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|hair = Brown
|hair = Brown
|birthday =
|birthday =
|age = 38
|age =
|job = Receptionist at [[Tom's Rhinoplasty (Location)|Tom's Rhinoplasty]]
|job = Receptionist at [[Tom's Rhinoplasty (Location)|Tom's Rhinoplasty]]
|religion = Roman Catholic (Temporarily Atheist and Mormon)
|religion = Roman Catholic (Temporarily Atheist and Mormon)

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Sharon Marsh is Stan and Shelly Marsh's mother, as well as Randy Marsh's wife.


In the movie South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut, it is revealed that Sharon is the receptionist at Tom's Rhinoplasty.

Sharon was portrayed in earlier seasons as a loving but stern suburban mother. She wanted to protect Stan from 'dirty' language in "Death" and in South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut. In "Spookyfish", she was so protective that she buried the bodies of people she thought Stan had killed, in order to prevent Stan from being charged with murder. She was also unofficially in charge of the movement against "Chinpokomon", however, she herself has often been caught up in fads around town, such as holistic medicine in "Cherokee Hair Tampons" and atheism in "Red Hot Catholic Love".

During the episodes in which she was voiced by April Stewart, Sharon had become the sane half of her marriage. She acts a foil to the craziness that surrounds her; craziness often caused by her husband, Randy. In "The Losing Edge", she was embarrassed by Randy getting drunk and starting fights at Stan's little league games. This was apparently lost on Randy, who imagined her cheering him on in his big fight against the Bat Dad. In "With Apologies to Jesse Jackson", she is noticeably upset and disappointed in the car ride home after Randy says the word "nigger" on Wheel Of Fortune. More recently, in the Pandemic story arc, she gets repeatedly angry at Randy for video taping the guinea pig attacks.

Future Stan, in the episode "My Future Self n' Me", mentions that Sharon has a scar on her left knee, which is left over from a time when she slipped in a swimming pool. Sharon is named after Trey Parker's mother, Sharon Parker. Sheila referred to her as "Carol" in the episode "Death". This is likely similar to how Butters, while he was a background character, was simply referred to as "Swanson" at first. Sharon Parker, unlike Mrs. Marsh, is an insurance broker.

In the episode "You're Getting Old", she reveals she has been unhappy with her marriage and can't fake it anymore, claiming her life feels like the same ridiculous shit every week, and as a result divorces her husband and moves with her son and daughter to a new home while Randy moves away himself.



Sharon on the SP-site

Sharon's outfit slightly resembles that of Stan's, except with a few slight variations. She wears a brown sweater with red frilly ruffles on the cuffs and the collar, and dark blue jeans. Her hair is brown and seems to be slightly wavy.

Sharon in her formal brown dress


Sharon in her nightgown.

Some characters find her attractive, the first evidence of which is in "Lil' Crime Stoppers". Butters, asked by the boys to provide a semen sample for a case, is unable to produce one through out the episode until the end, after he thought about Sharon's breasts and "tugged at his wiener". Later, in "Pre-School", the sixth graders agree to protect the boys from Trent Boyett in exchange for a photo of Sharon's breasts, telling Stan, "Your Mom has the hottest boobs!" Because of the way that women in South Park were traditionally animated at the series' start, Sharon's breasts or cleavage cannot be seen by the audience unless she is in nothing but a brassiere or a swimsuit.

At night, she wears a creamy-white, knee-length nightgown with pink lining at the hem and neck, and two orange-yellow flowers embroidered on the chest.

For special occasions, she wears a brown dress with red trimming on top or a black dress.

It is heavily implied in many scenes in the Marsh family's living room that Sharon is farsighted, as whenever she is reading or doing finances she is seen wearing reading glasses.

In "Whale Whores", Sharon can be seen wearing a blue bathing suit at the Denver Aquarium. It is unknown if the suit is a one or two-piece suit, as it is hidden by a life vest.

According to Teresa in "It's a Jersey Thing" she has a large chin, however Teresa is heavily implied to be exaggerating her claim.

In "Something You Can Do with Your Finger", when Randy leaves to be in a boy band, he says bye to a girl, presumably his girlfriend, who looks incredibly like a younger Sharon with longer hair.


Randy Marsh

Main article: Randy Marsh

Sharon's husband is Randy Marsh, whom she seemed to be inseparable from her for the first season and half of the second season. In the Season Two episode, "Clubhouses", they divorced because they were constantly arguing. Sharon temporarily dated a geeky looking guy named Roy, whom Stan could never get on good terms with, due to Roy's bi-polar like reaction to everything Stan said. At the end, Randy and Sharon played 'Truth or Dare' and, touched by the sentiments surrounding the game and their history together, fell in love again and remarried.

There have been a few strains in the marriage, and she was rather annoyed with him and even yelled at him in "Pandemic" for recording everything the family did, saying at the start to Stan, "(Because) ever since your father got that stupid video camera, he thinks he has to record everything the family does." However, as she was reprimanding him for recording everything the family does, the Furry Death attacked, and it is heavily implied that Randy was a victim. However, he evidently survived, and they went on to survive the entire crisis.

Sharon is shown to have a fetish in "Medicinal Fried Chicken", when Randy intentionally gives himself testicular cancer, making his testicles swell up to a massive size. Randy mentions that women just love big balls.

Randy's obsession with cooking in "Crème Fraiche" distracting him from paying attention to Sharon and their marriage was on the brink of failure so Sharon took up an interest in the Shake Weight and then got annoyed with it's clingyness and Sharon then gave Randy an "old fashioned" (a handjob) and then their marriage was implied to get back to normal.

They divorce once more in "You're Getting Old" and it seems to be permanent, however, they did manage to resolve their differences in the next episode.

Shelly Marsh

Main article: Shelly Marsh

Sharon's daughter is Shelly Marsh, who has her mother's hair color. Sharon and Randy are completely unconcerned and oblivious to the fact Shelly is physically abusive to Stan, to the point of destroying part of the house. They often seem to believe that Stan is making up stories about their daughter's rage issues.

Stan Marsh

Main article: Stan Marsh

Her son is Stanley Marsh. She seems to be closer to him than her daughter, although she does get angry with him at irrational times, while at times remaining pleased with him when she should be angry. In "Spookyfish" she tried to protect him by burying the bodies of Spookyfish's victims because she thought Stan killed them. She has told him, in the episode "Clubhouses", that she considers his happiness and Shelly's happiness secondary to her own. In "Pandemic", she got worried to the point of becoming prone to losing her temper when he went missing (having been arrested by the military as a Peruvian flute band). In "Cartoon Wars Part I", Sharon reads Stan a bedtime story.

Aunt Flo

Main article: Flo Kimble

Aunt Flo was Sharon's aunt, who would come to visit the Marsh residence once a month, and stay for nearly a week at a time. In the episode "Spookyfish", Aunt Flo gave her great-nephew, Stan, a goldfish for Halloween, but it was evil, and killed many people, including Aunt Flo. This upset Sharon, because Aunt Flo would not come and visit her anymore. Before her death, Aunt Flo caught Sharon walking into the house, covered in blood and carrying a shovel after burying the first murdered victim of the fish. Flo comments that it reminds her of a time when Sharon was twelve years old and in which she saw Sharon doing the exact same thing, implying that Sharon may have been involved another murder at the time.

Aunt Flo is an obvious reference to the menstrual cycle, and her death parodies the menopause.


Main article: Roy

Roy was Sharon's new boyfriend after she divorced Randy in "Clubhouses". She stayed with him until she dared Randy to have sex with her and they make up. He seemed to have what could best be described as bipolar disorder: one second trying to be nice and caring towards Stan, then after simply shrugging it off Roy became angry and irrational. He often tells Stan to chop firewood after these incidence, so much that Stan stated they had enough for a whole year.


  • As of Season Seventeen, Sharon has had a speaking role in 87 episodes.
  • Sharon Marsh is April Stewart's favorite role.


Sharon started off with a fairly minor role, but became a more significant character as she started to be developed into a foil for Randy's antics. She has had a speaking role in multiple episodes in every season, as well as the movie and South Park: The Stick of Truth.

  • "An Elephant Makes Love to a Pig" - First appearance and introduced as Stan's mother.
  • "Death" - Sharon and her husband, Randy, join the group protesting Terrance and Phillip. Interestingly, she was referred to as "Carol" in this episode along with Sheila Broflovski.
  • "Clubhouses" - Sharon and Randy divorce due to constant bickering. Sharon remarries to a guy named Roy.
  • "Spookyfish" - Sharon's Aunt Flo comes to stay. Sharon buries all the dead bodies whom the fish has slaughtered, believing Stan to be the culprit.
  • "The Return of the Fellowship of the Ring to the Two Towers" - She and Randy try to track down the boys and the porno they rented. After meeting with the other parents, they all decide to put the porn "into context."
  • "My Future Self n' Me" - She and Randy hire an actor to play a drug-addicted adult version of Stan.
  • "South Park is Gay!" - She, along with the other wives, is at first okay with metrosexuality, but becomes mad when the men pay no attention to them.
  • "Douche and Turd" - Sharon supports Turd Sandwich because she thinks Giant Douche is sexist.
  • "Le Petit Tourette" - Seen in the crowd of Dateline.
  • "More Crap" - Sharon thinks it ridiculous that all of the men are obsessing over Randy's latest crap.
  • "Pandemic" - She gets irritated by Randy persistently videotaping everything the family does, and this goes to the next level when Stan goes missing, having been arrested by the military because he had made a Peruvian flute band.
  • "Eat, Pray, Queef" - She is angry at Randy and Stan for getting mad at her queefing. She tells them about the still existent double-standard between men and women and inspires them to sing "Queef Free".
  • "The Tale of Scrotie McBoogerballs" - While assorting the laundry in Stan's room, discovers a rough draft of the eponymous novel co-written by Stan and his friends. She reads it and can't help but vomit at the story's putrid, and sickening content. later shows the draft to her husband and they both show it to the rest of the parents in South Park to get the novel published.
  • "It's a Jersey Thing" - Sharon invites a Jersey family over to her house and pisses them off. She also goes to the Jersey hair salon.
  • "Insheeption" - Sharon comments how something being complex doesn't mean that it is cool.
  • "Crème Fraiche" - Sharon tries out the new Shake Weight, which gives her "exercise".
  • "You're Getting Old" - Sharon divorces her husband and admits to being unhappy with her marriage.
  • "Ass Burgers" - Sharon reconciles with Randy Marsh and remarries him.
  • "Broadway Bro Down" - Became obsessed with Broadway musicals along with her husband.
  • "Cash For Gold" - Seen visiting her father in-law at the retirement center.
  • "Sarcastaball" - Became worried about Randy's non-stop sarcasm and took him to a doctor.
  • "Insecurity" - Seen receiving products she ordered from Amazon, delivered by the UPS delivery driver.
  • "A Nightmare on Face Time" - Seen working at Randy's Blockbuster.
  • "A Scause For Applause" - Seen in the background while Jesus Christ gives his speech.
  • "Informative Murder Porn" - Sharon watches murder porn with Randy.
  • "Black Friday" - Sharon disapproves of Randy's motives for taking a job as a security guard at South Park Mall for Black Friday.
  • "Titties and Dragons" - Sharon grounds Stan for defecating in the Garden Man's garden, an action that was actually done by Eric Cartman.
  • "Gluten Free Ebola" - Sharon becomes gluten-free.
  • "The Cissy" - Sharon tells Randy that if she could talk to Lorde she would tell "her" to continue to express who "she" is inside, despite other people's disapproval.
  • "Handicar" - She watches Wacky Races in her pajamas while eating cereal.

South Park: The Stick of Truth

Sharon appears in Tom's Rhinoplasty, where she sells the player various wigs, makeup and nosejobs. She makes no further appearances.


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