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Shelly Marsh

Shelly Marsh is Randy and Sharon Marsh's daughter and Stan Marsh's older sister (and also arch-enemy). Shelly has been voiced at different times by Mary Kay Bergman, Eliza Schneider, and now April Stewart. She first appeared in the Season One episode, "An Elephant Makes Love to a Pig".

She is extremely ill-tempered, often beating Stan up and calling him and his friends "turds". She is based on Trey Parker's older sister, Shelly Parker.


It is suggested that Shelly was not always angry and that she only gained temper after she got braces. The braces gave her a dowdy appearance and gave her low self-esteem, causing her to pick on her brother Stan. No one believed Shelly was beating up Stan, due to the fact when their parents were around she would act sweet and innocent, although Shelly whacked Stan a few times in front of her parents but received no punishment.

Despite the increasing use of the Marsh family over the recent seasons, Shelly's role has not expanded, and many episodes that feature her brother and parents prominently continue to exclude her. In "You're Getting Old", she is not seen at her brother's birthday party and only briefly appears at the end, looking sad as her mother packs after she divorces Randy.


Shelly loves watching television. Her favorite shows include Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Friends. She is also a fan of Russell Crowe, but all these things fall short of her favorite pastime: making Stan suffer. She also enjoys listening to Britney Spears. In "Over Logging", there were posters of horses in the back of her room. This could mean she likes horses. Another poster of Sadie Dakota (a parody of Hannah Montana) can also be seen. She also enjoys the singer Lorde and in "Royal Pudding", it is said that she is a Den Leader in Girl Scouts. She is also shown to be a fan of the Disney animated movie, Frozen as seen in a poster of the movie in her room in "The Cissy". A poster of Uniters of the Universe (a parody of Guardians of the Galaxy) can also be seen.


Shelly has also been shown to be exceptionally strong, even being able to pick up an entire piano in "Mr. Hankey's Christmas Classics" and drop it on Stan and Kyle. In "An Elephant Makes Love to a Pig", she was able to subdue Stan's mutant clone, which was wreaking havoc upon the town. In " Chickenpox ", Shelly, despite being in the hospital with chickenpox, manages to beat up Stan and flip him into objects, which Sharon pays no attention to. In "Pre-School", when the boys turned to her as a last resort when the sixth graders could not stop Trent Boyett, which could likely imply that Shelly alone is stronger than all of the sixth graders combined.


She can play the piano relatively well and sing relatively badly, as seen by her performance of "I Saw Three Ships" in "Mr. Hankey's Christmas Classics" and "Turds!" in "Cat Orgy".

Criminal Record

  • Assault: In some episodes, Shelly can be seen beating up Stan and his friends.
  • Breaking and Entering/Vandalism: She enters Skyler's house and destroys his guitar in "Cat Orgy".
  • Arson: In "A Nightmare on Face Time", Shelly is seen burning down a Blockbuster store that Randy buys.
  • Drugging Others: In "Tegridy Farms Halloween Special", Shelly being fed up with Randy's new cannabis business attempts to sabotage his freshly grown "Halloween Special" strain by throwing a homemade chemical concoction in an attempt to sabotage it. This actually enhanced it but in the process tainted it and caused Randy and Towelie to have nightmarish hallucinations and possibly inadvertently led to Randy being sexually assaulted by Harvey Weinstein.
  • Implied Sexual Assault by Proxy: In "Tegridy Farms Halloween Special", Shelly being fed up with Randy's new cannabis business attempts to sabotage his freshly grown "Halloween Special" strain by throwing a homemade chemical concoction in an attempt to sabotage it. This actually enhanced it but in the process tainted it and caused Randy and Towеlie to have nightmarish hallucinations and possibly inadvertently led to Randy being sexually assaulted by Harvey Weinstein. As Shelly caused the hallucinations and made Randy incapable of properly being able to defend himself while in a hallucination-fueled daze, she is inadvertently responsible for her father's implied sexual assault.

Social Standing

Shelly is rarely seen with any friends. In "Cat Orgy", she has had a 22-year-old boyfriend named Skyler Morse and briefly dated Larry Feegan until his death. According to her, nobody her own age will go out with her because she is too ugly. However, in "Cat Orgy", she is talking to a friend named Carrie and in "#REHASH", she asks to go to the Women of Rock concert with her friends Kelly and Stacy.


Shelly wears a gray shirt and darker pink pants. She has shoulder-length, messy brown hair with bangs. She has bad dental problems and has to wear orthodontic headgear, giving her a very unappealing appearance. Because of that, she is usually scowling or frowning and rarely smiles. She has a distinct adenoidal, somewhat masculine, slurred voice, where she breathes heavily through her mouth and nose and has a lisp. On some occasions, she has been seen with her pajamas on; her pajama shirt is dark pink and her pants are light pink. On special occasions, she wears a pink dress. At funerals, she wears a variation of the pink dress, but it is black and dark red. Despite being 13 years old, she is the same height as a typical South Park 5th grader and has no nose.

To see images of Shelly Marsh, visit Shelly Marsh/Gallery.


Shelly Marsh is filled with a lot of anger and hatred. Her favorite way to vent this anger and hate is to beat up her younger brother, Stan. The anger comes from the fact she is not very good-looking due to the headgear she has to wear, meaning that no boys like her at school. This issue is explored in the episode "Cat Orgy", where she confesses this to Cartman. Besides being insecure about her looks, she is also bitter and jealous over the fact that her family often pays more attention to her brother than her.

In addition to revealing her vulnerable side during "Cat Orgy", Shelly has also been found to show compassion for her little brother Stan (usually after he plays the Brother-Sister-Family Card) when all other choices have been exhausted. A perfect example of this is the episode "Pre-School" where Stan and the others are threatened to be killed by Trent Boyett, Shelly vows to protect her little brother because killing him is her job, In the same episode, she showed her more mature side when she told the main 4 that it was their fault for Trent being hardened and told them to confess.

She insists however that Stan come clean about the lies that made Trent want to kill him in the first place, showing that Shelly also cares about the way Stan is growing up and tries to teach him how to be a responsible person.


Stan Marsh

Stan is Shelly's younger brother. In early seasons, Shelly would often intimidate her younger brother with threats of physical violence which she would never hesitate to follow up on. Shelly does not hesitate to extend her acts of violence to Stan's friends, in "Mr. Hankey's Christmas Classics", she smashed both Kyle and Stan over the head with a piano.

Although Shelly's violent tendencies have appeared to taper off in later episodes, she did start punching him repeatedly in "Over Logging", when she thought of how her online boyfriend might worry for her if they could no longer e-mail each other. To date, this episode is the only instance in which her violence towards Stan is noticed by their parents, as Randy then runs over and tells Shelly to calm down. Shelly and Stan may have resolved their sibling rivalry, as Shelly has not shown any violence towards Stan since this incident, however, in "PC Principal Final Justice", she threatens to shoot Stan, blaming him for Randy and Sharon's disregard for her in favor of him.

Sharon Marsh

She is Shelly's mother. Of all the grownups in the family, Shelly seems closest to Sharon. However, in "Over Logging", Shelly was shown to be rather bratty towards her mother, as she threw a fit over her telling her to get off the Internet and go to bed, yelling, "WHY DO YOU HATE ME?!"

In "PC Principal Final Justice", she accuses Sharon of favoring Stan over her.

Randy Marsh

Randy is Shelly's father. He is usually seen interacting with Stan, but he and Shelly have spoken to each other several times.

She is frustrated by Randy recording ridiculously everyday family antics, saying "Turn it off, Dad!"

Randy has shown to love her very much, as seen in "Broadway Bro Down" where he drove to the musical theater, in which women feel influenced to give their partner oral sex after attending, to prevent any sexual relationship between her and Larry Feegan.

Although Shelly does not feel like he does, claiming that he does not even try to get to know her in "PC Principal Final Justice". Randy responds saying that he really wants to but he feels like she hates him.

Their relationship becomes even more strained after Randy moves his family to Tegridy Farms since she did not want to move and hates weed, which angers her father to the point where he gets Shelly locked up in jail when he tells the police about her having a "marijuana problem" and he feels no remorse over it.

In "Season Finale" Shelly was very happy when she found out Randy went to jail and hoped he could never get out. When Randy thanks his family for their "support," he only mentions Sharon and Stan and completely ignores Shelly.

Marvin Marsh

Marvin is Shelly's paternal grandfather. She seems to love him a lot because when she thought Stan was trying to kill him, she grew even angrier than usual at Stan. In "PC Principal Final Justice", she aimed her gun at Marvin when Randy says to take care of him.

Jimbo Kern

He is Shelly's maternal uncle. They have never interacted onscreen.

Flo Kimble

She was Shelly's maternal great-aunt. Aunt Flo gave Shelly a television/CD player/surround sound home theater, which Shelly thanked her for before she was killed by the evil goldfish she gave Stan.


Skyler Morse

Skyler was Shelly's boyfriend in "Cat Orgy".

No boys liked Shelly at school, which led her into a relationship with a twenty-two-year-old wanna-be musician, Skyler Morse, who did like her, if only because he wanted to have sex with her. He broke up with her after she refused to have sex with him in "Cat Orgy", leaving her depressed, and she and Cartman got revenge on him.

Eric Cartman

Cartman and Shelly in "Cat Orgy".

After Skyler broke up with her, she became depressed and it took Eric Cartman, the boy she had been babysitting when Skyler broke up with her, to make her realize that she did not need him and that he was a jerk. The two had been enemies, but soon became friends after getting revenge on Skyler.

However, in subsequent appearances, their mutual understanding appears to have deteriorated, and Shelly treats him just as she treats any of Stan's other friends. She refers to him as a "fat turd".


Amir and Shelly finally meet.

In the Season Twelve episode, "Over Logging", Shelly had a new boyfriend over the internet for some time. She believes that the emotions between herself and Amir are real. At the end of the episode, it is revealed that he does care for her, as he also traveled to California so that he and she could resume chatting online. There, they also end up meeting in person and promise to e-mail each other that night.

Given her subsequent involvement with Larry Feegan, it can be assumed this relationship ended.

Larry Feegan

Larry and Shelly playing together in "Broadway Bro Down".

Shelly befriends Larry Feegan in "Broadway Bro Down" after she stands up to his parents. They begin to spend a lot of time together, playing Settlers of Catan and eventually going to see the play Wicked together. However, Randy, knowing that Shelly will end up giving Larry a blowjob if they go to see the play, breaks in and floods the performance. Larry Feegan is killed in the resulting chaos, leaving Shelly heartbroken. She has recently moved on from his death.


"Furniture polish, paint thinner and bleach.
Ammonia and antifreeze. One tablespoon each.
I hate everybody, I just like to read.
Everyone's stupid. They smoke too much weed.
So with this eldritch potion and these ancient words
I make my revenge upon all the turds."

(in the episode "Tegridy Farms Halloween Special")

Video Games

South Park (Video Game)

Shelly is a playable character in multiplayer mode. However, She is only available on PC, in addition to Satan, Jesus, and Santa.

South Park Rally

Shelly appears in South Park Rally as an unlockable character. To unlock her, players must win Valentine's Day Race without being attacked by an arrow. In the Nintendo 64 version, players must find the three golden cows in the said level.

South Park: The Stick of Truth

Shelly is seen as an enemy in her room. When The New Kid first goes into her room without Stan as a buddy, she threatens New Kid and sends him out of her room without initiating a battle. When New Kid goes with Stan, she can be battled. After she is defeated, she befriends New Kid, stating that at least he does not fight like a girl. Kenny's Charm ability works on her despite her gender and summons can be used in her battle.

South Park: The Fractured But Whole

Shelly is seen at the Marsh Residence. She is found at the living room, laid on the sofa, using her phone. The player can take a selfie with her, however, she will only agree to do so at Level 7 Influencer.

South Park: Phone Destroyer



  • In the 1992 short Jesus vs. Frosty, the original Stan mentions having a sister living in Minnesota.
  • Her name is alternatively spelled on the main site and in official scripts as both "Shelly" and "Shelley".
  • As all of Stan Marsh's family members are named after members of Trey Parker's family, Shelly takes her name from his sister.
  • In South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut, Shelly is able to close her mouth while talking.
  • Along with (presumably) Kevin McCormick, Shelly is the oldest of all of the siblings of the boys.
  • According to Stan, Shelly does not like jewelry.
  • It is unknown which grade she is in at South Park Elementary, presumably seventh or eighth grade.


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