Social Distancing is a song performed by Eric Cartman in the Season Twenty-Four episode "The Pandemic Special".


Cartman sings this song after waking up to another day of social distancing and not having to go to school. He fakes his computer freezing up during his class' Zoom call and continues singing until his mother tells him that they are thinking of opening school again.


Cartman (singing):
Another day inside, don't have to do a thing
I love you, social distancing
No one's around, no one's talking to me
Social distancing, I'm free

Don't have to brush my teeth or shower (for what?)
I can sit on the toilet for hours (As long as I want!)
'Cause no one's saying to me
"You kids should get outside and do something"

[After faking his computer freezing up during a Zoom call]

I'm cut off from the world
Isolated, alone
This is what I call existancing
No one can touch me or boss me around
Social distancing

Liane (talking):
Eric, aren't you supposed to be on your Zoom call?

Cartman (singing):
Stay away from me, Mom, yeah
You got to keep your social distance
'Cause all I'm gonna do is sing
About how much I love you and need you
Social distancing

Liane (talking):
Sweetie, I know these are challenging times.

Cartman (singing):
Yeah, social distancing, Mom

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