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"Sexual Harassment Panda"
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Episode no. Season 3
Episode 6
Production no. 306
Original airdate July 7, 1999
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For the titular character, see Peetie the Sexual Harassment Panda.

"Sexual Harassment Panda" is the sixth episode of Season Three, and the 37th overall episode of South Park. It originally aired on July 7, 1999.[1]


After Sexual Harassment Panda "educates" the children, Cartman sues Stan for sexual harassment, and a flurry of other lawsuits follow.[1]    


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Mr. Garrison introduces the class to Peetie the Sexual Harassment Panda, who teaches the class about sexual harassment and the laws regarding it. Later, Stan calls Cartman an "ass-sucker". Upon learning that name-calling is sexual harassment, Cartman sues Stan with the help of Gerald Broflovski whom Cartman hired to be his lawyer, despite both in reality are not old enough to be sued.

Cartman drastically explains to the judge that Stan wanted to have oral-styled intercourse with his mouth, and lies about how it bothered him so much that he cries. Gerald tells the judge that Cartman is too upset to further defend his position. Stan's only defense is him being eight years old, but offers nothing else. For this, the judge gives the verdict to Cartman citing the new sexual harassment bill (that in real-life was passed by President Clinton in the early 2000s but later adjusted to less harsh penalties) ordering Stan to give some of his assets to Cartman for compensation since Stan is unable to pay.

Gerald suggests to Cartman to now take legal action against his school for not taking action about Stan calling him an ass-sucker claiming they have a lot of money to help him and Cartman win a more rewarding settlement. During the trial, the judge asks Herbert Garrison if he was aware of the comments being made during class, and he claims he had no clue. Gerald asks him more about the case, where Garrison later contradicts himself and acknowledges Stan calling the defendant Cartman an ass-sucker and chose to do nothing because he agrees Cartman is an ass-sucker, which makes the spectators laugh. Hypocritically, despite Garrison claiming to not tolerate sexual harassment, he calls the judge "toots" and a "baby". Next to the stand is Principal Victoria who accidentally confesses the incident goes on in school, however, she becomes very paranoid that she admits to killing a man that had nothing to do with the case. Finally, she tells Gerald she knew Cartman was sexually harassed. Peetie the Panda is called to stand where he explains the sexual harassment laws and agrees the school must be liable for the damages. Cartman wins again, this time winning $1.3 million dollars after which he does a victory dance.

Gerald, with the new financial reward, decides to expand his house and makes it bigger. In the next scene, due to massive budget cuts after the school paid Cartman tons of money, the classroom becomes significantly downgraded. The desks, posters, and chairs are removed. Garrison now writes on the board using a rusty old nail since they're not able to afford chalk, which makes a screeching sound that the children cannot stand. Cartman explains he does not care about how his lawsuit caused the school to make massive changes, because he was able to buy new stuff and encourages his classmates that suing is awesome.

Gerald makes a commercial about the new sexual harassment law, how students in school are affected by sexual harassment, encouraging viewers to go to him for legal advice and showing the students' background and settlement. Bebe claims a boy in her class tried putting his tongue on her mouth, so she hired Gerald to help represent her in court. She wins $1.6 million, to which she uses to buy a new bicycle. Clyde claims Gerald helped him win $1.4 million in damages and is seen on a cruise ship with women serving him. The school board then begins layoffs as a result of the student lawsuits. Peetie the Panda (who is revealed to be named "Tom Morris"), is one of the people laid off.

In court, there are more trials. Pip Pirrip successfully sues Cartman after Eric told him to "suck [his] [genitals]", earning Pip half of Cartman's belongings and a $1.6 million settlement. Next, Craig sues Wendy for touching "his thigh"; the judge once again orders the school pay Craig $2.1 million. Finally, Mr. Mackey sues Tweek for making statement about his buttocks, and wins $2 million to which Principal Victoria faints. In class, Gerald is now supervising to make sure sexual harassment does not go on. Mr. Garrison tries asking Clyde and Craig a question and Gerald tells them to not answer because it might "incriminate" them. Mr. Garrison gets annoyed about having Gerald in the classroom, but Gerald whispers to him about possibly being sued and Mr. Garrison changes his mind.

Without work, Sexual Harassment Panda goes to the Island of Misfit Mascots where unfit mascots go to live. Kyle questions his dad, Gerald, about the money he has made and how greedy he has become after he turns his house into a mansion. Soon, everyone decides to sue everyone; Gerald becomes incredibly rich no matter the outcome and the school loses $32 million.

The boys realize the problem and must stop the case. They go to Sexual Harassment Panda and convince him to change his message. While there, they discover all sorts of ridiculous mascots (who believe they really are the mascots they are dressed as) such as Jimmy the Don't Hold Onto a Large Magnet While Someone Else Uses a Fan Nearby Falcon who demonstrates his role by giving Kenny a large magnet and switching on a large fan which pulls Kenny into it, shredding him.

Afterward, Peetie tells everyone that there is no such thing as free money as it has to be taken from places that need it like the school. Everyone (including Gerald after everyone threatens to sue him) learns the errors of their ways and drops the case.


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