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Officially announced on November 16, 2011[1], Season Nineteen premiered on September 16, 2015. Beginning with this season, episodes now feature a continual storyline, rather than "resetting" at the end of each episode. Season 19 features many interweaving stories.


Screenshot Title Air Date Code #
Sp-1901-news-episode-announcement "Stunning and Brave" September 16, 2015 1901 258

There is a new principal at the helm of South Park Elementary. He forces the boys to confront the damage they’ve done through their history of racism and unconscious bias. It is the most stunning and brave South Park ever.

Sp-1902-press-art-image-01 "Where My Country Gone?" September 23, 2015 1902 259

Garrison wants to build a wall to keep out all of the undocumented immigrants.

CityPartOfTownImageCityWok "The City Part of Town" September 30, 2015 1903 260

The town of South Park is gentrifying, Kenny gets a job at City Wok.

South-park-s19e04p01-another-taco-plate 16x9 "You're Not Yelping" October 14, 2015 1904 261

A new Mexican restaurant opens in South Park and Eric Cartman will give his expert advice to the owner.

Sp-1905-news-episode-announcement "Safe Space" October 21, 2015 1905 262

Randy has to deal with uncomfortable confrontations every time he shops at the new Whole Foods. He feels exposed at every turn and it’s ruining his Whole Foods experience. Randy and Cartman are both seeking a safe space.

Sp-1906-press-art-image-01 "Tweek x Craig" October 28, 2015 1906 263

The news of a romantic relationship between Tweek and Craig hits South Park Elementary. Meanwhile, Cartman, who struggles to understand his friends’ relationship, finds he has an admirer of his own.

Sp-1907-news-episode-announcement "Naughty Ninjas" November 11, 2015 1907 264

When Kenny leads the boys in playing Ninja Warriors, a foreign terrorist organization takes notice.

Sp-1908-news-episode-announcement "Sponsored Content" November 18, 2015 1908 265

Jimmy is sent to the principal’s office for using an inappropriate word in the school paper. His integrity as a newsman runs head on into PC Principals ideology. Will Jimmy be the undoing of PC Principal?

Sp-1909-news-episode-announcement "Truth and Advertising" December 2, 2015 1909 266

Being the crack reporter that he is, Jimmy sets out to learn everything he can about what makes Leslie tick. Meanwhile, Principal Victoria and Mr. Garrison return to a South Park that has become unrecognizable.

Sp-1910-press-art-image-02 "PC Principal Final Justice" December 9, 2015 1910 267

The gentrification of South Park is pricing Randy right out of town. Meanwhile, Kyle’s distrust of Stan has broken their friendship and thrown Kyle into a dangerous alliance.

Season Nineteen


PC Culture

In "Stunning and Brave", Mr. Mackey informs everyone that Principal Victoria has been fired and introduces her replacement, PC Principal. He comes in and berates the town for their racist and bigoted past. He then says he will change the town, making it more politically correct. Cartman confronts him and gets beaten up.

PC Principal then joins the PC Bros to form PC Delta. Randy, annoyed by the noise, goes over to complain, but is inadvertently pledged into the group. He goes to Kyle's house to "check his privilege" due to Kyle saying Caitlyn Jenner isn't a hero. Cartman, in retaliation, attacks PC Delta with 200 pregnant Mexican women, Syrian refugee children and Jared Fogle. Kyle then stops the fighting by announcing Caitlyn Jenner is a hero, then gets a medal by Barack Obama. The boys then accept PC is here to stay.

In "Safe Space", PC Principal finds out Cartman has been fat-shamed and tried to stop it, by getting Butters Stotch to sort through his comments and get rid of the bad ones. He then gets Butters to do the same for celebrities like Steven Seagal and Vin Diesel. Reality haunts Butters to the point where Butters jumps out the window at school. PC Principal and the celebrities visit Butters at hospital and decide to do a PSA to get poor children iPads so they can filter the negative comments.

In "Sponsored Content", PC Principal gets really angry when someone uses the word "retarded" in the school newspaper. He threatens to "break the legs" of whoever is in charge of the school newspaper, only to discover it is Jimmy Valmer. He speaks to Jimmy calmly about the word and how it shouldn't be used, but Jimmy calls him out, believing he is uncomfortable around disabled people. PC Principal tells Jimmy he cannot give out the newspaper at school, so Jimmy does a door-to-door delivery, with the main news story being "PC Principal's 'Retarded' Policy". PC Principal calls in Nathan to talk to him, and Jimmy once again calls him out. He gets a PC Bro to spot him and starts worrying. PC Delta throws a party for the disabled people, but most of the PC Bros spend their time chatting up girls. Jimmy notices it and, the next day, releases the story "'PC' stands for Pussy Crushing" in the newspaper, causing the PC Bros to freak out. PC Principal then appoints Nathan as the school newspaper editor. A PC Bro runs in to show him an ad of State Farms, with a picture of PC Principal pushing Leslie on a swing.

In "Truth and Advertising", Mr. Mackey calls Kyle into the principal's office, and tells him that the PC Delta have gone on a hunger strike. He also informs him that Jimmy and Leslie have gone missing, and warns him that if you go against PC, you go missing.

In "PC Principal Final Justice", PC Principal attempts to convert Russians, but ends up killing them when they attack. He is captured by Russian pilots but is let go when they get a call from Leslie, posing as Barack Obama.


In "Sponsored Content", Jimmy refuses to change his paper, as he does not want censorship or ads. Many people in town enjoy the paper as it is ad-free. A GEICO Insurance Salesman comes to Jimmy's house to offer money for ad space. Jimmy refuses and the salesman points a gun at him, saying that ads are unstoppable. He is then shot by Officer Barbrady, who tells Jimmy to come with him.

Jimmy meets with the Newsmen, who tell him about the dangers of ads. Jimmy is given a test, which he passes, and is then sent to speak with Leslie Meyers. He speaks with her, and realizes she is actually an ad. Jimmy tries to get information about the ads from Leslie, but she convinces him to help her escape. The Newsmen catch them, and order Barbrady to kill them, but he instead helps them escape. They then confront Nathan, but Leslie beats up Jimmy.

The boys conduct their own investigation and discover that someone is trying to put them off the trail. Stan and Kyle fight between each other over who it is. At the end, Leslie goes to Kyle's house to ask for his help. Kyle is informed that Jimmy is dead and had been killed by PC Principal, which he tells to the boys. He says they need to get guns in order to protect themselves. After Leslie persuades Kyle, the two head to the The South Park Gun Show.

Nathan holds Jimmy hostage in the Lofts of CtPaTown with his girlfriend Classi. When he slaps Classi, she beats him up and goes with Jimmy to the gun show.

Garrison for President

In "Where My Country Gone?", Mr. Garrison gets angry at the Canadian immigrants flocking to South Park. He starts a campaign to "fuck 'em all to death", which leads to him getting fired. He then makes plans to build a wall, only to discover the Canadians already built one. Garrison manages to get into Canada via Niagara Falls and finds the place deserted. He meets the Canadian President and, after an argument, ends up fucking him to death. He then goes off to run for president, along with his running mate Caitlyn Jenner.

In "Sponsored Content", Garrison is in a Presidential debate with Hillary Clinton, where he says Syrian Refugees are all terrorists and we should "fuck 'em all to death". After the debate, he meets Principal Victoria. She tells him and Caitlyn about the plot to take down the town. They head to South Park to see what is going on.


In "The City Part of Town", South Park is mocked by Jimmy Fallon. The town agrees it needs to change. Randy suggests getting a Whole Foods Market would give the town a better image. To get a Whole Foods, the town make SoDoSoPa, a shopping district built around Kenny's house. This causes City Wok to lose business. Tuong Lu Kim, after suggestion by Kenny, creates CtPaTown. This angers Randy, who is showing the representative for Whole Foods round town. A fight begins, which is stopped by the representative, who announces the town will get a Whole Foods.

The Whole Foods brings in lots of other restaurants and shops. The restaurants have to deal with Yelp critics, including Cartman. The owner of Whistlin' Willy's kicks the Yelpers out when he gets annoyed at giving them special treatment. Other restaurants then follow suit, causing the Yelpers to group together and attack Whistlin' Willy's, burning it to the ground. Kyle and David Rodriguez then come up with a plan to give each critic their own badge, so they can be singled out. Restaurants then let the Yelpers back in, only to serve them food that has been defaced.

As everyone had moved to CtPaTown due to the Whole Foods, Sodosopa remained empty and got overtaken by the homeless. In retaliation, Kenny and Tolkien become ninjas. Cartman describes them as "gay" until he finds out they scare people. The Boys become SoDoSoPa Ninjas, which people think are actually members of ISIS. The town get Officer Barbrady, who was fired for accidentally shooting a kid, to kill the boys, as the rest of the police refuse to work. When Randy discovers the boys are actually just playing ninjas, he tries to stop him, and David accidentally gets shot, causing Barbrady to get fired again. He then meets Newsmen, who ask him questions about Leslie Meyers.

Randy tells Sharon that, due to the gentrification, they can no longer afford to live in South Park. He then rants about the problem with the town in Skeeter's Bar and Cocktails. When he leaves, he is attacked by Caitlyn Jenner, Principal Victoria and Mr. Garrison, who interrogate him about what has happened to the town. The group head to PC Delta, where they discover PC Principal is actually trying to help,then they get distracted by an ad.

In Randy's basement, they go through PC Principal's hard drive when they are caught by Stan, who points a gun at them forcing them to explain. This turns into a standoff where the Marsh Family are pointing guns at each other. Stan realises that Kyle is behind this and the group go off to stop him.

At the gun show, they show up ad demand to see Kyle, who they say is responsible. Kyle then comes in with Leslie and says PC Principal and Randy are responsible. Jimmy, CLASSi and Barbrady enter and tell that Leslie is responsible, as she is an ad. Mr. Mackey reveals he was the one who got Principal Victoria fired because he was sick of being pushed around. Leslie then says that the ads are unstoppable, until PC Principal comes in and kills her. The town then yell at the Whole Foods and it flies off into space. PC Principal then decides he will stay on as principal.