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Season Four began on April 5, 2000. It contained seventeen episodes where the first half aired during spring and early summer and the second half airing in the fall. It ended on December 20, 2000.

In this season, the boys move into fourth grade, Mr. Garrison comes out of the closet and Timmy is introduced. It is the first season not to feature a Halloween episode. This season is also notably the first season to change the theme song and title sequence (from the episode "Fourth Grade" onwards), with the exception of minor additions of characters into the sequence throughout the first three and a half seasons.


Screenshot Title Air Date Code #
402TheToothFairysTats2000 "The Tooth Fairy Tats 2000" April 5, 2000 402 49

When Cartman discovers the Tooth Fairy is paying a premium price for his lost teeth, he and the boys seize the opportunity to make some cash.

S4E2-Thumbnail "Cartman's Silly Hate Crime 2000" April 12, 2000 401 50

Cartman is pursued by the FBI for committing a hate crime and lands in juvenile hall.

S4E3-Thumbnail "Timmy 2000" April 19, 2000 404 51

When Timmy is diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder, it triggers a wave of prescription drug abuse at South Park Elementary.

S4E4-Thumbnail "Quintuplets 2000" April 26, 2000 403 52

8-year-old contorting quintuplets from Romania defect to the United States and seek shelter with Stan's family.

S4E5-Thumbnail "Cartman Joins NAMBLA" June 21, 2000 406 53

Cartman decides to seek friendship using the Internet, and finds an older man who is more than willing to be his friend...and more.

S4E6-Thumbnail "Cherokee Hair Tampons" June 28, 2000 407 54

Kyle needs a kidney transplant and Cartman is discovered to be the perfect donor. Cartman gladly offers his kidney to Kyle -- for the price of $10 million dollars.

S4E7-Thumbnail "Chef Goes Nanners" July 5, 2000 408 55

Chef's passionate protest declaring the South Park flag racist enflames the entire town.

S4E8-Thumbnail "Something You Can Do with Your Finger" July 12, 2000 409 56

"Fingerbang" is the newest boy band starring all the boys and it's also Cartman's latest scheme to make a million dollars.

S4E9-Thumbnail "Do the Handicapped Go to Hell?" July 19, 2000 410 57

The boys learn in Sunday school that they must confess their sins, but worry about Timmy since all he can say is his own name.

S4E10-Thumbnail "Probably" July 26, 2000 411 58

Cartman's flock begins to grow and the children begin plans to build him a Church. Meanwhile, Satan turns to God for advice.

S4E11-Thumbnail "Fourth Grade" November 8, 2000 412 59

The boys devise a plan to travel back in time a full year and return to the third grade, with the help of Timmy and his electronic wheelchair.

S4E12-Thumbnail "Trapper Keeper" November 15, 2000 413 60

When Cartman finally stops bragging about his new Trapper Keeper, a stranger informs him that it will eventually take over the world and destroy humankind, if they don't destroy it first.

S4E13-Thumbnail "Helen Keller! The Musical" November 22, 2000 414 61

When Butters informs the fourth graders that the Kindergarteners' school play is a magnificent sight to behold, they go through a lot of pain to make sure they beat the tiny tots' show.

S4Pip-Thumbnail "Pip" November 29, 2000 405 62

When Pip is offered the opportunity to become a gentleman he goes to London only to discover that Miss Havisham plans to break his heart.

S4E14-Thumbnail "Fat Camp" December 6, 2000 415 63

Cartman's family and friends have intervened and are forcing him to trim down. While Cartman's away, Kenny's star is on the rise when he gets his own reality TV show.

S4E15-Thumbnail "The Wacky Molestation Adventure" December 13, 2000 416 64

To get back at his parents for not letting him go to a concert, Kyle tells the police that his parents molested him. Soon, the whole town is free of adults and divided into two rival cities.

S4E16-Thumbnail "A Very Crappy Christmas" December 20, 2000 417 65

When Mr. Hankey skips Christmas, the boys find him living with his alcoholic wife and their three little nuggets. He tells them that no one is into Christmas anymore.

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