The Skywalker Ranch is a movie ranch and the workplace of film director George Lucas that first appeared in the Season Six episode "Free Hat".


In "Free Hat", The Boys and Tweek break into the Skywalker Ranch to steal the negative for the new version of Raiders of the Lost Ark that Steven Spielberg and George Lucas had planned to release so that people won't be subjected to a worse version of the film. However, they end up getting caught by George Lucas, who takes the negative back from them. They then try to explain that the film is a big part of people's lives and that it should not be altered. They are initially successful in changing Lucas' mind, but Spielberg shows up to take back the negative and have The Boys arrested.

The Skywalker Ranch makes a second appearance in "The China Probrem", where a group of deputies break in to arrest Spielberg and Lucas for raping Indiana Jones. When they get inside the building, they are shocked to find the duo raping a Stormtrooper and are immediately arrested.

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