Snooki is a parody of Jersey Shore's Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi. It appears in the episode "It's a Jersey Thing". She was discovered terrorizing Skeeter's Bar where Randy Marsh, Officer Barbrady, Stephen Stotch, Ned Gerblansky, Jimbo Kern, and a few others found the monstrous Snooki in the bar where she was said to have tore a hole in the meat locker and broke the cigarette machine. When Jimbo shot Snooki, it ran away and proceeded to rape Stephen Stoch. Jimbo fired his shot gun again and it fled the building. Snooki later appeared at the Sizzler when Cartman was trying to lock up Kyle in the meat locker and it began to terrorize the children, raping Dog Poo and Cartman. Kyle's Jersey side came out and he argued with the Snooki telling it, it had cabbage in its muff. After Kyle punched Snooki, it ran away crying and was never to be heard from again. It is possible that it was killed by Al-Qaeda with the other Jerseyites.


  • Snooki is known to frequently say "Snooki want smoosh smoosh!"
  • Snooki often is seen holding a cocktail or a jar of pickles.
  • When the Jersey Shore opening was shown to Osama bin Laden, Snooki appeared in her monstrous form unlike the rest of her costars, even saying "Snooki want smoosh smoosh!".
  • The real Snooki actually said on her Twitter account that she liked the episode and now wants smoosh smoosh.
  • The head of the Snooki is the icon for It's a Jersey Thing on the South Park Studios website.

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