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Shelley Marsh is Randy and Sharon Marsh's daughter and Stan Marsh's older sister. She is vindictive, aggressive, and extremely ill-tempered, referring to those around her as "turds" and often beating or even torturing Stan and his friends when adults are not around, though nonetheless compassionate; later seasons have instead emphasized Shelley as assertive and focused more on her relationship with her father.

Shelley has been voiced at different times by Mary Kay Bergman, Eliza Schneider, and currently April Stewart. She first appeared in the Season One episode, "An Elephant Makes Love to a Pig".


At the time of her introduction in "An Elephant Makes Love to a Pig", it is established that Shelley has been physically harming Stan for some time and that the other boys are already aware of it, questioning if she caused his black eye. Stan insists that Shelley has been beating him up because she recently received orthodontic headgear at the dentist and is taking her anger out on him. Throughout the episode, Shelley questions if Stan is staring at her headgear or her neck brace, accusing him of lying when he denies this and using it as a pretext to attack him. These attacks including elaborate setups such as throwing him through a window and trying to use a lawnmower on him. Stan insists that their parents have not listened when he has previously tried to tell them Shelley is beating him up, and that they do not believe him. They take Shelley at her word that Stan has been with her despite being told by Uncle Jimbo and the news that Stan has been attacking the town, an act which establishes some mutual understanding between them, though she continues to attack him.

Though Shelley retained a mean streak, she was humanized much more in future appearances. Shelley's softer side was first seen in "Cat Orgy", when she babysat Eric Cartman and found some friendship with him when he helped to humiliate Skyler Morse, who claimed to be her boyfriend despite being an adult. Shelley was also willing to compromise with the kids in exchange for a favor in "The New Terrance and Phillip Movie Trailer", requesting tampons in exchange for the television and even offered to help the boys in "Pre-School" if they made amends for having hurt their own teacher, though Shelley reinforced her intimidation towards the boys.

Though the Marsh family saw increasing use in later season, this did not initially include Shelley, many episodes that feature her brother and parents prominently continued to exclude Shelley. In "Over Logging", she whacked Stan a few times in front of their parents but did not get punished. In "You're Getting Old", Shelley is not seen at her brother's birthday party and only briefly appears at the end, looking sad as her mother packs after she divorces Randy, and her own reaction is not explored further.

However, after Season 15's "Broadway Bro Down", Shelley's role began to gradually expand, with her receiving significant roles alongside her family, often acting as a further foil to Randy, like her mother and brother, with next to no antagonism between her and Stan. Shelley helped burn down her father's Blockbuster in "A Nightmare on Face Time", became a fan of Lorde's music in Season Eighteen, and accused her mother of favoring Stan in "PC Principal Final Justice".

Shelley was found trying to vape in "Tegridy Farms", inspiring her father to move to start a marijuana farm, and she has consistently and vocally opposed the business, which Randy has taken to describing as her having a "marijuana problem". The "Tegridy Farms Halloween Special" focuses on this relationship in particular, revealing Shelley likes to attend the school book fair and enjoys reading.


Shelley has been shown with a number of interests over the course of the show. Her favorite television series include Friends which she watches with Skyler in "Cat Orgy", Buffy the Vampire Slayer which she was watching in "Pre-School" and most famously, Shelley is a big fan of Russell Crowe Fightin' Around The World as mentioned in "The New Terrance and Phillip Movie Trailer", proclaiming the only thing she loves more than Crowe is seeing Stan unhappy. Shelley's favorite music includes Britney Spears music, mentioned in South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut as well as Lorde, who is shown to be one of her heroes in "#REHASH". Shelley enjoys reading, as she mentions throughout "Tegridy Farms Halloween Special". Shelley also seems to enjoy playing the Settlers of Catan on Xbox, which she used as a bonding activity with Larry Feegan. Besides these electronic pastimes, Shelley is also mentioned to be a Girl Scout Den Leader in "Royal Pudding".

There are a number of posters seen in Shelley's room that may indicate other interests, although they are not mentioned in dialogue. These include a poster with horses, suggesting that Shelley has some interest in them, and a Sadie Dakota poster, in parody of Hannah Montana. Shelley can be seen with a Frozen poster in "The Cissy" and a Uniters of the Universe (a parody of Guardians of the Galaxy) can also be seen.


Shelley has also been shown to be exceptionally strong, even relative to her age, throughout many episodes. In "An Elephant Makes Love to a Pig", Shelley was able to subdue Stan's mutant clone, which was wreaking havoc upon the town and lifting full-grown adults. In "Chickenpox", Shelley, despite being in the hospital with chickenpox, manages to beat up Stan and flip him into objects, which Sharon pays no attention to. Shelley was even able to pick up an entire piano in "Mr. Hankey's Christmas Classics" and drop it on Stan and Kyle. In "Pre-School", the boys turned to her as a last resort when the sixth graders could not stop Trent Boyett, which could likely imply that Shelley alone is stronger than all of the sixth graders combined.


Shelley can play the piano relatively well, a seen by her performance of "I Saw Three Ships" in "Mr. Hankey's Christmas Classics". Shelley can also sing, though not as well, as illustrated by "Turds!" in "Cat Orgy".

Criminal Record[]

  • Assault: In some episodes, Shelley can be seen beating up Stan and other characters.
  • Breaking and entering/vandalism: Shelley enters Skyler's house and destroys his guitar in "Cat Orgy", as retaliation for Skyler's ill-treatment towards her.
  • Arson: In "A Nightmare on Face Time", Shelley is seen burning down a Blockbuster store that Randy buys.
  • Drugging others: In "Tegridy Farms Halloween Special", Shelley, being fed up with Randy's new cannabis business, attempts to sabotage his freshly grown "Halloween Special" strain by throwing a homemade chemical concoction in an attempt to sabotage it. This actually enhanced it, but in the process tainted it and caused Randy and Towelie to have nightmarish hallucinations and possibly inadvertently led to Randy being sexually assaulted by Harvey Weinstein.
  • Implied sexual assault by proxy: In "Tegridy Farms Halloween Special", Shelley, being fed up with Randy's new cannabis business, attempts to sabotage his freshly grown "Halloween Special" strain by throwing a homemade chemical concoction in an attempt to sabotage it. This actually enhanced it but in the process tainted it and caused Randy and Towеlie to have nightmarish hallucinations and possibly inadvertently led to Randy being sexually assaulted by Harvey Weinstein. As Shelley caused the hallucinations and made Randy incapable of properly being able to defend himself while in a hallucination-fueled daze, she is inadvertently responsible for her father's implied sexual assault.


Shelley wears a gray shirt and pink pants. She has shoulder-length, messy reddish brown hair with bangs. Shelley has bad dental problems and has to wear orthodontic headgear, giving her a very unappealing appearance. Because of that, Shelley is usually scowling or frowning and rarely smiles. Shelley has a distinct adenoidal, somewhat masculine, slurred voice, where she breathes heavily through her mouth and nose and has a lisp. On some occasions, Shelley has been seen with her pajamas on; her pajama shirt is dark pink and her pants are light pink. On special occasions, Shelley wears a pink dress, while at funerals, she wears a variation of the pink dress, but it is black and dark red. Shelley is one of the few characters older than the fifth grade who lacks a nose and she is considerably shorter than other teenage characters.

In the future timeline set in South Park: Post Covid: The Return of Covid, Shelley no longer wears braces or has headgear, yet she still has a similar voice as an adult. Shelley has long hair and thin brown eyebrows and wears a light olive green jacket over her gray shirt, a pink skirt, gray stockings, black shoes, a rowed necklace with rubies, and gold emerald earrings.

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Shelley is often defined by her anger and aggression towards others, which she often expresses towards her brother Stan, with whom she has had a contentious and difficult relationship with. Even when heartbroken over not being able to see her boyfriend in "Over Logging" when Stan tries to comfort her, Shelley nonetheless attacks him to express her feelings. Though his friends do not tend to take Stan very seriously when he discusses Shelley's behavior, they nonetheless appear intimidated by her as well. Shelley's aggression seems to be rooted in an insecurity based on her looks, as mentioned by Stan in her debut, when he suggests she has been beating her up because she had been given new orthodontic headgear, and Shelley admits in "Cat Orgy" that nobody had ever liked her before and that nobody would go out with her because she was "ugly". Shelley accuses Stan more than once of staring at her braces and accuses him of lying when he denies it, further suggesting serious insecurity. Shelley has also exhibited jealousy of her mother's relationship with her brother, accusing her of "always taking Stan's side", though Stan has conversely claimed they believe she is "innocent and sweet", suggesting they both feel competitive towards their parents' feelings.

Shelley has often expressed open belief that most other individuals are dumb or stupid, often referring to them as "turds", and in "Tegridy Farms Halloween Special", she expresses concern that marijuana is making others dumber than they already are. However, Shelley is also shown to be compassionate, and is willing to protect her brother from threats besides herself, most prominently in "Pre-School" where Shelley vows to protect Stan and his friends from being harmed by Trent Boyett because killing them is her job, but conditions her protection that they come out confess the truth about what happened, and emphasizing their responsibility for their actions. This suggests Shelley shares her mother and brother's sense of morality.

Shelley notably is less complacent to inconvenience and obstacles than those around her and not afraid to take matters into her own hands when necessary. Shelley burns down the Blockbuster when her father begins to exhibit more unhinged behavior such as taking away their phones, she is willing to interfere with her father's marijuana when he continues to neglect the family, and when Skyler breaks up with her, Shelley takes joy in executing a revenge plan against him. She does not turn to her parents or authority figures in challenging situations and is more than willing to handle them herself. Shelley was also unafraid to call out Mr. Feegan and Mrs. Feegan for how they treated their son.


Stan Marsh[]

Stan is Shelley's younger brother, and they have a difficult relationship throughout the series, with a history of Shelley using intimidation and violence towards him. These actions have extended not only to Stan but also his friends when they were present or participating in the same antics. For instance, in "Mr. Hankey's Christmas Classics", Shelley smashed both Kyle and Stan over the head with a piano. Even when Stan was sympathetic towards Shelley when she was upset after no longer being in contact with her online boyfriend, Shelley nonetheless continued trying to punch him repeatedly in "Over Logging". This is the only instance in which her violence towards Stan is noticed by their parents, as Randy then runs over and tells Shelley to calm down. When he asked her about a television show she liked, Russell Crowe, she also compared it as not as great as torturing Stan.

Both children seem to view each other as rivals for their parents' affections. Stan has often claimed his parents favor Shelley over him and that they do not listen when he tries to discuss the violence she inflicts upon him, saying they see Shelley as "innocent". However, in "PC Principal Final Justice", Shelley threatens to shoot Stan, claiming that Sharon takes his side all the time and blaming him for feeling disregarded by their family. After that, they all agreed that they needed to learn to be better to each other. In recent seasons, they have both expressed a similar distaste towards their father, even bonding with their mother over it in "Season Finale".

Despite this, when Stan is threatened by outside forces, such as possibly being sent away to military school or bullies like Trent Boyett, Shelley has shown compassion for him and stood up for him, remarking that making Stan suffer is her job. Most notably, after the rampage of the evil mutant clone Stan in "An Elephant Makes Love to a Pig", when Stan began to cry about not wanting to go away and leave home, Shelley promised her parents that she had been watching him the entire time and not done anything wrong, and they believed her. Shelley was also willing to help protect the boys from Trent Boyett if they apologized to Miss Claridge and took responsibility, with Shelley's demands not benefiting herself.

Randy Marsh[]

Randy is Shelley's father, and they have a strained relationship characterized by a mutual lack of understanding.

Sharon, Stan, and Shelley are often unified in expressing their frustration and disgust with Randy's various fixations. For example, Shelley was frustrated by Randy recording ridiculously everyday family antics, saying "Turn it off, Dad!"

Randy has been shown to love Shelley very much, as seen most prominently in "Broadway Bro Down" where he becomes obsessed with Broadway and musical theatre, which can influence women to give their partners oral sex after attendance, and is horrified when he finds out Shelley is heading to the theatre with her new boyfriend, Larry Feegan. Randy goes to lengths to try to save her from this influence, accidentally leading to Larry's death, telling Shelley later that he loves her.

Shelley expresses anger that her father does not even try to get to know her in "PC Principal Final Justice". Randy responds by saying that he really wants to but he feels like she hates him.

Their relationship becomes even more strained after Randy moves his family to Tegridy Farms as Shelley does not want to move and hates marijuana, which creates further distance between them and angers Randy to the point he has her locked up in jail when he tells the police about her having a "marijuana problem" and he feels no remorse over it.

In "Season Finale" Shelley was very happy when she found out Randy went to jail and hoped he could never get out. When Randy thanks his family for their "support," he only mentions Sharon and Stan and completely ignores Shelley, who is clearly upset.

Sharon Marsh[]

Sharon is Shelley's mother. Their relationship has not been explored much, but they seem closer than she is with her father. In "Eat, Pray, Queef", they both seem to take delight in queefing in Stan and Randy's presence and later seem disappointed when they cannot continue the joke.

In contrast, "Over Logging", Shelley was upset over Sharon telling her to get off the Internet and go to bed, yelling "WHY DO YOU HATE ME?!" at her, and in "PC Principal Final Justice", she accuses Sharon at gunpoint of favoring Stan, claiming she always takes his side and that she acts like Stan cannot do anything wrong.

In the first timeline depicted in South Park: Post Covid and South Park: Post Covid: The Return of Covid, Shelley is killed accidentally and Sharon is seen inconsolably depressed at her funeral, and is later said to have committed suicide as a result of Shelley's death. Although these events are erased from the timeline, it suggests that Sharon's love for Shelley is especially deep.

Marvin Marsh[]

Marvin is Shelley's paternal grandfather. She seems to care for him as she became angry when Stan was trying to help Grandpa kill himself. Marvin also seems to love her as well since he wanted to spend a great amount of money to buy her expensive jewelry. However, in "PC Principal Final Justice", Shelley aimed her gun at Marvin when Randy says to take care of him, assuming he was suggesting she kill him.

Flo Kimble[]

Flo was Shelley's maternal great-aunt. Aunt Flo gave Shelley a television/CD player/surround sound home theater, which Shelley thanked her for before she was killed by the evil goldfish she gave Stan.

Jimbo Kern[]

Jimbo is Shelley's maternal uncle. They have never interacted onscreen, although she can be seen shooting guns with him in the card art for Hunter Jimbo in South Park: Phone Destroyer.


Shelley is rarely seen with any friends, and in "Cat Orgy", she claimed that nobody at school liked her, suggesting she was too ugly. However, Shelley can be heard in the same episode talking to an unseen friend named Carrie on the phone, and in "#REHASH", Shelley asks to go to the "Women of Rock" concert with her friends Kelly and Stacy, and they are briefly seen in the crowd attending together. In South Park: The End of Obesity she is seen at school talking with three friends.

Skyler Morse[]


Skyler was Shelley's boyfriend in "Cat Orgy".

No boys liked Shelley at school, which led her into a relationship with a 22-year-old wannabe musician, Skyler Morse, who pretended to like her so that he could have sex with her, justifying his pedophilic behavior as being an "immature 22-year-old".

Though Shelley initially seemed comfortable with him, writing music with his friends and making out with him at the Cartman Residence when she was babysitting, Skyler's predatory behavior became more obvious in his continuous requests for her to have sex. Skyler broke up with Shelley when she refused in "Cat Orgy". Shelley admitted that she only dated him because he was one of the only people who liked her and seemed to be nice to her, and was depressed, but Shelley found some friendship in Eric Cartman as they teamed up to get revenge on Skyler.

Eric Cartman[]


Cartman and Shelley in "Cat Orgy".

Shelley and Cartman first interacted briefly in "An Elephant Makes Love to a Pig" when Cartman repeatedly bragged that he would stand up to a woman who threatened him, only to immediately quiet down when Shelley overheard him insult her.

In "Cat Orgy", Shelley was assigned to babysit Eric Cartman by his mother while she attended a party, and was initially dismissive towards him. When Skyler broke up with her and she began crying on the couch, Cartman helped her realize that she did not need him and that he was a jerk. The two had been enemies, but soon became friends after getting revenge on Skyler, though when Liane Cartman arrived home they tried to blame each other for the cat's misbehavior.

However, in subsequent appearances, their mutual understanding appears to have deteriorated, and Shelley treats him just as she treats any of Stan's other friends, referring to him as a "fat turd". Cartman attempts to manipulate her by claiming he thinks Shelley is attractive in "Pre-School", which fails to impress her.



Amir and Shelley finally meet.

In the Season Twelve episode, "Over Logging", Shelley has a boyfriend over the internet for some time named Amir, who lives in Montana. She believes that the emotions between herself and Amir are real and is upset when her parents interrupt their chatting, and heartbroken at the prospect of not seeing each other again when the internet is down. They run into each other in person at the Internet Refugee Camp, having both traveled to California so they could resume chatting online, showing they both care for each other, and promising to e-mail each other that night. She is overjoyed they can chat again.

Given Shelley's subsequent involvement with Larry Feegan, it can be assumed this relationship ended.

Larry Feegan[]

Settlers of Catan

Larry and Shelley playing together in "Broadway Bro Down".

In "Broadway Bro Down", a child Shelley's age named Larry Feegan appears, who is shown to be spineless and cowardly. When he tries to use the diving board at swimming, Shelley intervenes to try to get him off the board. Randy and Sharon arrange a vacation to New York, Larry's vegan family agrees to take in Stan and Shelley for a while, but Shelley stands up to them on Larry's behalf pointing out they haven't asked his opinion. Larry is appreciative and brings her a flower. They begin to spend a lot of time together, playing Settlers of Catan and eventually going to see the play Wicked together. However, Randy, knowing that Shelley will end up giving Larry a blowjob if they go to see the play, breaks in and floods the performance. Larry Feegan is killed in the resulting chaos, leaving Shelley heartbroken.


"Furniture polish, paint thinner and bleach.
Ammonia and antifreeze. One tablespoon each.
I hate everybody, I just like to read.
Everyone's stupid. They smoke too much weed.
So with this eldritch potion and these ancient words
I make my revenge upon all the turds."

("Tegridy Farms Halloween Special")

Video Games[]

South Park (Video Game)[]

Shelley is a playable character in multiplayer mode. However, she is only available on PC, in addition to Satan, Jesus, and Santa.

South Park Rally[]

Shelley appears in South Park Rally as an unlockable character. To unlock her, players must win Valentine's Day Race without being attacked by an arrow. In the Nintendo 64 version, players must find the three golden cows in the said level.

South Park: The Stick of Truth[]

Shelley is named "The She-Ogre" by Stan. When The New Kid first goes into her room without Stan as a buddy, Shelley threatens New Kid and sends him out of her room without initiating a battle. In the namesake quest, it is revealed that Shelley had stolen Stan's iPhone, with the New Kid being tasked to battle Shelley alongside Stan. After she is defeated, she befriends the New Kid, stating that at least he does not fight like a girl. Kenny's Charm ability works on her despite her gender and summons can be used in her battle.

South Park: The Fractured But Whole[]

Shelley can be seen at the Marsh Residence. She is found in the living room, laid on the sofa, using her phone. The player can take a selfie with her, but Shelley will only agree to do so at Level 7 Influencer. When the player turns off the TV in the Marsh's house, she will shout at the player. When the player unclogs the toilet with the Sandblaster Buddy skill, Shelley will post on Coonstagram on how the Marshes' toilet is covered in poo.

South Park: Phone Destroyer[]

Sharpshooter Shelley is a 3-Cost Epic Ranged unit of the Adventure theme. When she uses her Charge skill, Shelley will do damage to all nearby ground enemies and knock back the nearest enemy.

All of Shelley's lines are archived audio from "Cat Orgy" or South Park: The Fractured But Whole, making Sharpshooter Shelley one of two characters (the other being Terrance and Phillip) with two different voice actors.




  • Shelley is based on Trey Parker's real life sister, Shelley Parker. As recounted in the commentary for "An Elephant Makes Love to a Pig", Trey claims she used to beat him up, once even tossing him down a flight of stairs. On one occasion, Parker also recounts in the commentary how she took the fall when he clocked up expensive phone calls, as evidence she did care about him.
    • Stan wishing his mutant clone could attack Shelley is also based on Trey's childhood fantasy of a larger version of himself beating up his sister.
  • In the 1992 short Jesus vs. Frosty, the original Stan mentions having a sister living in Minnesota.
  • Her name is spelled Shelley, the same spelling as Trey's real-life sister. However, many official sources, including the South Park Studios website and South Park: The Stick of Truth, spell her name Shelly.
  • Shelley is said to be 12 years old in the first season, while the boys are eight, and 13 years old in "Cash for Gold", when the boys are 10.
  • According to Stan, Shelley does not like jewelry. However, she was seen wearing a necklace at her date with Larry in "Broadway Bro Down" and it is likely that Shelley has changed her attitude around jewelry some time before South Park: Post Covid: The Return of Covid, as she is seen wearing some as an adult.
  • In South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut, Shelley was able to close her mouth while talking.
  • In the photo of the Marsh family present in Marvin's room in "Hummels & Heroin", Shelley is seen wearing a scoliosis brace (possibly an earlier design that was scrapped).


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