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  • Kenny does not appear in this episode.
  • In San Francisco a tram drives past with ads for "Tom's Fudge Factory". In this tram a guy can be seen that looks like an adult version of Kevin Stoley. This same guy is seen again protesting in "A Million Little Fibers", saying: "Yeah, we want our money back, you dumb towel!".
  • This is the last episode to feature the Braniff plane logo at the end.
  • Due to Chef's death in the previous episode, the "Chef's Band Thanks" credit was renamed "Very Special Thanks".
  • Starting with this episode, the external appearances of the houses in the town were updated, most noticeably the icicles on the roofs being redrawn and trees being placed behind the fences.
  • This is one of the only episodes (not including their syndicated counterparts) that are rated TV-14, contrary to their usual TV-MA rating.
  • All shown license plates in South Park are the same (1TMYMPG).

References to Popular Culture

  • George Clooney's acceptance speech for the 2005 academy awards[1] is mocked in this episode, though the sections of the speech heard through the 'smug cloud' is an imitation by Trey Parker.
  • The song Cartman was trying to get people to sing was based on "Na Na Hey Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye" by Steam.
  • The word "Pious" is a word for religious reverence and devotion to good virtue and morality, however it also can be used to describe the opposite, a false appearance of goodness and morality.
  • The "Toyonda Pious" is based on the real life hybrid, the Toyota Prius. Others seen are the "Hindsight", which is based on the Honda Insight, and an MPV- Toyota looking hybrid that has the same front as a Prius, but is not an actual car in real life.
  • As Stan is writing a song to make everyone drive hybrid cars, the poster behind him on his wall eludes to Mad Max 2, featuring Mad Max and his dog.
  • In the Broflovski's house in San Francisco, there is a poster for "Think About It... John Lemmon", which parodies the cover of the Imagine: John Lennon soundtrack.


  • The title sequence features a redesigned crowd scene. It most notably replaces Chef with 'Darth Chef' and Mr. Garrison as Ms. Garrison (who had been depicted as male up until then despite having had a gender change over a year prior). Other additions are the City Airlines plane and a Crab person.
  • Cartman previously told Kyle to go to San Francisco to the rest of the Jews in "An Elephant Makes Love to a Pig".
  • Stan has previously been seen playing a guitar in the episode "Die Hippie, Die".
  • The ending scenes of this episode mirror a scene from the original short "The Spirit of Christmas".
  • The truck driver who bears resemblance to Stan from "Free Willzyx" appears during Stan's hybrid song.


  • When Jimbo is listening to the hybrid car song, he has no mouth.
  • During the "going away party", Red is seen in two places at the same time: next to Cartman and in the kitchen.
  • As Kyle Broflovski and his family drive away from South Park, the top of Kyle's hat is seen through the roof of the vehicle.
  • Cartman confirms with Butters that he is on 2419 Castillo Drive, where the Broflovskis lives. Yet, the address above their door is 626.


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