"Smokin' Cheeba Cheeba" is a song by Harlem Underground Band featured in the Season Twenty-Three episode, "Let Them Eat Goo".


A depressed Rick sighs when no one is stopping by his Burger King. The song suddenly begins to play and he runs outside to find that Tegridy Burger has opened up directly across the street and has a large wave of customers. Randy Marsh announces on a loudspeaker that they are the only plant based burger in town, causing Rick to yell out in frustration and head back inside. Inside, Randy continues to sing the song while he and Towelie prepare orders for the customers.


Hey bro, what's happening bro?
Got that good cheeba cheeba
Right on, right on
Cheeba Cheeba, dynamite
You dig that cheeba buddy? (yeah)
They call me the hoochie coochie man
I got that mojo thang, cheeba cheeba
Yeah, cheeba cheeba

They call me the hoochie coochie man
I got that mojo thang, cheeba cheeba
Hey bro, you want a pound or a dime?

Hey sis
Hey sis (yeah?)
Got that cheeba cheeba
I'm the hoochie coochie man
I got that mojo thang

Cheeba cheeba, cheeba cheeba
Got that cheeba, cheeba cheeba

Cheeba cheeba
Can you dig it, sis? (I can dig it)

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