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"South ParQ Vaccination Special"
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Episode no. Season 24
Episode 02
Production no. 2402
Original airdate March 10, 2021
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"South ParQ Vaccination Special" is the second episode of Season Twenty-Four, and the 309th overall episode of South Park. It first aired on March 10, 2021, and is an hour-long episode.[1]


The citizens of South ParQ are clamoring for the COVID-19 Vaccine. A hilarious new militant group tries to stop the boys from getting their teacher vaccinated.[1]


Mr. Mackey and Richard Adler arrive at Walgreens in an attempt to get the COVID-19 vaccination. Much to their chagrin, they are turned away by the stern, burly security guard as they are not on the list of people eligible for vaccination. Mr. Mackey had tried for 30 nights in a row to get an appointment for the vaccination to no avail, as vaccinations are only reserved for seniors above 55 and first responders. His frustration is shared by the numerous people waiting in line, some of whom have been waiting for hours. An elderly woman shows up and is immediately let in, to the chagrin of the people in line.

At South Park Elementary, the boys have a talk in the bathroom about how the pandemic has really put a strain on their broship. Cartman tells Stan and Kyle that he and Kenny, who is visibly dejected, have come up with a plan to save their broship. During recess, they smeared ketchup on their teacher's chair as a prank to make it look like she got her period. Stan and Kyle are shocked at this idea.

In class, Mrs. Nelson indeed falls victim to the prank, her white skirt gets badly stained after sitting on her chair. Kenny laughs and Cartman takes a video of her reaction. She flips out, saying that she is risking her life to teach but is unable to get a vaccination. The period prank is the last straw and she leaves, unable to go on teaching anymore.

After school, Cartman laughs about how hilarious the prank was while Stan and Kyle are mad at him for making their teacher walk out just as they finally have a sense of normalcy. Passing by Butters’ house, Cartman boasts to Butters, who was apparently absent from class, about the prank, which Butters thinks is great.

Meanwhile, Herbert Garrison happily returns to South Park after losing the presidential election. At the principal’s office, he tells PC Principal and Strong Woman that he wants to go back to teaching. PC Principal mentions that there could be security issues given that he was the former president, but Garrison introduces his secret service agent, Mr. Service (who wears the top half of a suit and a blue codpiece). PC Principal tells Garrison that they would keep him in mind as a backup teacher.

Back at Walgreens, the people waiting for a vaccination complain to the security guard that in Israel, everyone gets vaccinated. News reporter Chris comes in with a report where he tries to get vaccinated on camera, but the guard chases him away. Just then, a group of elderly people who have just got their second shot come out of Walgreens and gloat about how they can now go to the bar.

As Stan walks along the street, a car of elderly people pulls up next to him. His grandfather taunts him about still having to wear a mask and observe social distancing, while the elderly people can do whatever they want as they have been vaccinated.

Stan walks to class and is greeted by the new substitute teacher – Mr. Garrison, assisted by Mr. Service. The class groans in dismay. As they leave the classroom, Lola, Red, and Scott Malkinson scold the boys for chasing Mrs. Nelson away. Kyle wants nothing to do with the prank while Cartman wants all of them to be in it together due to their broship. Stan, not knowing what to do, walks off. Kyle tells Cartman, "nobody cares about your stupid broships". This makes Kenny cry.

At Walgreens, the Underpants Gnomes try to get vaccinated but are not on the list. Dr. Alphonse Mephesto tells them to get in line. Others queuing include Tuong Lu Kim, Jesus Christ, Kanye West, and two Visitors. Mr. Mackey shows up in a fireman’s outfit posing as “Fireman Tom” but is chased away.

A car of elderly people drives past Food 4 Little, celebrating their vaccination. Inside the store, Garrison and Mr. Service shop for school supplies. They find themselves surrounded by shoppers who are angry at him for ruining the country during his presidency and acting like nothing happened. Bob White approaches Garrison with his wife and daughter and tells him that the Whites had always been on his side. Garrison just wants to get on with his life as a teacher, but Bob tells him that he is now a member of QAnon and asks him how to stop the vaccinations which he believes contain mind-control microchips. Garrison angrily tells him to "get a fucking life" and to "blow shit out your dickhole". Bob mistakenly believes Garrison’s insult to be some kind of signal.

In his office, Mr. Mackey yells in frustration over not being able to get vaccinated. He is interrupted by an elderly couple doing a motorcycle 'donut' stunt in the school parking lot, enraging him further. The boys, led by Kenny, come into his office for counselling regarding their strained broship. Mr. Mackey yells that he does not care. Stan begs him to bring Mrs. Nelson back, but Mr. Mackey says the only way that can happen is for the teachers to get their hands on the vaccine. He asks the boys to break into Walgreens, steal the vaccines, and bring them to school for the teachers.

At the White Residence, Bob White addresses fellow members of QAnon and tells them that he received a message from Garrison, whom they call “The Chosen One”. He interprets “blow shit out your dickhole” to mean that QAnon has to get their message out to children.

The boys show up at Walgreens with a wheelchair-bound elderly woman. They claim to be with the non-profit Kommunity Kidz who assist senior citizens who need help getting to the vaccination locations. The security guard lets them in. Once inside, the elderly woman asks for her payment for the cover; she has already been vaccinated. She apparently forgot that they had already paid her. When the pharmacist comes over, the boys get into an argument and it is revealed that they have a plan. As the elderly woman reveals that they are lying, Stan kicks the pharmacist, Kenny grabs the vaccines and the boys run out of the store, in clear sight of everyone in line.

At the Malkinson Residence, Clark Malkinson has an argument with his wife about letting their son attend public school, as he thinks Garrison is a terrible teacher. Just as he suggests hiring a private tutor, Richard Tweak shows up and tells them about Tutornon, a brand-new tutoring company that is fast and affordable. An advertisement for Tutornon plays; they are comprised of QAnon members.

As Scott paints in his room, his father brings in his new tutor. Once Clark leaves the room, the tutor starts telling Scott about QAnon’s beliefs. Frightened, Scott shouts for his father.

Chris gives a news report outside Walgreens about the boys stealing the vaccines, and goes on to glorify them. News anchor Tom tries to get him to stop talking but he lashes out at him, very frustrated about not being able to get vaccinated himself.

At South Park Elementary, only two students attend Mr. Garrison's class – Bebe and Jimmy. Garrison asks Bebe where Wendy is, and she tells him that Wendy’s parents got her a private tutor because they hate him. Garrison is livid and takes it out on Mr. Service, yelling that he will get to the bottom of the matter.

Mrs. Nelson receives a phone call from Cartman. He tells her to return to school the next day; the boys will bring the vaccines. She is angry and skeptical after the period prank but Cartman convinces her that he is serious. Kyle argues with Cartman for having almost revealed that they were responsible for the period joke, and gets angry at Stan for not saying anything to back him up. Kenny steps in to break them up. They are interrupted by a man singing and find a large group of people outside the house, clamoring for the vaccines. Kyle tells the others they have to escape just as a man starts to climb up the house.

A montage is shown next, starting off with a bloodied Hollywood sign. The female narrator explains that a Satanic cabal of Hollywood and political elites has been using child sex services to obtain adrenochrome, a substance harvested from children for a euphoric and life-enhancing benefit. The elites need adrenochrome to maintain their positions of power to control everyone, and they need to be stopped. It is then revealed that the narrator is Craig's private tutor explaining QAnon's beliefs to him. Just then, Garrison and Mr. Service burst into the room. Garrison is angry that the tutors are stealing his students from school, but the tutor is thrilled by his presence since he is "The Chosen One". Garrison orders Mr. Service to choke her as he demands to know who started the private tutoring company. Just before she is strangled to death, she tells them it is the Whites. Garrison and Mr. Service leave to confront the Whites. Left with the body, Craig simply sighs, saying that 2021 would be just like 2020.

The boys have taken shelter in the now-deserted Raisins until they go to school the next day. Cartman receives an offer of $2000 for a vaccination. He has been asking around to see what people are willing to pay for a shot, so that the money they earn can be used to go on vacation and save their broship. Kyle angrily tells him that the vaccines are for the teachers and what they need is to solve the damage of the period prank. Stan argues that they should take the vaccines themselves, since kids are the last to get vaccinated. Kyle takes the vaccines away for safekeeping so no one is tempted to do anything different.

As he enters a room to keep the vaccines, he receives a phone call from his dad, who wants the vaccine. He guilt-trips Kyle by saying that by saving the vaccines for his teachers, he thinks his teachers are more worth saving that his own parents, when his mom could die from COVID-19.

The Whites are eating dinner as Garrison and Mr. Service show up and tie them up. Either party has different concerns; Garrison is livid that private tutors have taken his students away from school, while the Whites are trying to put a stop to the vaccinations by educating the young. Bob explains that everything is being manipulated by the elites who need people to hate Garrison, and they cut off anyone who tries to tell the truth. Just as Bob is about the reveal the truth, the scene cuts to—

Raisins, the next morning. Kyle replaces one of the COVID-19 vaccines with Cactus Cooler. He is caught red-handed by Stan. Kyle admits that he had been pressured by his dad; he does not want his mom to die. Stan, worried about his parents too, is appalled that Kyle would lie to him. Just then, Kenny shows up and they pretend everything is okay – only because it is best for Kenny.

As they walk to the school with the vaccines, Cartman still tries to talk his friends into selling the vaccines to people who would pay for them. Just then, they are stopped by Scott Malkinson, who is now a member of the child arm of QAnon – Lil' Qties. The other members of the group fall in position, outnumbering the boys. Scott tells them to put down the vaccines and walk away, but Cartman tells him that his beliefs are really stupid. Scott punches Stan and a fight breaks out.

Chris delivers a news report onsite covering the fight. When anchor Tom says that the Lil’ Qties are also standing up for their beliefs just like the Kommunity Kidz, Chris lashes out at him and leaves angrily as the fighting continues.

A crowd of townsfolk rush to the scene to get their hands on the vaccines. The boys grab the vaccines and run off, pursued by the Lil’ Qties.

At the White Residence, Bob shows Garrison and Mr. Service the Q hideout in his basement. He explains that he has been trying to warn everyone about the vaccinations and then Q released a new post stating that the most important date would be March 4, 2021. Bob interprets this to mean that nanotechnology microchips are being put into the vaccines. Anyone who gets vaccinated is going to be tracked and manipulated for the rest of their lives. Garrison says that he got an email that all teachers are about to be vaccinated at the school; this means they are going to be controlled by the elites. Bob and Garrison prepare to go to the school to stop the vaccinations. As they take guns out, only for the guns to be vaporized by lasers. Bob says that the elites who are onto them. Disarmed, they make their way to the school. Their surroundings have turned into a desolate snowy landscape by the elites. They vow to make it to the school without being stopped by the elites.

In the principal’s office, the teachers wait anxiously for the vaccine. Mrs. Nelson thinks the boys pulled another prank on them and apologizes to her colleagues for calling them up. Just then, she gets a phone call from Cartman. The boys are now at a bridge. Cartman asks the teachers to meet them elsewhere for the vaccines since they were unable to make it to the school. Mrs. Nelson does not believe him, so he promises to go to the school. Kyle argues that it is impossible for them to get into the school, and Stan reveals that Kyle had earlier been trying to take the vaccines for himself. Stan says the hard truth – they all do not trust or like each other and cannot keep pretending. They decide to have the talk they never wanted to have. Cartman distracts Kenny by making him watch Madagascar 3 on his iPad with his Troll headphones.

With Kenny out of the way, Stan, Cartman and Kyle agree that there is no going back and they cannot force things for Kenny’s sake. They still have a bunch of COVID-19 vaccines, Cartman says that he has a plan.

Anchor Tom gives a news report about all the people who have shown up at South Park Elementary to get a shot. The QAnon members and Lil’ Qties are among them, trying to stop the vaccinations. As Tom starts to praise the Lil’ Qties, Chris gets into another argument with him.

Bob White, Garrison, and Mr. Service walk in the freezing cold, trying to get to the school. Mr. Service’s balls are freezing since he has no pants. Bob tells them not to give in; the elites do not just drink adrenochrome, they run the show and control everything. Just as he says that, a computer mouse cursor appears on screen and starts adjusting parts of his body, like his head and arms. The elites are making fun of him to try to discredit him. The cursor turns Bob’s body into an obese woman with huge breasts, and then into a penis and many other forms. Garrison pleads with the elites, saying he does not care what they do and just wants his old life back. As Bob lunges at him, the screen is rotated 90 degrees where the surroundings and characters appear as planes. Garrison gets confused, the screen rotates again to face him. He then asks the elites to make a deal with him. Mr. Service is shrunk down by the cursor. Garrison looks onto the ground where he was, to see Mr. Hat.

Cartman explains his plan to Stan and Kyle with a diagram of the school and the people surrounding it. He explains that they are no longer bros, but want to do what’s best for Kenny. Cartman goes through a few plans of how they can split their time with Kenny so he spends different days with each of them. They agree on the 2-2-3 plan. Stan says the plan is so ridiculous that it just might work.

Outside the school, Chris delivers devastating news that the Kommunity Kidz are breaking up. He lashes out at Tom again, blaming him for the strain of the pandemic. Just then, he sees Kyle walk up to the school with the vaccines. The crowd gets ready for the vaccines while Lil’ Qties get ready to stop him. Stan and Cartman tell Kyle that he is going to get himself killed and it is not their fight anymore. Kyle says that they had set out to do this and he is not letting their broship fall apart just yet. Cartman and Stan are convinced and join him to prepare to charge through the crowd. Just then, Garrison shows up with Bob White who is now a giant penis with flowers. Garrison tells everyone that he can help things out.

Garrison gives a speech about how he had just wanted everything to go back to normal and thought he could magically be friends again with everyone. But relationships are very fragile; in times of crisis when we need each other most is when we can grow the furthest apart. He learnt an important lesson from Bob White: make sure you are on the side of the people with the most power. As such, he has worked out a deal with the elites.

Fireworks are set off as an Air Israel plane arrives, bringing in enough vaccines for everyone. The triumphant crowd rushes to the plane. They all start vaccinating themselves on the spot. Gerald Broflovski and Stephen Stotch thank Garrison. With the path clear, the boys take the vaccine into the school.

The teachers come out, amazed that the boys had made it. Mrs. Nelson is the last of them, and she is moved. However, it is too late – she starts coughing violently, evidently infected by COVID-19, then she immediately dies afterwards.

Mrs. Nelson’s funeral is held at the cemetery; she has died from COVID-19. Father Maxi delivers her eulogy as the boys and townsfolk look on forlornly. Mr. Garrison is taking over her teaching position permanently, Scott Malkinson burst into tears at the news. Father Maxi then congratulates everyone for having made it through the pandemic, saying that it is time to screw the masks and party like it is 2021. The ecstatic townsfolk, including many minor characters, start to party and dance right there in the cemetery. People also dance on the street and in nightclubs. Two men look at Walgreens from a party, stating how it has become lame. Randy Marsh and Towelie sell two kinds of Tegridy Farms weed, the Pandemic Special and Vaccination Special, from a roadside store. Elderly people return back to Last Vista Life Care Center as the townsfolk have taken over all the fun places again.

As the adults celebrate, Stan, Cartman, Kyle, tell Kenny their new plan about how he will split his time with each of them. Cartman announces he already has new brosClyde, Jimmy, and a Hispanic boy, who invite him to Casa Bonita over the weekend. Upon realizing he cannot make it due to having Kenny over, he walks off angrily.

Garrison arrives in the classroom happily and takes out Mr. Hat. He gives thanks to the elites saying, "Nice doing business with you, you little child-murdering pedophiles."

Critical Reception[]

AV Club gave "South ParQ Vaccination Special" a "B" rating saying: "Once enough of us are fully vaccinated, will we take measures to prevent another pandemic, or will we just act like it never happened, perpetuating the same behavior that led to the spread of COVID in the first place? Whatever the outcome, South Park will be there to make fun of us for it. And like the QAnon sequence, no additional text will be required."[2]

IGN gave "South ParQ Vaccination Special" a "8" rating saying: "The second time proves to be the charm for South Park's new standalone special format. "The Vaccination Special" toes that line between giving fans a pleasing throwback to classic seasons while also exploring the idea that you can't really ever go back to normal. It's great finally seeing Stan, Kyle and Cartman at the forefront of the series again, and Mr. Garrison back to be his usual self. If this is the new format we can expect from the series, at least the South Park crew seem to have found the right formula."[3]


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