Smitty is a New York Kid who appeared in the Season Three episode, "World Wide Recorder Concert". His name was discovered in the files of "South Park: The Stick of Truth".


Smitty and the other New York kids call South Park kids rednecks and queefs when they first meet, he ridicules the boys for not knowing what he means. The boys decide to strike back by making up the word 'mung', which is actually a word. Smitty and the other New York kids mercilessly point out their mistake and rip on them again. This pushes the boys further into finding the brown noise and replacing the final note with it.

The result is, everyone in the world has crapped their pants. 20 hours later, Smitty finally discover that the boys are culprits, he think it's cool so he apologize to the boys for ripping on them.


Smitty wears a white tank top, a brown belt with a yellow buckle, blue jeans and black shoes. He has black hair with a hairstyle.


  • Smitty's name was discovered in the files of the game "South Park: The Stick of Truth", even though he does not appear in the game, his model can still be found in the files.
  • Smitty (along with the other New York kids) appear on Raisins posters.


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