Sister Hollis is a Christian missionary seen in the Season Three episode, "Starvin' Marvin in Space".


Sister Hollis is a member of Pat Robertson's 600 Club, and is a Christian missionary in Africa. She uses food to bribe and convert the native Ethiopian Tribe to the Christian faith. When Starvin' Marvin takes his people to Marklar in his Marklar spaceship, she pursues them with the 600 Club's XT-9000 spaceship.


Sister Hollis wears black shoes, a black skirt, and a white shirt. She has long brown hair, which has been pulled back. Her jewelry includes a black crucifix necklace.


Sister Hollis is determined to convert the Ethiopians to Christianity, even going so far as chasing then in outer space. She is devoted to Pat Robertson so much, she is willing to murder for him.


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