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Sister Anne is a Roman Catholic nun who works alongside Priest Maxi at the South Park Church. She first appeared in the Season Four episode, "Do the Handicapped Go to Hell?". She was voiced by producer Anne Garefino, whom Trey Parker and Matt Stone picked because she was the only Catholic person they knew.[1]


After Maxi scared the kids of South Park with threats of going to Hell, she was the Sunday school teacher who helped kids to confess their sins. When the boys asked about whether or not the handicapped would go to hell if they were incapable of confessing their sins, Priest Maxi told them that yes they would. Sister Anne was shocked and horrified, adamantly disagreeing with the Priest---Sister Anne feels that as long you're a good person, you should be able to get into heaven no matter who you are or what you're beliefs are. She went so far as to call Pope John Paul II, asking for his opinion on the subject, but, unfortunately, did not get much feedback from the aged Pope. When Randy Marsh and his wife, Sharon, revealed to Sister Anne that the boys were forming their own church, Sister Anne went to South Park Elementary with Principal Victoria, and all of their parents, to try and stop Eric Cartman from brainwashing children.

She and the parents attempt to use bribery to convince the kids to go back to their normal lives, but Cartman saw through the ruse from the start. Finally, Sister Anne attempted to talk to Cartman seriously about his insane church ideals, and asked that he allow the other kids to go back to school and let them be kids again. Cartman shook off her opinion, claiming that only he or Jesus could save the souls of the kids. This gave Sister Anne the idea of having Jesus Christ himself come and convince the kids to stop following Eric's rigid and corrupt beliefs and go back to being kids again.


Sister Anne wears black shoes, white pants, a light blue skirt, a light blue over shirt, and a light blue and white habit. She also wears a crucifix necklace and red lipstick. Although her hair is concealed by her habit, she has red eyebrows, which implies her hair may be red as well.


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