Shelley Marsh is a character in the series South Park. She is Stan Marsh's older sister.


Shelley Marsh wears a grayish-white shirt and pink trousers. She has long, brown hair and bangs. She has bad dental problems, and has to wear a brace around her head, giving her a very unappealing appearance. Because of that, she is usually scowling or frowning. She has a distinct adenoidal, slurred voice, where she breaths heavily through her mouth and nose, and has a lisp problem.


Shelley Marsh is filled with a lot of anger and hatred, mostly caused by the brace she has to wear around her head. Her favorite way to vent this anger and hate is to beat up her baby brother, Stan. The anger also comes from the fact she is not very good-looking, with or without the brace, and nobody likes her at school because of that. This issue is touched in the episode "Cat Orgy", where she confesses this to Cartman. This is the only instance where Shelley has been portrayed nice and shows a less tempered side of her.


Shelley was born in 1986 to Sharon and Randy Marsh. It is suggested that Shelley was not always angry, and that she only gained a temper after she got braces. The braces gave her a dowdy appearance, that gave her a low self esteem, causing her to pick on her brother Stan. No one belived Shelley was beating up Stan, due to the fact when parents were around she would act sweet and innocent. After the house was destroyed after a fight between the two, Randy and Sharon were planning on sending Stan to military camp. It was then that Shelley confessed she was beating him up, and it had been her fault. No one liked Shelley at school, which led her into a relationship with a twenty-two year old, Skylar, who did like her. He broke up with her though, after she wouldn't have sex him. This made her depressed and it took Eric Cartman, the boy she had been baby-sitting when Skylar broke up with her, to make her realize that she didn't need Skylar and he was a jerk. The two had been enemies, but soon became friends after getting revenge on Skylar.


Stan Marsh

He is Shelley's younger brother. She used to beat him up much of the time, but in recent seasons has not been seen doing so.

Sharon Marsh

She is Shelley's mother. Of all the grownups in the family, Sharon seems closest to Shelley.

Randy Marsh

Randy is Shelley's father. He is usually seen interacting with Stan, but he and Shelley have spoken to each other several times.

Marvin Marsh

He is Shelley's paternal grandfather. She seems to love him a lot, because when she thought Stan was trying to kill him, she grew even angrier than usual at him.

Jimbo Kern

He is Shelley's uncle. Not much interaction happens between them.

Aunt Flo

She was Shelley's maternal great-aunt. Aunt Flo gave Shelley a television/CD player/surround sound home theater for Halloween, before she was killed by the evil goldfish she gave Stan.

Episodes in which Shelley is Prominent

(Shelley's first appearance. She has to wear braces now, and she beats Stan up for it.)

(Shelley is horrified when Stan holds a rope which is choking their grandfather.)

(Shelley has chickenpox, and is miffed that Stan's going to stay in the same hospital room as her when he gets it.)

(Shelley babysits Cartman, and dates a young man named "Skylar" at the same time.)

(Shelley sings "I Saw Three Ships" on the piano, and smashes Stan and Kyle as they tease her in the background.)

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