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The Smoking Boys are three 5th graders who appear in Chef's flashback in "The Tooth Fairy Tats 2000".


Chef tells the boys a story from his childhood to convince them that drugs are not good; while he and his girl walk the streets, the smoking boys appear and offer drugs to them, Chef then refuses and sings a song about when he grows up he will make love to Amanda (the girl who was with him), the boys then interrupt Chef after that part.


The smoking boys are three tall boys with an unpleasant appearance and all wear black shoes.

The first boy has black hair, a wide nose and wears a simple blue shirt and light blue pants. The second boy has dark brown hair and wears a lime green shirt with a gray "A" and dark green pants. The third and last boy has thick black hair and wears a yellow shirt and blue pants, he also has darker skin than the other two boys.