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Sophie Gray is a female fourth-grade student at South Park Elementary. She first appears in the Season Twenty-Three episode, "Basic Cable". She is the new girl at school, who recently moved from Scottsdale, Arizona to South Park. She has diabetes just like Scott Malkinson. In Season Twenty-Six, she is a background character.


During her self introduction in class, she mentions that she has diabetes, which makes Scott Malkinson develop a crush on her. She is fawned over by many of the boys in the school soon after she introduces herself. However, Scott does his best to chase them away but when he gets to hang out with her during recess he finds that Sophie was not interested in talking about diabetes unlike him and was unaware of his feelings towards her so he fails to connect with her until she brings up The Mandalorian. Scott lies and says he watches it, and the two arrange to watch it at his house.

Since his father was against streaming services, Scott goes to meet Nathan, who is selling streaming accounts and passwords. He asks for Disney+ and trades it for some of his insulin. Scott gets his house decorated just as Sophie arrives. The two sit down to watch The Mandalorian but Disney+ goes down just as he starts it, thanks to Clark and the other cable workers taking the cables out. The two head to Jimmy's house but find Disney+ down there as well. The boys all try to comfort Sophie, angering Scott.

Sophie arrives home to find her Disney+ not working. The boys introduce themselves to Sophie's mom while Scott eats a pie for a sugar rush. He then yells at the boys for trying to steal "his girlfriend", only for Sophie to tell him she is not his girlfriend. She then berates everyone for hitting on her when she only just moved here. Scott tries to explain they were meant together since they both have diabetes. Sophie explains she is more than her diabetes, but Scott realizes he is not.

Scott sits alone in the playground and Sophie comes to comfort him. She tells him she is glad there is someone she can talk about diabetes with, and that she likes the Scott Malkinson Show.


Sophie is shown to be calm, empathetic, and friendly with people around her. She is a nice girl who likes to live life to the fullest and tries not to let her medical condition bother her.


Sophie has long orange hair tied into a side-swept braid with a thin strand on the side that she usually pushes out the way of her face and long bangs held back with a blue hairclip. She wears a pale pink shirt under a dark blue sweater, a violet-red skirt, and white stockings with black shoes.

Starting in "The Worldwide Privacy Tour", she has been shown wearing violet-red mittens when outside.


The Boys[]

Many of the 4th-grade boys at school became attracted to Sophie and try to flirt and hang out with her in "Basic Cable".

Scott Malkinson[]

Scott instantly becomes infatuated with Sophie after hearing that she has diabetes. He believes he has fallen in love with her almost immediately upon meeting her and feels entitled to be with Sophie on the mere basis of their shared diabetes, focusing on no other aspect of her beyond her condition. He goes to great lengths to try to impress her and lashes out angrily at any boy who tries to pursue her, feeling threatened upon witnessing several boys also developing an attraction to her at the school. However, Sophie asserts that she is not his girlfriend or anybody's and that she is more than just her diabetes.

Although Sophie ultimately did not get into a romantic relationship with Scott or return his affection, she nonetheless expressed gratitude over having met someone new who could relate to the struggles diabetics face, and they remain friends.





  • Sophie is voiced by actress Becca Scott who was previously mentioned in "Board Girls". She is name-dropped in the song played during the match between Heather Swanson and the Board Girls, as she is the host of the YouTube board game show, Geek and Sundry.
    • Sophie's hairstyle is modeled after her.
  • She likes soccer.
  • She loves the television web series, The Mandalorian, and believes that it is the best Star Wars thing since Empire Strikes Back. She claims that it makes the new trilogy "look like dog shit".
  • She has a pony.
  • Her father still lives in Scottsdale.
  • According to Scott, Sophie has Type I diabetes.


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