Sooper Foods is a grocery chain that appeared in the Season Sixteen episode "Jewpacabra", where it was seen sponsoring the Easter egg hunt. The name presumably references a real Colorado grocery store, King Soopers.


Their overall goal is to provide a fun and safe experience for shoppers both in their store and at the Easter egg hunt. Although being "fun 'n safe" is their goal, they are ranked 4 in terms of how fun they are and ranked 6 likewise with safety. Their lack of safety is apparent when they used Eric Cartman as a sacrifice for the Jewpacabra and their lack of action when the children were fighting each other at the Easter egg hunt.



The exterior of the building is white and teal with dark blue trimming. Their store appears like a stereotypical grocery chain, having a large building and a dedicated shopping center. Outside of their store is a large parking lot, various store displays with products, children's rides, and soda machines.


The interior of the store appears like any other large grocery store. It has several aisle and several freezers for seafood. The interior is painted with a teal color, for the exception of the manager's office, which is painted gray.

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