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This page contains trivia for "Sons A Witches". Remember, trivia must be factual, provable, and it is always best to cite your source for not-so-obvious trivia. If you would like to dispute a trivia point, please discuss it in the article comments.


  • This is the seventh Halloween special and the first since Season Seventeen's "Goth Kids 3: Dawn of the Posers".
  • This episode features a special Halloween version of the opening sequence.
    • The instrumental has been changed, making it more spooky.
    • It has been darkened and pumpkins lie around the town.
    • Kenny McCormick's tombstone has lit candles on top of it.
    • A black cat appears next to Marvin Marsh at Stark's Pond.
    • A giant spider is on the rooftop of Tweek Bros. Coffeehouse.
    • A couple of plastic bats are tied to the tree in front of South Park Elementary.
    • The ghost of Betsy Donovan is seen following the bus.
    • Randy's GangnamStein costume from "A Nightmare on Face Time" appears coming out of the bus.
    • Garrison is seen wearing a mask similar to Jason from Friday the 13th.
    • Inside Mr. Garrison's classroom, the chalkboard reads "Happy Halloween" and the window has a skull and crossbones.

References to Popular Culture

  • This episode is a reference to the Harvey Weinstein sexual assault allegations, which occurred in early October.
  • The song that plays in Gerald's car at the beginning of the episode is "I Want Candy" performed by 1980's pop group Bow Wow Wow.
  • The song the guys sing when going up the hill is a parody of "Everybody Have Fun Tonight" by Wang Chung.
  • While the witches are chanting spells, they say "a hex on the Patriots, let's fuck up their lives!" referring to the New England Patriots football team.
  • The song that plays while the witches start to drink and smoke crack in front of the campfire is "The Number of the Beast" by Iron Maiden.
  • The witch may be a parody of Marvel Comic's Green Goblin and his Pumpkin Bombs.
  • The evil witch is a homage to Margret Hamilton's Wicked Witch in the 1939 film The Wizard of Oz.
  • Cartman mentions ROSS DRESS FOR LESS, a department store chain that specialize in deep discount fashion and home goods.
  • Cartman and Heidi encountering the witch in a forest, as well as their German-themed costumes, is a reference to the fairy tale, Hansel and Gretel.
  • Sentinel Hill, where the witch's meet, is a reference to a place in the video game World of Warcraft.
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