SoDoSoPa is a district in South Park. It was featured in the Season Nineteen episode, "The City Part of Town".


When talk show host Jimmy Fallon jokes about how backward South Park is in his Tonight Show monologue due to Herbert Garrison's anti-immigration Presidential platform, Randy Marsh rallies the townsfolk to give the town a modern makeover and convince the nation that they are not all xenophobic hicks.

The new shopping district SoDoSoPa is created in the poor side of town surrounding Kenny McCormick's house. It's name is likely a contraction of its location in town: "South of Downtown South Park." This plan leads to Randy venturing further by requesting a Whole Foods Market.

Tuong Lu Kim makes his own district called CtPaTown, on Kenny's suggestion, to counter his losing business to the new shopping center. A block war ensues between the townsfolk, destroying the SoDoSoPa district giving CtPaTown the right to the Whole Foods grocery outlet. SoDoSoPa was abandoned as a result, rendering it once again as a slum, and all of the businesses were moved to Shi Tpa Town.

By "Naughty Ninjas" the slums have greatly expanded with many homeless having moved in. Not getting along with the new inhabitants, the McCormicks call The Police to have them remove the homeless. However, the police refused, no longer daring to use violence after Officer Barbrady was fired after he accidentally shot a Latino-American child. When The Boys and their other friends use it as their Ninja Club hangout, the homeless flee, believing the boys are ISIS child soldiers, eventually relocating to CtPaTown. After the truth is discovered, however, The Boys are forced to stop playing ninja and the police are allowed to use violence to force the homeless to move back to SoDoSoPa.

SoDoSoPa is briefly seen later in the Season Twenty-Two episode "Unfulfilled". The location didn't appear to have a problem with homeless anymore.

Businesses In SoDoSoPa

Some of the businesses in the SoDoSoPa district include:

  • Steed - A gluten free farm to table eatery, supposedly the most popular eatery in the district, located by Brighton's and Kenny's house.
  • Brighton's - A clothing store, located next to Steed and above The Stag.
  • The Stag - A bar, located bellow Brighton's and next to Savor The Goodness.
  • Savor The Goodness - A modern cafe, located bellow The Steed and next to Kenny's House.
  • Bi The Garage - A bar with a top level deck, attached to the McCormick's Garage.
  • Rusty Way - A outdoor courtyard eatery, behind Kenny's House.
  • Soda Space - A multi-level bar/eatery located directly behind Kenny's House and The Lofts At SoDoSoPa.
  • The Lofts At SoDoSoPa - Luxury modern lofts, located behind Kenny's House, next to SodaSpace and Bi The Garage.


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