The Secret Society of Cynics appeared in the episode "Ass Burgers". They are a group of freedom fighters who set out to destroy the illusory world as they see it, which is literally full of shit. The Cynics' headquarters is located at the Asperger's Research Center. They claim that the deception pervading the world was caused by, as they say, "aliens, robots from the future, or whatever, fuck you". The leader, and other patients, look and act similar to Morpheus and some of the various other characters from The Matrix films.

They recruit Stan into their group therapy for persons with Asperger's Syndrome, only to tell him the secret of coping with the "world of illusion" is to drink alcohol. Most of their members were killed at Kyle's residence while fighting the fast food corporations while being drunk.

The Cynic Leader, the one who is dressed like Morpheus, from The Matrix series, is seen at first as a counselor or doctor, as he talks to Sharon Marsh about Asperger's Syndrome.



The Cynics ambush The Restaurant Chain at Cartman Burger.

Each member of the Cynics has an appropriate counterpart in the Matrix trilogy, such as Morpheus, Trinity, and Niobe. They each dress in mostly black clothing, have exaggerated hair styles, and wear dark sunglasses.


  • The Morpheus character is voiced by Trey Parker. [1]
  • The other characters in the Cynics are voiced by both Trey Parker and Matt Stone. [1]


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