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Skeeter is the current owner and bartender of Skeeter's Wine Bar and a prominent townsperson. He made his first cameo appearance in the Season One episode, "Cartman's Mom is a Dirty Slut", but his first prominent appearance was in the Season Three episode, "Sexual Harassment Panda". He is often seen at his bar or leading protests.

He is often portrayed as a stereotypical redneck with a strong southern accent, and often spouses conservative activist political viewpoints, such as supporting the War in Iraq and speaking out against homosexuality, though his viewpoints may vary based on the episode.


Skeeter was first introduced in "Sexual Harassment Panda" as a patron at the then-unnamed town Bar. He and his two friends were depicted harassing customers with Skeeter's catchphrase, "we don't take kindly to (group of people) around here", which continues to occasionally be used. He would reappear at the bar in "Cripple Fight".

The episode "Free Hat" would establish his secondary usage as a regular leader of mobs and protests, when he would help the boys by leading the 'free Hat McCullough' movement, and Skeeter would continue to play this role, most notably in "I'm a Little Bit Country", where he supports the Iraq War and sings against Randy, who is against the war, and later in "Follow That Egg!" as one of many anti-gay activists in Denver, as well as parts of larger protests in episodes such as "Goobacks" and "Mystery of the Urinal Deuce".

Skeeter was revealed to serve on the City Council in "Die Hippie, Die" and reappeared with them in "Night of the Living Homeless". He is first seen as one of Randy Marsh's friends and regular drinking buddies in Season Eleven's "More Crap".

Skeeter was seen in the Season Thirteen episode, "Margaritaville" as a member of economic council in the Community Center, and in the same season, the previously unnamed bar was renamed to Skeeter's Bar and Cocktails, though it would be several years until it would be confirmed that Skeeter had indeed become the bar's new owner, and it was also revealed he was taking anger management classes. He speaks with a strong Southern accent.

He was reduced to cameo appearances for six seasons, until Season Nineteen, when his business became one of many sweeped up in the changes in the town. He appears to have a friendship with Tuong Lu Kim, who praises Skeeter's Bar in a promotional video and is eager to tell him about the defeat of restaurant reviewers. Skeeter made multiple short appearances tending to a re-designed bar afterwards.


Skeeter wears a magenta coat with two cyan pockets and buttons, a brown belt with a gray buckle, black pants and black shoes. He has curly red hair, large ears, small eyebrows and a double chin.

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Skeeter has an abrasive, short-tempered personality and is often depicted as crude and socially ignorant. He often reacts to changes in the town with concern and an expectation of negative effects on him or other townsfolk. He often projects a very masculine and aggressive image but many of his reactions seem to stem from fears of negative repercussions. In his spare time he seems to enjoy stereotypical redneck hobbies like watching Cock Magic, or drinking, and in recent episodes, has exhibited a genuine knowledge of alcohol and tending his bar.

Skeeter, along with Darryl Weathers, seem to be among the leaders of the town's rednecks and conservatives, and often lead their protests against local issues, such as fighting to free Hat McCullough. In many earlier episodes, such as "Cripple Fight" and "Follow That Egg!", Skeeter was depicted as one of the town's more homophobic residents, exhibiting concern about Big Gay Al and gay marriage, but his views on the issue appear to have relaxes as of "Tweek x Craig". Despite his conservative views often aligning against the federal government, he is a member of the City Council and therefore an important member of the town's own local government.

He has frequently been seen at the town Bar since his first speaking appearance, often accompanied by two other redneck friends in older episodes, where he often proclaims "we don't take kindly to (group of people) around here", to which the blonde bartender often relaxed his concerns by assuring him nobody was being hurt. Since Season Nineteen, Skeeter has worked the tap at his own bar and has been depicted fulfilling orders and been less abrasive and conservative, though he still uses his catchphrase on occasion.

South Park: The Stick of Truth[]

Skeeter appears in South Park: The Stick of Truth as a quest giver. In the game, it is fully confirmed that he owns the bar now, and he gives the player a quest to kill the rats in the cellar because of health code violations. Despite being labeled a merchant, he does not sell anything. He also states that he doesn't take kindly to children except for the player.