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Officially announced on July 8, 2015[1], Season Twenty-One premiered on September 13, 2017. It dropped the serialized format used in the previous three seasons.


Screenshot Title Air Date Code #
SPSPR4 "White People Renovating Houses" September 13, 2017 2101 278

Randy comes to grips with what it means to be white in today’s society.

SP2102PRX "Put It Down" September 20, 2017 2102 279

When Tweek is caught in the middle of a petty conflict, it drives his relationship with Craig to the brink.

Sp-2103-press-art-image-01 "Holiday Special" September 27, 2017 2103 280

In a return to form, a forbidden love story between a white man and a Native American man unfolds.

Sp-2104-press-art-image-01 "Franchise Prequel" October 11, 2017 2104 281

Facebook is the ultimate weapon for Professor Chaos.

Sp-2105-press-art-image-01 "Hummels & Heroin" October 18, 2017 2105 282

Beloved entertainers are being cut down in their prime due to massive overdoses of opiates. Stan is about to be exposed as the source of the illegal drugs.

Sp-2106-press-art-image-01 "Sons A Witches" October 25, 2017 2106 283

At the annual Halloween get together, a witch casts a spell that terrorizes everyone in South Park.

Sp-2107-press-art-image-01 "Doubling Down" November 8, 2017 2107 284

Kyle is playing with fire when he gets in the middle of Cartman and Heidi’s relationship.

Sp-2108-press-art-image-01 "Moss Piglets" November 15, 2017 2108 285

Jimmy and Timmy’s experiment could win them first prize in the annual science fair.

Sp-2109-press-art-image-01 "SUPER HARD PCness" November 29, 2017 2109 286

It’s never been more challenging to be a PC Principal.

Sp-2110-press-art-image-01 "Splatty Tomato" December 6, 2017 2110 287

The children of South Park claim to have seen Mr. Garrison lurking around town. The townspeople are angry that the President is scaring their children.

Season Twenty-One