Sheila Broflovski is a character on South Park. She is Kyle's mother. She is frequently insulted by Eric Cartman, who calls her a bitch. In fact, he has even created a song about her, entitled, "Kyle's Mom is a Bitch". Her birthday is June 17th. Like her son, Kyle, her zodiac sign is Gemini.


Sheila wears a midnight blue dress suit with a white shirt and a violet-red skirt underneath. She also wears beige nylons, red lipstick, and gold earrings. Her hair is long, red, and put up in a beehive. She is overweight and shorter than average height. She speaks with a rather broad Brooklyn accent, although she mentions in the movie that she moved to South Park from a larger city.

For a special occasion, her outfit is in a black and dark grey colours (like Gerald).


Sheila is very protective about her family and has often led huge campaigns against beliefs and other such examples which she believes are unsafe, often going too far in her efforts and steamrolling her son in the process. She was the cause of the America-Canada War and was the leader behind "Mothers Against Canada" (M.A.C.). She also seems to be somewhat nosy, poking into things that are other people's business. For instance, when she found out that Gerald and Mr. McCormick used to be friends in high school, she arranged a fishing date between the two (which had bad results.)

She is also quite quick to anger when she is challenged, or more correctly when someone tries to tell her she's wrong. An example being that she shot Terrance and Phillip when Kyle told her she was wrong in starting a war with Canada when all he did was go see an R rated movie, in normal episodes when Kyle tries to talk back Shiela raises her voice and gives him into trouble no matter how right he might be to do so.

Her catchprase is the exclamation "What-what-WHAT!" This may be a borrowing of Shakespeare's "The Merchant of Venice". Shylock says "What-what-what!" After hearing that his daughter, Jessica, has run away and taken his money. South Park often deals with stereotypes, and this reference to one of the most famous stereotypical characters in literature is ironic.

However, her over-protective and annoying personality and protests seem to have diminished a lot in recent seasons, probably because she is not in the spotlight quite as much nowadays.


Upon hearing of anything she finds offensive, Sheila exclaims her catchphrase, and often starts something up about it. Cartman once noted this happens usually once a month, demanding to know why at the exact same time of the month, she always gets irritated by something, and he always ends up getting screwed by it. Sheila has protested against many things including:

Terrance and Philip

Her best-known protests are probably the ones connected to the Terrance and Philip show.

In "Death"

She lobbied with the other parents to have "Terrance and Phillip" taken off the network (much like the controversy and the protests against the TV show "Beavis and Butthead" who Terrance and Phillip are based on). Though it succeeded, She caused many lives to be lost when she had protesters take part in suicide attacks on the studio and a worse TV show was put on the air as a replacement. Interestingly, she was referred to as "Carol" in this episode along with Sharon Marsh.

In the movie

In the movie "South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut" Sheila was one of the main characters when the boys had been "sucked in" by Terrance and Phillip's antics from their film Asses of Fire. She created "MAC" or "Mothers Against Canada" (Terrance and Phillip are Canadian).She even had a V-Chip prototype installed in Cartman to shock him whenever he swore. Sheila thought she was acting for the best, but it then lead to a war between America and Canada.


In "Mr. Hankey, the Christmas Poo"

She was angered that the school nativity anti-Jewish and forced the play to adopt a non-offensive theme which everybody hated, ultimately provoking a riot in which she beat up Priest Maxi as he was restrained by Gerald.

In "Conjoined Fetus Lady"

She was annoyed by the boys making fun of Nurse Gollum because she had the fictional disease "conjoined twin myslexia"(parasytic twin), so she taught them about the disease, but the boys started trying to split their heads open with ice picks to get supposed fetuses out (except Kyle and Kenny, who probably knew better).

In "Mystery of the Urinal Deuce"

A rare instance where her protest would actually help Kyle. She attempted to protest against Cartman for leading the whole school into believing her son was responsible for 9/11. However, this topic was brushed aside in favor of who defecated in the urinal at school, which happened to be Stan.

Minor protests


Her first name, and red hair, suggest that she is of Irish or Scottish descent. However, red hair is also common in Jewish heritage. This coincides with the fact that she, and not Kyle's father, is the more stereotypical Jew in the family. It is also possible that her maiden name is Schwartz, since Kyle Schwartz is her nephew.

Similarities and Differences to Matt Stone's Family

Sheila is named after Matt Stone's own mother, and Kyle's family surname is derived from Stone's mother's original maiden name, Broslovski (which was changed to "Belasco" when her ancestors immigrated to the United States). This may explain why the family's name was spelled in various ways early on in the series (e.g., Brosloski, Brovlofski, etc.).

Even though the entire Broflovski family practices Judaism on the show, in real life, Matt Stone's mother is the only Jew in the family (and he has mentioned that he and his sister, Rachel, were brought up agnostic.) His sister is the only member of his family who isn't represented on the show. This could possibly be because Stan (and in real life, Trey Parker) has a sister and with Matt and Trey considering themselves very similar anyway, for both Kyle and Stan to have a sister would make them far too similar.

Stone claims to have learned phrases and pet names like "bubbe" from his maternal grandparents, who, like their daughter, were Jewish.


Gerald Broflovski

Main article: Gerald Broflovski

He is Sheila's husband. He is a lawyer. He frequently gets disturbed by Sheila's nosiness and habit of stirring up absurd protests, although they appear to have a strong marriage.

Kyle Broflovski

Main article: Kyle Broflovski

He is her only biological son. He is also one of the main characters. He loves her and defends her a lot, but even he finds her personality hard to bear at times as the things she does for him often only cause him grief.

Ike Broflovski

Main article: Ike Broflovski

He is Sheila's adopted son. She loves him dearly, but gets upset whenever he breaks a window after Kyle plays "Kick the Baby" with him.

Kyle Schwartz

Main article: Kyle Schwartz

He is Sheila's nephew. She welcomed him with open arms during his visit to South Park, and even, to make him feel a little more comfortable, promised to address him as "Kyle", and her own son as "Kyle 2".

Cleo Broflovski

Main article: Cleo Broflovski

She is Sheila's deceased mother, who was never seen alive on-screen. She apparently had the surname "Broflovski", as this was the name on her gravestone in the episode Korn's Groovy Pirate Ghost Mystery. While this is most likely just a mistake, it seems to imply that she and Gerald had the same surname before they were married, which in turn could indicate that they were related and committed incest. Of course, it could also mean that Gerald chose to go by Sheila's name after marriage, instead of the other way around.

Eric Cartman?

Main article: Eric Cartman

In the episode Cartman's Mom is Still a Dirty Slut, it is revealed that Sheila had sex with Liane Cartman, Eric's biological father, making her a possible mother of Eric Cartman. It would serve as an ironic twist, since Cartman hates Jews too much, especially Kyle and Sheila, for her to be his mother.


This is a very debatable concept. On the supportive side, Cartman may have partly inherited his obesity - or whatever causes it, be it an inclination towards over-eating, a low-metabolism, or an under-active thyroid - from Sheila. Also, Kyle and Eric share a rare blood type, as evidenced by 'Cherokee Hair Tampons' when Cartman is the only viable candidate to donate a kidney to Kyle. However, if Eric and Kyle are only a few months apart by age, Sheila would have had to have been pregnant with one and then immediately after giving birth became pregnant with the other. This would have been very hard on her body, and may have resulted in serious physical changes and defaults. Of course, this might be the reason why she is overweight. It could also explain why she never gave birth a second child, and instead had to adopt who second son, Ike.

Episodes in which she is Prominent

(Her first appearance. She starts her first protest against Terrance and Phillip.)

(She scolds Kyle for claiming that Mr. Hankey really exists. She also demands that everything relating to Christmas be banned from South Park.)

(She and Gerald tell Kyle that he and Ike are not biological brothers.)

(Sheila pays Chef after he has sex with her. Gerald, for some reason, approves of this dishonesty.)

(Sheila is frantic because Gerald can't get aroused by her.)

(She and Gerald accompany their sons, and the Marshes, Cartmans, and Stotches to ski at Aspen, but the parents all get held back by a Timeshare meeting.)

(Sheila wants to protest about Cartman accusing Kyle of having been responsible for th 9/11 attacks. She is cut off, however, by Mr. Mackey, who is trying to find out who crapped in the urinal.)

(She and Gerald find out from Kyle that Ike is in a romantic relationship with his teacher, Ms. Stephenson.)

(She tries to convince Kyle that he is not ugly, but to no avail.)

She has had a few other minor roles.

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