Pope Snowball is a white rabbit who became the leader of the worldwide Roman Catholic Church. He appears in "Fantastic Easter Special".


Pope Snowball's story begins with the original Pope, Saint Peter. On the night that Jesus Christ was slated to die by crucifixion, he selected one of his followers to be the new leader of his church. Knowing that one man could never be the voice of faith due to how easily they could be corrupted, he instead selected his most trusted and pure disciple. That disciple was a rabbit named Peter, who became the first Pope. However, as the years passed, the rabbit Peter was replaced by a human Pope, and the Church destroyed all evidence of a non-human pope. Also Lenoardo Da Vinci, originally meant to draw Peter's true form, but was forced to draw him as a human, but fortunately, he drew Peter's true form behind the drawing he was forced to do and left other clues, that way with advance technology, the original painting can be seen.

Peter went on to have children, all of whom were protected by the mysterious Hare Club for Men, with Snowball being the most recent of descendants. However, when Pope Benedict XVI and Bill Donohue teamed up to destroy the Hare Club and end Peter Rabbit's bloodline once and for all, it came to Stan Marsh and Kyle Broflovski to protect Snowball. Stan chose to save his father over Snowball and gave the rabbit over to Donohue, under the requirement that no one would be hurt. They were, however, double-crossed. Jesus, however, managed to arrive and save Snowball from being cooked into a cannibalistic human/rabbit stew.

After Jesus killed Donohue, Snowball officially succeeded Benedict XVI as Supreme Pontiff and Bishop of Rome. Snowball became the first pope in several centuries to use his birth name as his papal name. When asked by the College of Cardinals what to tell the people on how to live their lives, Snowball remained silent, as Jesus intended.


Pope Snowball is a white rabbit. Upon assuming the papacy, he began wearing the mitra preciosa, the white and gold, ruby-studded papal hat.

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