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Season Nine was announced on March 31, 2003[1], and aired in 2005. It began on March 9, and the first half ended on April 20. The second half began on October 19 and ended on December 7.

Like the previous year, this season had a total of fourteen episodes. This has been the case for all seasons since Season Eight. This season is the second season not to have a Christmas special, the first having been Season Five. There will not be any Christmas specials until "HappyHolograms".

The episode "Best Friends Forever" won an Emmy.[2]

This season marks a huge change in the character of Mr. Garrison, who has a sex change in the first episode, "Mr. Garrison's Fancy New Vagina". This led to the departure of Mr. Slave. This season caused two controversies. The first was the episode "Trapped in the Closet" which caused controversy by mocking Scientology. This caused the departure of the late Isaac Hayes who voiced Chef, in the Season Ten episode "The Return of Chef". The episode "Bloody Mary" caused controversy after showing a Virgin Mary statue bleeding out its vagina.


Screenshot Title Air Date Code #
Mrsgarrison "Mr. Garrison's Fancy New Vagina" March 9, 2005 901 126

A sex change turns Mr. Garrison into "Mrs. Garrison".

DieHippieDie03 "Die Hippie, Die" March 16, 2005 902 127

Cartman seeks to rid South Park of its growing hippie population. Stan, Kyle, and Kenny become more like hippies.

Wing04 "Wing" March 23, 2005 903 128

The boys start a talent agency in hopes of making money from Tolkien.

BestFriendsForever04 "Best Friends Forever" March 30, 2005 904 129

Kenny is killed by heaven after becoming master of the PSP, but the town brings him back to life; leaving him in a persistent vegetative state.

TheLosingEdge08 "The Losing Edge" April 6, 2005 905 130

The boys try to lose their baseball games on purpose so they can avoid playing all summer. Randy gets into training to fight the other fathers at the games.

S9E6-Thumbnail "The Death of Eric Cartman" April 13, 2005 906 131

The kids of South Park agree to ignore Cartman, leading him to think that he is dead.

S9E7-Thumbnail "Erection Day" April 20, 2005 907 132

Jimmy starts getting erections and worries about performing in the school talent show.

S9E8-Thumbnail "Two Days Before the Day After Tomorrow" October 19, 2005 908 133

A state of emergency is declared in South Park after it is announced that global warming is coming.

S9E9-Thumbnail "Marjorine" October 26, 2005 909 134

Butters is forced to fake his own death in order to snoop in on the girls' sleepover as Marjorine, the new girl.

S9E10-Thumbnail "Follow That Egg!" November 2, 2005 910 135

After learning Mr. Slave will marry Big Gay Al, Mrs. Garrison vows to stop same-sex marriage from being approved. A project involving an egg makes Stan and Kyle into rivals.

S9E11-Thumbnail "Ginger Kids" November 9, 2005 911 136

Cartman suffers from a mysterious and sudden onset of the 'disease' Gingervitis. He then starts a campaign to give children in his assumed position "more than equal" rights.

S9E12-Thumbnail "Trapped in the Closet" November 16, 2005 912 137

Stan looks to a new religion for answers. Tom Cruise, R. Kelly, and John Travolta lock themselves in Stan's closet.

S9E13-Thumbnail "Free Willzyx" November 30, 2005 913 138

A "talking" whale inspires the boys to risk everything to "return him to his family on the moon".

S9E14-Thumbnail "Bloody Mary" December 7, 2005 914 139

Randy's drinking problem reaches its peak. A Virgin Mary statue in a neighboring town begins to bleed from its rectum.

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