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  • The plot for the Season One episode "Death" foreshadows the film's plot (Mothers Against Canada).
  • When the main mothers are singing about their boys in "Blame Canada", Kyle is the only one of the four main boys not to be mentioned.
  • The audio clip heard when Ike says "don't kick the baby" during the opening number "Mountain Town" is the same as the one used in the Season One episode "Cartman Gets an Anal Probe".
  • When Kenny McCormick is denied access to Heaven, he falls down to Hell, with a sign for Heaven saying a population number of only 1,656 being visible as he falls. The sign for hell, however, has population numbers that increase from 923,545,421,207 to 923,545,421,267, possibly due to others dying at the same time going to Hell.
  • This is the first out of four times when women's breasts are actually seen, with the second being in "Bebe's Boobs Destroy Society", the third in "Major Boobage", and the fourth in South Park: The Stick of Truth.
  • Despite the large cast in this film, Tweek Tweak does not appear.
  • The colors in this movie are a lot darker than in the TV series, possibly due to low film/telecine quality.
  • When the boys go to class after they see the Terrance and Phillip movie, the lower-case cursive letters board seen above the chalkboard is written backwards.
  • Jesus is seen three times in this film, with the first being in the crowd pan in the briefing room to the left of Officer Barbrady, then in the army in the marching scene before Kyle hides Ike in the attic, and finally right at the back of the crowd scene at the end.
  • When he goes to war, Stuart McCormick wears a picture of Kenny on his military helmet. This can be seen during "La Resistance".
  • Saddam Hussein is voiced by Matt Stone, but in the credits, it says he was voiced by "himself".
  • Although Conan O'Brien dies before the war begins, his death was temporary, as he is briefly seen in "Two Guys Naked in a Hot Tub". He was possibly revived along with everyone else due to Kenny's wish at the end of the film.
  • Saddam died when he was killed by Wild boars, and at the end of the movie he dies again when impaled by a large spike. However, he returns to Hell in the Season Four episode "Do the Handicapped Go to Hell?". He later dies for good in the Season Seven episode "It's Christmas in Canada", marking his last appearance in the series.
  • During the opening song, Kenny wakes up and is in his underwear and seen from behind, making it the first time his hair is seen (though if you freeze frame at the point where he zips his hood up, you can see a lock of his hair and his mouth).
  • Kenny removes his hood when he makes his wish at the end of the movie. This is the first time his face is seen in full and the first time his voice is clearly heard. Kenny's voice was provided by Mike Judge. However, whenever unhooded in the series from then on, he is voiced by Eric Stough.
  • During the scene where everyone is meeting for La Resistance, Francis is seen wearing Clyde Donovan's clothes.
  • The movie was released in between the Season Three episodes "Tweek vs. Craig" and "Sexual Harassment Panda".
  • Damien Thorn, a character from the episode of the same name and the son of Satan, is seen at the movie theater watching Terrance and Phillip: Asses of Fire when the kids watch it the second time. He is seen sitting on the left of Stan.
    • Originally, Damien was to play as a supporting character, but the idea was ultimately scrapped.
  • There is a such thing as a V-Chip in real life, but it is used on TVs for parents to block content that is intended for mature audiences or contain pornography.
  • The piano used in Big Gay Al's solo is a Felcher and Sons, a reference to the sexual act of the same name.
  • In the German version of the film, the scatological pornographic film the boys watch on the computer is changed from being German to British.
  • When Cartman says "Scheiße", the V-Chip doesn't go off.
  • The boys seem to be much more mild-mannered like normal kids before watching Asses of Fire. This doesn't make sense considering that the boys are shown to be much more hostile in episodes taking place before the episode the movie falls after.
  • In a VH1 special, Trey Parker said that he heard that Stephen Sondheim, a famed musical theater producer and composer, say that the film was "the best musical he's seen in the past 15 years". He wrote to Mr. Sondheim in response, saying, "We think you've done some good work, too."
  • In 2000, readers of Total Film magazine voted South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut the 13th greatest comedy film of all time.
  • Similar to how Terrance slaps Brooke Shields on Conan, in South Park: The Stick of Truth, the Prince of Canada slaps a royal Canadian guard.
  • According to the film critic Richard Corliss from TIME, South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut ranks as #6 on his list of "The 25 All-TIME Best Animated Films".[1]
  • At the end of the VHS version of the film, after Ike says, "Guys out there is hurted" and eats a rat, there is a quick shot of the movie theater playing Asses of Fire, with the doors opening and the boys leaving; no audio is heard and it is only a brief glimpse. This shot is removed from the DVD.
  • Several characters are drawn twice on the movie's poster, such as Priest Maxi, Shelly Marsh, and Dr. Alphonse Mephesto.
  • This is the first time Kenny is shown without his parka, also making it the first time where he is shown removing his hood and fully showing his face and hair. This makes him the second out of four of the boys to be shown without a headgear.
  • This movie made the 2001 Guiness World Records book for having approximately 399 swear words and more than 400 offensive gestures.
  • Up until "The List", this is the last time Stan throws up when he is near Wendy. 
  • Trey Parker and Matt Stone stated in a 2009 Blu-ray commentary for the film that they were shocked at how little Butters Stotch was used in the film, and said that any South Park movie made today would have made him to play a more major role in the plot.
  • This was the highest grossing animated feature film with an R rating until being outgrossed by Seth Rogen's Sausage Party in 2016. It held the record for seventeen years.
  • This was the last theatrical feature film to be based on an adult animated TV series until Aqua Teen Hunger Force: Colon Movie Film for Theaters in 2007.
  • On July 3, 2003, Comedy Central was given permission to air this movie completely uncensored with a TV-MA LSV rating.[2]
  • Matt and Trey stated that they were so hungover and exhausted from the production of this film that they have no recollection of producing any of the episodes in Season Three.

Differences in Cuts

Matt Stone's Memo to the MPAA.

  • The following was cut from the movie:
    • In the scene, in Mr. Mackey's office, the word "hole" was cut from "ass". The words "cum-sucking ass" were taken out.
    • At one part, the Mole had a speech starting with "God has fucked me in the ass so many times...", but was replaced with, "God is the biggest bitch of them all". Many parts including him had been cut out and were changed in many different ways. These include:

- Instead of Gregory introducing the boys to Christophe at the La Resistance bunker, the first time he is seen was at his house. - Christophe mistaking the guy who works at the ticket booth for the cinema as Terrance or Phillip.

    • In the scene where Saddam has two dildos, acting like they are real, originally the first was a dildo and the second was his real penis.
    • Another cut from the movie was when Kenny woke up, he walks over to his kitchen, where the rest of his family is standing.
    • Carol McCormick started selling t-shirts of Kenny after he died, and later, mentioned in the Eighth Draft of the official Script, she starts counting all the money she made from selling shirts.
    • Chef was originally going to start singing songs naked in a hot tub with another lady. The song went like this:
                  Baby your thighs sparkle like
                  Baby your butt is tender like the
                  I can see by the look in your pants
                  that you want to treat me right.
                  I'll whisper sweet nothings in your
                  And you can kiss me gently with
                  your tongue
                  And I'll make love to you so deeply
                  That you'll feel pressure clear up
                  to your lungs.
    • In the eighth draft, Kenny was never going to originally show his face, and was going to disappear with Satan and his minions. This was changed, and we got to see Kenny's face. The script still showed that Kenny was going to wake up and only show his hair from the back as he gets dressed.
    • Mountain Town originally had different lyrics, with the first verse sounding somewhat similar to this:
                  I'm going to the movies
                  To see the brighter side of life!
                  I'm going to the movie
                  Everything's gonna be alright!
                  Forget all my troubles
                  Put my own life on hold
                  Let a studio tell me
                  how I should view the world
                  Where everything works out
                  I love it that way
                  I'm going to the movies
                  The movies today!
    • In the scene where Winona Ryder is hitting balls with a ping pong paddle, it was originally never revealed if she was, in fact, shooting ping pong balls from her vagina or not.
    • The German scheisse video with Liane Cartman was originally a video of her having sex with a horse.

References to Popular Culture

  • The ending of the film, in which Satan tells Saddam Hussein, "I have had enough of YOU!" as he throws him into a pit of fire, mirrors the climax at the end of the film Star Trek III: The Search for Spock, in which Captain Kirk, struggling on the edge of a cliff with the Klingon Kruge on a planet erupting into fire, kicks Kruge in the face while telling him the same thing with similar inflection on the words "had" "enough" and "you".
  • When using the V-Chip, Cartman's energy attacks resemble the energy blasts seen in Dragon Ball Z. Also, when Saddam gets knocked down from one of his attacks, the sound that plays was from Dragon Ball Z. Cartman's hair also becomes spiked like a Super Saiyan. (Although this could be due to the electricity.)
  • When Kenny is taken to the hospital, a board can be seen with tasks to perform and the doctor's surname assigned to them. The last task reads "Kill Bond" and the doctor assigned to it is called "No", referencing the 1962 James Bond film Dr. No and its eponymous villain, Dr. Julius No.
  • Barbra Streisand's name is said as a swear word by Eric Cartman during the fight between him and Saddam.
  • The plot of La Resistance and the boy named the Mole is a reference to the musical play Les Miserables which was inspired by the book written by Victor Hugo. The song "Le Resistance" is performed in the style of "One Day More" from Les Misérables, featuring various characters in different locations, all singing songs relating to the approaching battle.
  • Many of the musical numbers are melodies parodying Disney songs from their films.
    • This is even mentioned in the Eighth Draft of the Script where the "Mountain Town" lyrics are enlisted: "Very happy, Disney-eque music swirls in".
  • Kenny McCormick's heart being replaced with a baked potato is a reference to Trey Parker and Matt Stone's earlier movie Cannibal! The Musical's opening song "It's a Shpadoinkle Day" with the lyric "My heart's as full as a baked potato".


  • South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut is one of the most profanity-filled movies ever produced. The film features a song entitled "Uncle Fucka" in the Terrance and Phillip movie that uses the word "fuck" 27 times. The song title was originally' going to be called "Mother Fucka" , but it was changed in order to get an R rating instead of the NC-17 rating that was originally issued.
  • The movie angered moral conservatives not only for its heavy use of profanity, but also for its depiction of conservatives starting a war against Canada purely because of Terrance and Phillip's use of profanity. The underlying theme of the film, however, is that it is the responsibility of parents and guardians to protect their children from what they deem inappropriate, and that censorship of anything (particularly in movies and TV) was simply a parental tool for escaping blame.
  • It is often claimed that the film was originally titled South Park: All Hell Breaks Loose, and that the MPAA forced a change of the title. Trey Parker and Matt Stone counter proposed South Park: Bigger, Longer, and Uncut as a title, which itself is a double entendre. This version of events comes directly from Parker and Stone; Richard Taylor, a spokesman for the MPAA, denies that any film was ever submitted with that title and states that the MPAA did not reject the use of the word "hell" in the title.
  • In spite of the controversy, some film critics were generally enthusiastic about the film and considered it to be an intelligent and entertaining satire.
  • Prior to its release, the film was originally assigned an NC-17 rating by the MPAA. Several cuts were made to tone down the profanity and sexual content. The film was submitted and screened by the MPAA six times and it finally got the R rating the creators were shooting for after the sixth attempt.
  • Paramount Pictures originally suggested that the film be rated PG-13, in response to much money it could have perhaps made. Parker and Stone declined the request and agreed not to make the film unless it was rated R.
  • Right after the film was released, MPAA president Jack Valenti said he regretted not assigning the film an NC-17 rating.[3]
  • According to Matt and Trey, each time they resubmitted the film to the MPAA they added something more explicit than before in order to test their patience.


  • This film deals with race relations, war, and censorship. The film clearly opposes censorship, as it is ultimately Eric Cartman's foul mouth that saves the day. In the film, Kyle's mother Sheila starts a campaign to censor a Canadian film called Terrance and Phillip: Asses of Fire, which culminates in a war being waged against Canada by the United States, a possible criticism of the perceived overeagerness of some nations, particularly the United States, to jump to war over unimportant issues.
  • Race-relations themes are also touched upon in a sequence in which a group of soldiers designated as Operation Human Shield turns out to be entirely black, whereas another troop composed entirely of white soldiers is called "Operation Get Behind The Darkies".


  • When Stan first comes on screen and starts singing "Mountain Town", he is seen opening the door and walking down the stairs. However, when it turns to close up, he is still at the door and doesn't start walking down the steps until a few verses. This was fixed on the VHS release, but is prevalent still in the DVD version. It was finally fixed again for the Blu-ray release.
  • When the movie Asses of Fire starts, Terrance and Phillip are seen on the couch with nothing else on it. When they start laughing after calling Phillip a "Pig fucker", an envelope suddenly appears on the couch. When the camera pans to the boys then back to the movie, Terrance is seen holding the sealed envelope but also the supposed paper from inside the envelope. But when Terrance calls Phillip a "Shitfaced Cockmaster", the envelope disappears. Finally, as they begin the start of the "Uncle Fucka" song, he throws the envelope away.
    • There is also another goof to this part. When they begin the song, a small table with a phone and a picture of T&P with Santa can be seen on our left of the couch, the camera pans to Terrance 'dancing' on the couch. Then when it turns to the boys, the camera goes close-up to Terrance's face which then appears on the far left of the cinema screen (on our left of the table and picture). Then their 'pets' appear on the far right on the screen out of nowhere.
  • When Terrance and Phillip are blocking traffic and confusing the traffic director, one of the drivers' legs can be seen underneath his car. When the camera zooms out from the intersection, they are no longer there.
  • When Mr. Mackey announces Rehabilitation to the kids, there is an edge of a poster saying "You're no Heroine" behind the Earth Globe, but during his announcement, when the camera pans to Stan and Kyle and back to Mr. Mackey, the poster is raised up.
  • When the children leave the movie theater after the rehab session, you can see two Bebes.
  • When the boys leave, Cartman claims you can't light a fart on fire. The background has no buildings. However, when the camera pans to Kyle and Stan after Kenny lighting a fart, a building suddenly appears behind Stan.
  • When Kenny arrives in the surgery room, there is a board on the left of the door that have 2 collumns. The top left says 'Doctor' and the top right says 'Schedules'. When Eric, Kyle, & Stan appear in the room, the second collumn from the right disappears and the collumn from the left is placed next to the door. But for some reason, when Doctor Gouache asks "Who's baking a potato?" the sides are changed with 'Schedule' on the Left and 'Doctor' on the right.
  • Related to Kenny's failed operation. A door to the corridor of the hospital appears out of nowhere, and the TV is also moved towards our right side of Kenny's bed. During Kenny's final seconds, when the boys' parents (except Carol McCormick) walk in on the boys, there are 4 movements of Kenny's eyes. First is when Kenny looks up when the boys are forced to confess they went to see the movie again, second is when Kenny looks at the boys when their parents tell them that they're grounded, third is when he looks up again as they are leaving the room, and final is when he looks at the parents when Eric swears and Sheila says "What was that word, young man?"
  • While Cartman is singing his popular "Kyle's Mom's a Bitch", when Terrance Mephesto runs past with the other children, the yellow stripes on his shirt are gone.
  • During the song "It's Easy, Mmm'kay", Fosse is seen wearing a brown shirt instead of his usual purple one with white stripes. At the end of the song, he is back in a purple shirt.
  • When The Mole demands the boys to synchronize watches, his eyebrows disappear. In his next appearance, they are back to normal.
  • When the boys talk to Chef in the cafeteria, Terrance Mephesto and Red can be seen leaving with their lunch and have Terrance and Phillip shirts on. When Chef says "Hello there children", they can be seen but they have their ordinary clothes and no Terrance and Phillip shirts. In the next scene when the boys walk up to Chef, Terrance and Red walk away with their Terrance and Phillip shirts on again.
  • At the end, Jimbo is shown wearing his regular outfit. The next scene he's in, he's wearing his army uniform. At the end of the last song, he's wearing his regular outfit again.
  • Saddam exits Hell holding a martini glass which changes from hand to hand and disappears at times.
  • When Terrance and Phillip perform their "classic Canadian joke" for Conan, Phillip's false mustache disappears when Terrance breaks the drum set, but in the next scene it is there again.
  • When Mr. Mackey announces over the speaker that there will be a special announcement in the gym, Gregory and his wallet disappear.
  • When Kenny's ghost comes to warn Cartman, and scares him. He hides in Cartman's cassette-wielding bear. When Liane comes and checks on him, and Cartman says "I saw him, I saw Kenny". The bears' eyes turn towards Liane and Cartman, this may be the result of the bears possession by Kenny. Although, when Liane calms down Cartman. The bears eyes return to normal.
  • At the scene of "La Resistance" when Sheila announces "When Canada's done and gone, there will be no Celine Dion!" she suddenly has a helmet on her head, when at the previous scene where she was singing, didn't have anything on her head. At the last scene where all four areas of the singers are shown, her helmet disappears.
  • When Kenny McCormick is chained upside down in Hell, his eyes are right side up.
  • Damien Thorn is seen sitting next to the boys the second time they view Asses of Fire in the theater. The first time the boys are seen from the back of their seats, Damien was not seen. The second time, Damien is seen briefly.
  • When Kyle joins Stan and Kenny during the introduction, the doorknob on his front door switches sides when the interior of his house is seen.
  • Although when Satan takes Mr. Hat back to hell with him near the end, during the last scene you can spot Mr. Garrison still wearing Mr. Hat.
  • When Satan returns to Hell with his minions, Barbrady can be seen in his Police outfit. However, when the Mountain Town Reprise plays, Barbrady is seen in his Military outfit.
  • If you look closely during "Mountain Town (Reprise)" when everybody is in the crowd singing, Sheila's earrings are missing.
  • At the end of the film, Ms. Crabtree's pants are black and not green like they are in episodes.
  • It's not even a real country anyway - Québéc, leading the French-speaking part of Canada, keeps trying to break away.
  • Liane mentions Anne Murray. Anne Murray is from Springhill, Nova Scotia, Canada.
  • An album, "Alanis Morissette: Naked and Crying", is one of the Canadian items burned in the pyre. Celine Dion and Shania (Come All Over) CDs are also burned, as are Canadian basketballs. Basketball was created in 1891 by the Canadian Dr. James Naismith at the YMCA in Springfield, Massachusetts.
  • At one point in the ice skating rink scene, Butters and Annie are shown wearing gloves despite neither wearing them.
  • During the musical number "La Resistance", Boy with Blue Cap is shown singing and then he transitions into Craig in the next shot.
  • Right before the M.A.C. are shown singing in "La Resistance", Kevin goes from wearing his usual sky blue jacket to a dark blue shirt.

International Television Airings

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  • England and Northern Ireland
    • Channel 4 (2002-2005)
    • Comedy Central UK/Ireland (2010)
    • Sky Movies (Indie) (2008-2011)
    • FIVER (5*) (2011-2012)
    • Channel 5 (2011)
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Hidden Visitor(s)

Six visitors can be found in the movie:

  • When Sharon Marsh hands Stan $8, one of the bills has a visitor on it.
  • Right after "It's Easy, Mmm'kay", when the boys are in the theater, a black visitor can be seen to the left, 2nd to the back.
  • On the bill (reward money) Sheila Broflovski hands Conan.
  • Cartman has a picture of a visitor by his window.
  • In the finale, in the line way behind Cartman, off to his left.
  • A poster saying "Have you seen?" with an image below of a visitor can be seen before the boys are lining up to get lunch in the beginning.