Sophie Gray is a female fourth grader at South Park Elementary, who was introduced in the Season 23 episode, "Basic Cable". She is the new girl at school, who recently moved from Scottsdale, Arizona to South Park. She has diabetes.


During her self introduction in class, she mentions that she has diabetes, which makes Scott Malkinson develop a crush on her.

She is fawned over by many of the boys in the school soon after she introduces herself.


Sophie is shown to be calm, empathetic, and friendly with people around her.


Sophie has long orange hair tied into a side-swept braid with a thin strand on the side that she usually pushes out the way of her face. She wears a pale pink shirt under a dark blue sweater, a violet-red skirt, and gray leggings. She also wears white socks and black sandals. She wears a bright blue buckle on the right side of her hair.


The Boys

Many of the 4th-grade boys at school became attracted to Sophie and try to flirt and hang out with her in "Basic Cable".

Scott Malkinson

Scott developed an interest in Sophie when she revealed she had diabetes just like him, although she wasn't interested in talking about diabetes and was unaware of his feelings towards her and believed he just wanted them to be friends. The two are currently friends for now.




  • Sophie is voiced by actress Becca Scott who was previously mentioned in "Board Girls". She is name-dropped in the song played during the match between Heather Swanson and the Board Girls, as she is the host of the YouTube board game show, Geek and Sundry.
    • Sophie's hairstyle is modeled after her.
  • She likes soccer.
  • She loves the television web series, The Mandalorian, and believes that it's the best Star Wars thing since Empire Strikes Back makes the new trilogy "look like dog shit".
  • She has a pony.
  • According to Scott, Sophie has Type I diabetes.


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