Shake Weight


The Shake Weight is a piece of exercise equipment that was spoofed in the Season Fourteen episode, "Crème Fraiche". Shake Weights are modified dumbbell devices that increase the effects of exercise. Shake Weight has received controversy and heavy media attention during its release due to the fact the device is "pumped" during its use and has been labeled slightly pornographic by some media outlets.


After Randy becomes obsessed with the Food Network, Sharon believes that he does not find her attractive anymore. Sheila suggests that Sharon tries out the Shake Weight. Even in real life, the Shake Weight looks to be a handjob, rather than an exercise instrument.

After each workout the Shake Weight squirts out a dose of refreshing gel, much like semen coming out from a man's penis. It also gives the user some "cab fare", in a metaphor of giving a "one-night-stand" sexual partner some money so they have the means of getting back home. The device also has a hole in the backside where the user can stick their finger and have their pulse checked, again as a metaphor of stimulating the erogenous zones around the anal area of a sexual partner.


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