 10 Cash
Master Level up your cards 200 times. 15 Cash


Achievement Description Reward Notes
Upgraded! Upgrade your first card.
Upgrade Pro Complete 25 Card Upgrades.
Upgrade Expert Complete 100 Card Upgrades.
Upgrade Fanatic Complete 500 Card Upgrades. 15 Cash
Upgrade Extremist Complete 1000 Card Upgrades. 20 Cash

Star Power

Achievement Description Reward Notes
Level Up! Level up your first card.
Level Three! Get a card to level 3.
Level 4! Get a card to level 4. 10 Cash
Level 5! Get a card to level 5. 15 Cash
Level 6! Get a card to level 6.
Max Level! Max out a card... you crazy bastard.

Cartman Customer

Achievement Description Reward Notes
Guppy Spend 100 Cartman Coins in Cartman's shop.
Minnow Spend 1,000 Cartman Coins in Cartman's shop. 5 Cash
Dolphin Spend 10,000 Cartman Coins in Cartman's shop. 10 Cash
Whale Spend 100,000 Cartman Coins in Cartman's shop. 15 Cash
Gay Fish Spend 1,000,000 Cartman Coins in Cartman's shop. 20 Cash

Butters Customer

Achievement Description Reward Notes
Prawn Crackers Spend 100 tickets at Butters' shop.
Wontons Spend 1,000 tickets at Butters' shop. 5 Cash
Chow Mein Spend 10,000 tickets at Butters' shop. 10 Cash
Sweet N Sour Pork Spend 100,000 tickets at Butters' shop. 15 Cash
Crispy Duck Spend 1,000,000 tickets at Butters' shop. 20 Cash


Achievement Description Reward Notes
Zapper Kill 100 enemies with your phone zap.
Zip Zapper Kill 1,000 enemies with your phone zap.
Zuper Zapper Kill 10,000 enemies with your phone zap. 15 Cash
The Electrocutioner Kill 100,000 enemies with your phone zap. 20 Cash

Other Achievements

Achievement Description Reward Notes
You Killed Kenny! You Bastards! 3 Cash
You're Really Good at This! Level up New Kid for the first time. 3 Cash
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