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Sonny the Cuckoo Bird is the mascot of Cocoa Puffs, appearing in South Park: The End of Obesity.


Sonny the Cuckoo Bird was part of a group of cereal mascots, having run a successful business in the sugar industry. The news of the boys making affordable weight-loss drugs on their own reaches the group, with mascots intending to destroy their trade in response. The mascots posed themselves as a militant group and carried out a shooting at a semaglutide factory in India, with Sonny the Cuckoo Bird as one of the attackers.

The mascots deployed themselves to a truck loaded with semaglutides on the way to South Park, with the intention of destroying the supply, albeit unsuccessfully. Piloting a Cocoa Puffs helicopter, Sonny the Cuckoo Bird dumps heaps of Cocoa Puffs in an attempt to slow down the drivers. It is later shot down by Kyle.


Sonny the Cuckoo Bird is an anthropomorphic bird with orange feathers. Unlike its real-life counterpart, Sonny sports gray hair.