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  • The disclaimer at the beginning of the episode is altered to say "The program includes negative depictions and/or mistreatment of people or cultures. These stereotypes were wrong then and will still be wrong in the future. Rather than remove this content, we want to acknowledge its harmful impact, learn from it and spark conversation to create a more inclusive future together. Like the Muppets, this show should not be watched by anyone.", referencing (and parodying) the disclaimer shown at the start of certain episodes of The Muppet Show on Disney+.
  • The episode references Israel's vaccination program which is known for its rapid deployment.
  • There were a few scenes that were shown in the episode's trailers but did not appear in the actual episode, these include:
    • One where Stephen orders the boys to stand six feet apart while walking by the Stotch residence, and when Cartman challenges him to come say it to his face, Stephen panics.
    • The Stotches show up at Walgreens and are turned away.
    • A short scene where Wendy, Bebe and Red angrily walk away from the boys as the latter says "Better watch your backs in school tomorrow!", which, had it been a scene, would have been the first significant interaction between Stan and Wendy since Season 20.
    • A scene where Cartman speaks to a group of male students in the bathroom, saying they need to bring the life back to their school. This may be a prototype of the scene when Cartman explains his and Kenny's prank on Ms. Nelson to Stan and Kyle.
  • This is the first episode since the Season Sixteen episode "Faith Hilling" to have first aired in March.
  • The Israeli aircraft used to transport the vaccines is a Boeing 737-900ER. The aircraft retains the logo design and livery of Israel's flag carrier, albeit adopting the name "Israel Airlines" instead of "El Al" in real life.
  • This is the first time since "201", that characters like Scott Tenorman, Barbra Streisand, and Mr. Hat have made appearances.
  • The proposed days and times of the week that Stan, Kyle, and Cartman discuss sharing Kenny on are based on actual shared parenting plans that are commonly proposed to divorcing couples by their lawyers during the divorce process.

References to Popular Culture

  • The episode uses the analogy of a private nightclub to criticize the uneven distribution of the coronavirus vaccine, particularly at drugstores such as Walgreens.
  • Some photos of celebrities appeared on Robert White's notice board which includes:
  • Some of the things QAnon conspiracies reference include:
    • The questionable circumstances of Jeffery Epstein's "suicide" just as he was about to rat out some very powerful people who used his services, before going off the deep end with conspiracy theories such as elites drinking children's blood for power.
    • Some of the questionable voting anomalies that occurred during the 2020 Presidential Election, but they mostly focused the more outlandish accusations of Venezuela tampering with voting machines, instead of things backed by more substantial evidence, such as ballot watchers being kept out of voting areas and video evidence of ballot stuffing occurring in Georgia.
    • The fact that the mainstream media often tries to influence public opinion of Trump, usually via taking him out of context.
    • Few members at White's house, resemble people that attack the Capital most notably the Viking Hat Guy (a.k.a. QAnon Shaman) Jake Angeli.
  • Garrison's plans to return to his teaching job at South Park Elementary are partly a reference to the 2020 U.S. Presidential election, which saw Joe Biden win against Donald Trump.
  • During Mr. White's speech about the Hollywood elite, he mentions a streaming service that debuted on March 4th. This is in reference to Paramount+, a streaming service owned by ViacomCBS, Comedy Central's parent company.
    • Also, it was reported that QAnon members believed March 4th to be the true Inauguration Day for Donald Trump, with news outlets claiming QAnon members were going to Washington D.C. and attack the Capital again. As it turned out, nothing happened aside from the House of Representatives cancelling a meeting that day. [1][2]
  • The song that plays during the town's celebration at the end of this episode is "Down by the Lazy River" by The Osmonds.
    • The video clip of The Osmonds performing is an excerpt from a YouTube video uploaded by The1970sChannel.
  • Mr. Garrison, Bob White, and Mr. Service were unusually tricked by an animator. It was referenced to the Looney Tunes cartoon shorts, Duck Amuck and Rabbit Rampage. Bob White was tranformed into random forms, then a giant floristic penis and Mr. Service was turned into Mr. Hat.
  • In addition to QAnon, the Lil' Q'ties group (along with their poses) are a reference to the controversial Netflix film Cuties.
  • This episode is the show’s second-highest rated episode since 2017.[3]
  • Cartman compares himself to disgraced Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein after boasting that he is asking around to see how much people would pay for a vaccine.
  • One of the notes on Bob White's conspiracy theory board mentions a plan to stop "Spirit Cooking". This is in reference to a series of etchings by artist Marina Abramović that contain pseudo-recipes utilizing bodily fluids and written in pig's blood. It later evolved into a form of dinner party entertainment that she hosted for her donors. Since 2016, several right wing news outlets have tried linking Spirt Cooking to Satanic worship after several celebrities and politicians such as Hillary Clinton and Lady Gaga attended dinner parties hosted by the artist that featured her bloody artwork.[4][5][6]
  • Kyle is seen using a can of Cactus Cooler to mix in with the vaccines.
  • A note on Bob White's conspiracy theory board reads "THE SUPER BOWL WAS FAKED FORMER 'PATRIOT' WINS?". This is in reference to NFL player Tom Brady who had left the New England Patriots to play for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in 2020. It is also a reference to Super Bowl LV, when Brady and the Buccaneers won against the Kansas City Chief 31 to 9. There have been several conspiracies on the internet that claim the game was fixed in Brady's favor. [7][8][9]


Hidden Visitors

  • Some visitors can be seen queuing outside a Walgreens store for vaccinations.
  • Near the end of the special, a smiling visitor can be seen dancing and celebrating with everyone over the vaccination.


  • When Kyle walks up to the school with the vaccinations, Stan tells him that he is going to get himself killed. Right before it changes to the close-up of him, one of Stan's eyebrows is missing.
  • During the scene where the boys are confronted by Scott and the Q'ties, Stan's pants are briefly in front of everything else on his body.
  • Bill Keegan is called "Chris".
  • Dr. Mephesto has his character design from the early seasons when he is shown waiting in line for a shot at Walgreens, but at the end when the townspeople celebrate the end of the pandemic, Mephesto is shown with his updated design from "201".


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