Shi Tpa Town (originally CtPaTown, coming from City Part of Town) is a district in South Park first seen in the Season Nineteen episode, "The City Part of Town".


CtPaTown makes its first appearance in "The City Part of Town". When the "gentrified" SoDoSoPa shopping and dining district opens, stealing City Wok's business, Kenny suggests that Tuong Lu Kim make his own district. Kim names it "CtPaTown" and makes commercials similar to SoDoSoPa's. In the end, CtPaTown gets the Whole Foods Market instead of the SoDoSoPa district. As a result, SoDoSoPa becomes rundown and abandoned almost immediately. 


The episode "You're Not Yelping" focuses heavily on this district. After it is renamed to "Shi Tpa Town," Yelpers prepare for an all-out war with the district after being kicked out of the restaurants for demanding special treatment. When the Yelpers finally are let back in, the employees deface their meals without the Yelpers even noticing.

The area is featured as a major setting through the end of Season Nineteen. In "PC Principal Final Justice", the townspeople revolt against the gentrification of South Park, and the Whole Foods departs. Following this, shops in Shi Tpa Town revert to the pre-season 19 appearance, with the exception of Skeeter's Bar and Cocktails which retains its gentrified interior.

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