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"Somalian Pirates We" is a song featured in the Season Thirteen episode, "Fatbeard".


Eric Cartman teaches his group of Somali pirates to sing this song in a pirate training montage. It is a parody of "Yo Ho (A Pirate's Life for Me)" from the Disneyland Pirates of the Caribbean attraction and "The Elegant Captain Hook" from Disney's 1953 animated adaptation of Peter Pan.


We drink and we pillage and we do what we please
We get all that we want for free
We’ll kick your ass
And rape your lass
Somalian pirates we

So with a yo ho ho
And with a yee hee hee
We take to the African sea
We’ll brave the squalls
And bust your balls
Somalian pirates we

We left our homes and we left our mothers
To go on a pillaging spree
We’ll cut off your ears
And break your toes
And make you drink our pee

And if you sail into our waters
You best hear this decree
We’ll take your boat
Set your ass afloat
Somalian pirates we

With a yo ho ho (yo ho ho)
And a tricky lah-tee do (tricky lah-tee do)
We’ll shoot you in the face with glee
Then we’ll cut off your cock
And feed it to a croc
Somalian pirates we

Somalian pirates we
Somalian pirates we


  • The correct term for someone from Somalia is actually "Somali". "Somalian" being an incorrect anglization.

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