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This page contains trivia for "Something You Can Do with Your Finger". Remember, trivia must be factual, provable, and it is always best to cite your source for not-so-obvious trivia. If you would like to dispute a trivia point, please discuss it in the article comments.


  • The mall manager is played by Marcus Vaughn, a friend of Trey Parker and Matt Stone and appeared in their film, Orgazmo.[1]
  • In this episode's commentary, the creators remarked this was the first episode where they really started to use the method of "straight-storytelling." Before this, almost all episodes had A-stories, B-stories, C-stories, etc. that would all come together in the end. In this episode, the creators said they learned that an episode can be about just one thing, with character's side stories all reacting to the main idea.
  • During Randy's flashback, the girlfriend he says goodbye to appears to be Sharon.
  • Matt and Trey were going to call their band 'Fingerbang', but instead called it 'DVDA'.
  • Cartman says that Wendy has, "huge knockers"; this is one episode after she kissed him in "Chef Goes Nanners".
  • Randy was in a boy band called the Ghetto Avenue Boys, an obvious parody of The Backstreet Boys. Fingerbang is a parody of NSYNC. This aspect of his past foreshadows his attempts at fame, most notably in "You're Getting Old" and the season 18 Lorde storyline.
  • This episode got away with saying the word "cunt" uncensored on its initial broadcast, as confirmed in the commentary; Wendy says the word without being bleeped when she's auditioning to be in the band. This is likely because she finished off the word with "contaminated water".
  • One of the songs Ike was auditioning with was Danny Boy which is a strange choice as it's a popular song for funerals.
  • Randy being a music artist is later a plot element when he is revealed to be Lorde.

References to Popular Culture

  • Randy's fit of rage, ending in him smashing the glass doors of the living room cabinet and shouting "No! Nooo!!" is very similar to a scene in Star Trek: First Contact, where Captain Picard does the same. In fact, Randy's voice changes from Parker's to a sampling of Patrick Stewart's voice from the film.
  • During the audition scene, the piano accompanist is a character Schroeder from the comic strip and cartoon Peanuts.
  • At the mall, the manager compares the boys' request to perform at the mall to pop singer Tiffany, who, at the age of 15, gained fame by going on tour and performing at malls across the United States in 1987.[2]
  • Cartman tells Bebe and a group of girls that they should get excited as if they saw actor Leonardo DiCaprio, though they don't seem to care for him.
  • Bebe and the other girls mention former Today show host Matt Lauer as someone they would go crazy over.
  • Cartman's Fingerbang outfit resembles the outfit worn by Elvis Presley in his later years.
  • Wendy's Audition Song is based on the playground song, Miss Susie Had a Steamboat.


  • During Cartman's first dream of Fingerbang's fame, a girl with reddish orange hair and pigtails is duplicated throughout the crowd several times.
  • During Cartman's dream, right after Cartman's solo, Stan and Kyle both say "bang bang" but the voice heard is that of Cartman.
  • When Kyle, Kenny, and Wendy were about to leave before Stan and Randy came, Wendy's legs disappeared.

Kenny's Death

  • Kenny is killed after being crushed by a mall lift/elevator. Knowing that Fingerbang can't go on without a fifth member, Randy replaces him.

Hidden Visitor(s)

Before Stan and Randy Marsh head to the mall a visitor can be seen in above Randy and Sharon Marsh's beds as one of the pillars under the bridge.


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